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Flashback to 1990: City Farmer Promotes Home Composting

The Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden in 1990

The styles have changed but the message is the same

By Michael Levenston
TV reporting at Vancouver’s Compost Demonstration Garden
2150 Maple Street, Vancouver, BC

Most of the bins we feature today are different from the ones we experimented with three decades ago, but our work remains the same, getting urban residents to recycle some of their yard and kitchen scraps and turning it into soil by home composting.

Vancouver Engineering, Solid Waste, has supported us in this effort. John Evans, Paul Henderson, Chris Underwood are three of the leaders at the City of Vancouver who have driven our work. Backyard bins are still sold at a subsidized rate of $25 per bin, worm composting is still taught in schools and at adult wormshops, and research on the latest bins and techniques is ongoing.

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Turning a Football Field into a Farm

Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College, at the organic farm on the school’s campus in Dallas, The farm used to be the school’s football field.

We’ve grown over 50,000 pounds of food since then. We give away ten percent of everything we grow. We call that tithing to the community.

By Jeffrey R. Young
Jan 9, 2018


I’m sitting there, and I got some advice from another college president who said, “When you’re with people of means, you should just ask them for something. Get them in the habit of thinking that your institution is something that they should support.” So I mentioned to Trammell, I said, “Hey, you know, people in our neighborhood, they don’t have a grocery store. I think people should have a grocery store.” Without missing a beat, he sidesteps the grocery store conversation and says, “You know, what I’m really passionate about are community gardens.”

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UK: Allotment murder recounted in court

Lea Adri-Soejoko, 80, was found in a padlocked mower shed next to the allotment office at 2.33am on February 28 after they followed the sound of her ringing mobile phone.

41-year-old was allegedly known by other plot holders for his ‘violent behaviour’

By Amie Gordon
Daily Mail
9 January 2018 |


Ms Tomlinson said her grandmother told her of an incident at an annual general meeting in September 2016.

She said: ‘Everything with the allotment tends to be quite passionate. People care. This AGM, there were a lot of people talking over one another.

‘And my grandmother wasn’t able to chair the meeting as she intended to. Rahim had been louder than the rest, by his general nature.

‘So my grandmother had said, ‘shut up’, so she could chair the meeting. To which he took offence, and shouted at her.

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