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Utica College’s Man With the Green Thumb

Contributed by Marcus Recile

As of right now, there are currently eight students working in the greenhouse as it is a small area. An estimated 500 plants are grown in the greenhouse at a time.

By Maggie Reid
UC Tangerine
Feb 22, 2018


“We set up a business partnership with Sodexo where we grow herbs and place them out on the cafeteria terrace,” Recile said. “Instead of students just complaining about how the food tastes, this is an opportunity to add natural herbs to food to improve quality and taste, to change the circumstances that they are dealing with.”

Recile hopes to “pass the torch” to other students due to the fact he will be graduating in May.

After graduation, he hopes to get involved with urban agriculture by introducing more vegetation into city landscapes.

“I spent my summer teaching kids to garden, and they didn’t know where general produce came from,” Recile said. “For example, they didn’t know that zucchini came from the ground. I want to stimulate the idea of urban agriculture to populate the food deserts we have in cities and offer city dwellers food with higher nutritional value rather than the poison sold from corner stores.”

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