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Canada: Breaking baaah’d: Edmonton hopes people flock to be goat co-ordinator

Weed-eating goats charmed visitors to Rundle Park last summer at meet and bleat events.

Goats are having a G.O.A.T. (what the kids call Greatest of All Time) “moment” in popular culture.

By Paula Simons
Edmonton Journal
Feb 27


Have you herd the news? The City of Edmonton isn’t kidding around. It’s on a mission to recruit a new manager with a talent for dealing with particularly stubborn — and hungry — workers.

And it hopes people will flock to apply.

Yes. The city has just posted an ad for a new goat co-ordinator.

That is to say, someone to run its GoatWorks Program.

“You will work with individuals, contractors and researchers to fulfil the program goals and engage Edmontonians in all that is goats.”

All that is goats.

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