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Zimbabwe: Monkey terror – the viability of urban agriculture has also come under threat

Residents of suburbs are having running battles with monkeys.

Mutare’S low-density suburbs of Darlington and Morningside have been turned into landscapes of human-wildlife conflict, as monkeys are invading houses and wrecking property in the process.

The Herald
Jan 16, 2018


“These monkeys even have the guts to enter houses, vandalising property,” she said.

“They grab food items like bread and fruits from houses while in some cases they invade gardens and orchards where they pluck vegetables and fruits.

Although properties in the low-density suburbs are expansive, most residents have abandoned or reduced the scale of subsistence agriculture practices.

This has been attributed to the animals’ marauding behaviour, as they have developed the habit of entering gardens and pillaging crops.

This has reached a point where it is neither viable nor profitable for residents to grow crops for household consumption.

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