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Urban farmers struggle to reap mass-market benefits

Brooklyn basil: the harvest at Gotham Greens.

“Technically,” he says, “there’s no reason why these countries shouldn’t be self-sufficient in produce and, indeed, be net exporters. They have all the right conditions — given the right technology.”

By Jonathan Margolis
Financial Times
Feb 1, 2018

The basil is ready to harvest. The warm, humid air is sweet with the aroma of herbs ready to give their lives to the glory of pesto, tomato sauces and salads.

Close your eyes and you could be in Umbria. Open them, and you are in a greenhouse in Brooklyn, New York. Outside it is minus 7 degrees and snowing. The workers tending the hydroponically-fed plants inside are farmers — but of an indoor, urban variety.

This is one of three New York salad vegetable farms run by Gotham Greens, a seven-year-old company (there is another farm in Chicago and four more will open this year). The greenhouses grow pesticide-free produce for hyper-local distribution.

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We Need Soil!

Children’s book

By Ji-Hyeon Lee (Author), Bo-Mi Shin (Illustrator)
Big & Small
Aug 1, 2016

A girl and boy demonstrate the value of soil by pointing out its uses, such as providing a habitat for earthworms, growing fruits and vegetables, and dyeing fabric.

Ji-hyeon Lee used to work for a children’s publishing company and now writes stories for children. She is the author of A Storyteller in the Animal Kingdom and I Want a Tree in My House.

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