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Denmark: Noma – World’s Most Famous Restaurant Re-0pens as an Urban Farm

2,100 Square Feet Of Garden, Three Free-Standing Greenhouses

Wall Street Journal
Gourmet Traveller

Excerpt from Wall Street Journal
Feb 16, 2018

Noma’s new Bjarke Ingels-designed campus will encompass 11 buildings and 2,100 square feet of garden, to be designed in the spring by Piet Oudolf, who also collaborated on landscaping the High Line in New York City. Near the entrance to Noma’s property are three free-standing greenhouses constructed almost entirely of glass. “Each space utilizes as few materials as possible,” Ingels says. Two of the greenhouses will be used to grow ingredients like microgreens, herbs and edible flowers. The other will house the restaurant’s bakery and a test kitchen. “It’s been insane,” says Redzepi. “But there are just things you say yes to, even before you know how to totally plan.”

Excerpt from Gourmet Traveller
Feb 16, 2018

We’re in Christianshavn, away from the city, and situated right on a man-made lake that’s a bird sanctuary, and behind our property there’s a mound that’s part of the old fortification of medieval Copenhagen. With time this will be like one big overgrown garden with trees, plants, fruits, vegetables and these 11 buildings nestled in between. We’re even going to put in a sauna right on the lake. There are three greenhouses. The smallest will be tropical, and for the Aussies I’m proud to say we’ve ordered two finger limes, so we can have a bit of finger lime one day on the menu.

There was one concrete building on the property when we got hold of it, which was used to store marine equipment during World War II and was later abandoned. It’s 850 square metres with an 80 metre-long hallway and it’s the main engine room, housing staff rooms, places to grow stuff, places to hang out, places to experiment, an ant farm, tanks for live seafood like a Chinese restaurant, a room especially for game where we can hang a whole deer.

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