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The Promise of Indoor, Hurricane-Proof ‘Vertical’ Farms

A worker rides a lift past stacks of vertical farming beds with LED lights in Newark, New Jersey.

They might be an efficient way to produce food in a world with more-extreme weather—but only if growers can figure out a successful business model.

By Meagan Flynn
Feb 12, 2018
(Must see. Mike)


“We are kind of at the beginning of a revolution,” Per Pinstrup-Andersen, a graduate-school professor at Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology, told me. “We’re at the beginning of a very rapid development in the use of indoor controlled facilities for producing vegetables and some fruits,” he said. “No matter what happens with climate change, you still have your controlled environment.”

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Why eating insects won’t end world hunger

A bowl of frozen crickets. Many large companies are investigating whether they can be a sustainable and profitable protein alternative. Lisa Rathke/Associated Press

Novak likens crickets to the Tesla electric car, believing that the price will come down as production scales up. “Any movement like this requires early adopters, passionate about the long-term potential, to kickstart the industry.”

By Corey Mintz
Special To The Globe And Mail
Published February 4, 2018


For field research in 2013/2014, Evans and chef Ben Reade travelled the world, eating honey ants, palm weevil larvae, termite queens (“like God’s handmade sausage”), bush coconuts, larvae-ripened Sardinian cheese and Japanese wasps, learning about traditional harvesting methods from locals, their experience documented by filmmaker Andreas Johnsen in Bugs (2016).

While studying the ecological, economical and cultural aspect of eating insects, the pair is keen on the taste factor. But part way through the project, they grow wary that their research is merely setting up international food conglomerates to swoop in, monetize and dominate the market.

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