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Elon Musk looks to revolutionize urban farming

During a typical week, they spend about 15 to 20 hours doing farm work, 10 hours handling the business side and 10 hours getting coached by Square Roots’ in-house agriculture expert and the team of mentors the company has assembled.

By Zlati Meyer
Feb 18, 2018


Peggs said the farmers find buyers for their produce, like stores, restaurants and individuals, though they also inherit the clients list from previous Square Roots participants. Some of Square Roots’ staff of 14 help generate leads, too. Thirty percent of what they earn goes to Square Roots, and expenses are another $30,000. That leaves them with an annual profit of $30,000 to $40,000.

A single 40-foot container provides 320 square feet of growing space. It is outfitted with long, narrow towers studded with crops that are hung on tracks from the ceiling in rows, like vertical blinds. The plants get their water and nutrients from irrigation pipes running along the tops of the towers and their sunlight from dangling narrow strips of LED lights. Besides arugula, crops include kale, radicchio and pak choi.

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