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Canada: Backyard chickens now allowed in parts of Toronto as part of 3-year pilot project

“I have a feeling my 94-year-old mom and 94-year-old dad, both of whom grew up in a rural context, I think they’re going to come over and they’re going to love it,” he said.

By Nick Westoll
Global News
Mar 3, 2018


“It’s exciting and an important development for the city, especially in the area of urban agriculture,” he told Global News, adding Toronto joins many other major cities to allow chickens.

“The movement includes community orchards, community gardens, backyard gardens, farmers markets, a 100-mile diet, buying organic, and now backyard hens are now a part of that.”

Chickens are currently permitted in residential backyards in several other cities, including Vancouver, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

Mihevc said there’s a growing desire for people to have the ability to source eggs at home and have hens as pets. In fact, Mihevc said he’s going to build a coop in his backyard later this year and work with an area daycare and a school to showcase the hens.

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