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Singapore: Tools and tips on growing a garden plot

Passion fruit (above) growing on a handmade trellis and a banana plant in bloom at retiree Emily Fong’s plot in HortPark, which she has been leasing for more than a year. As she visits her plot only once a week, Mrs Fong has invested in a battery-operated irrigation system and set the timer to water her crops for one minute every 12 hours. Photo: Emily Fong

And edible gardens are all the rage: Out of 1,300 community garden groups islandwide last year, 80 per cent grew edibles, said the National Parks Board (NParks).

Raffaella Nathan Charles
Straits Times
Feb 3, 2018


Mrs Emily Fong, a retiree in her 60s, leases a plot at HortPark.

“The best part isn’t the harvest – it’s meeting new friends and sharing tips with these like-minded folk,” she told The Straits Times.

She grows passion fruit, bananas, watercress, pandan, chilli and an oyster plant. After 11/2 years of owning the plot, Mrs Fong has picked up many tips and tricks.

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Canada: Plans for Vancouver’s Arbutus Greenway include community gardening

“As we know, our community gardens are an important aspect in this greenway and will continue to be in the future how we integrate food production in our design, integrate that into the landscape,” Buttle said.

Naoibh O’Connor
Vancouver Courier
February 2, 2018


During the design jam, more than 100 people, aged 18 and over, selected from 22 neighbourhoods across Vancouver, worked with city staff and technical experts to dream up design possibilities for the nine-kilometre route.

Participants also stressed the importance of nature, biodiversity, setting aside space for urban agriculture and the restoration of habitat along the greenway. Examples include scented plantings, butterfly bush, bird-nesting boxes and a variety of trees for different species of birds.

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Malaysia: Living In The City, Have You Ever Dreamed Of Growing Your Own Food?

“I highly encourage Malaysians to start jumping on the green bandwagon, talk and meet up with people who have ventured in urban farming and aquaponics,”

Written by Hana Maher
Malaysian Digest
Feb 2, 2018


Nafisah Ahmad relayed that gardening is more of a way of life rather than a hobby, especially for those who grew up outside the city.

“Urban gardening is not a new trend as those who reside and grew up outside the city have always grown their own vegetables and fruits,” she opined.

“Because I grew up seeing my parents planting their own vegetables and plants, I picked up the habit and followed their footsteps when I moved to Kuala Lumpur in the 1970s.”

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