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Canada: Plans for Vancouver’s Arbutus Greenway include community gardening

“As we know, our community gardens are an important aspect in this greenway and will continue to be in the future how we integrate food production in our design, integrate that into the landscape,” Buttle said.

Naoibh O’Connor
Vancouver Courier
February 2, 2018


During the design jam, more than 100 people, aged 18 and over, selected from 22 neighbourhoods across Vancouver, worked with city staff and technical experts to dream up design possibilities for the nine-kilometre route.

Participants also stressed the importance of nature, biodiversity, setting aside space for urban agriculture and the restoration of habitat along the greenway. Examples include scented plantings, butterfly bush, bird-nesting boxes and a variety of trees for different species of birds.

Others thought the greenway could be an educational journey featuring things such as beehive displays or information about subjects like native plantings, “so it’s an educational journey as well as transportation journey.”

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