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Suburban farming: The Australians with country lifestyles, but city lives

Potter, Edwin Wise enjoys farm life just 14km from Melbourne’s CBD. Photo: Anthony Rodrigeuz

The family have never felt tempted to shift to the country. “We don’t want to be socially isolated,” says Wise.

By Melissa Howard


Edwin Wise (35) and his family live on a thriving suburban farm in Heidelberg West, just 14km from Melbourne’s CBD.

On their 700-square-metre block they have chooks, honey bees and sprawling vegetable gardens – overflowing with celery, parsley and lettuces. “We’re good for leafy greens,” says Wise. The family also grow their own fruit. “This winter we’ve had all the citrus we need. We’ve got limes, we’ve got lemons and we’ve got mandarins.”

They’ve also kept goats for six years. “People have dogs in the suburbs,” Wise says. “Why couldn’t we have something, like a dog, that was productive?”

They applied for a permit to the council and the “excited and super supportive” ranger inspected their goat shed and gave them the go-ahead.

The goats provide them with three litres of milk a day. “We drink most of it in coffees and cereal,” says Wise. The rest is made into cheese by Angelica (chevre and “haloumi is the current favourite”, says Wise), and shared by their close-knit community of neighbours.

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