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Canada: CBC host, humorist Arthur Black CBC’s Arthur Black died yesterday

Black introduced and closed his show ‘Weird Homes’ at City Farmer’s Compost Garden Garden, circa 1998.

By Katie DeRosa
Times Colonist
Feb 22, 2018


Black was a three-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour for his books Pitch Black, Black Tie and Tales, and Black in the Saddle Again.

Black loved life on Salt Spring Island, Roberts said, where he would chronicle the weird and wacky that is human nature.

In his home, Black worked in a sun-drenched office filled with books, newspaper clippings and “odd bits of the unique” that he’d picked up to inspire future writing, Roberts said.

“Arthur’s passing underlines something we are losing in Canada and that is those Canadian icons,” said Ken Kelly, Roberts’ husband and former head of the Downtown Victoria Business Association. “The CBC has been that platform for Canadians to learn about their unique and sometimes quirky country.”

“We called him Art, as in ‘work of,’ ” CBC Radio host Shelagh Rogers wrote on Twitter. “Adored him as a colleague and as a friend. He, and his singular brand of humour, will be deeply missed.” Rogers quoted EB White: “Humour plays close to the big, hot fire which is the truth” and said that’s something Black knew instinctively.

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