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Manila, Philippines: Editor’s rooftop garden produces beautiful veggies

From 15 potted eggplants, he can harvest 1.5 kilos of fruit in one week, enough for his family’s favorite eggplant omelette.

Edgar Godin, editor of Bisaya Magazine published by the Manila Buletin, is a rooftop gardener. From just a 16-square meter rooftop atop their sari-sari store in Bulacan, he can produce more vegetables than what his family can consume.

By Zac B. Sarian
Manila Bulletin
Jan 10, 2018


Edgar planted 15 eggplant seedlings and 20 okra. These were more than what he usually planted previously of these two veggies. They were in addition to the camote, kangkong, pechay and two varieties of pepper that were already growing. His intention was to have extra harvest that he could sell in their sari-sari store.

He related that by the last week of September, he started harvesting from the eggplant and okra. Because the rooftop garden was very visible to passers by, many of them inquired if fruits were already available. Edgar estimates that he was able to harvest 1.5 kilos of eggplant and 20 to 30 pieces of okra every week during the whole month of October. And he was able to sell what his family could not consume.

When the okra had stopped flowering, Edgar cut their stems leaving about a foot above the growing medium. Then he planted beside the topped okra stems with Diamante Max tomato. After a while, the okra began sprouting new shoots and in no time they started flowering and bearing fruit again. The tomatoes, meanwhile, also started flowering. The tomatoes were transplanted on November 7 and during the first week of January 2018, he started harvesting the ripe fruits.

Edgar adds that just before last Christmas, he transplanted five seedlings of Galaxy ampalaya. As of January 5, the amplaya vines eree starting to climb the trellis. He expects that before he harvests all the tomatoes, the ampalaya will start bearing fruit. And up to this time, the 15 eggplants that were planted at the same time with the okra continue to reward the Godin family with their tasty fruits.

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