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Vancouver, Canada: Urban Agriculture Garden Guide

Manual For Starting And Designing Urban Agriculture Projects

The Urban Agriculture Project Design Manual was produced by Anežka Gocová for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the City of Vancouver as an initiative of the Greenest City Scholar program.
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This guide is intended to aid the collaboration between residents and City staff in starting, designing and carrying out an Urban Agriculture project in the City of Vancouver.

Choosing A Site:
Where is your project located? Is the proposed project for the entire site or a portion of it? Include a street address or a nearby address for reference as well as an air photo with the site marked. (You can use GoogleMaps and VanMaps to do this). Feel free to include photos of the site itself. This can sometimes be a very frustrating process especially if your proposal gets rejected based on site selection. Make sure to consult with City and Park Board staff and current caretakers of the site, they will likely have great insight into which sites are most suitable.

Describe Your Organization:
This is your chance to brag about the organization you’re partnering with, make sure to include things like organizational capacity and any relevant experience you may have with urban agriculture and community development process. Also include the motivation behind your interest in developing a new Urban Agriculture Project.

Outline How The Local Community Will Be Involved:
Please describe how the project will address access, inclusion and diversity of under-represented groups. Include any partnerships or support from other organizations or businesses and/or funding in place.

Create A Governance And Maintenance Plan:
Think about the project timeline. Will everything be built at once or will it be built in stages? Who will be constructing the project? How much labour will be required? What materials are needed? Will materials be donated or purchased? What is your estimated budget?

Create A Project Construction Plan:
What is your plan for long-term management and maintenance of the project? How will the project provide opportunities for education and/or skill-building? How will the project be used and maintained in the winter months?

Design The Programming Of The Space:
The EOI requires that you attach a rough sketch indicating how the project relates to surrounding property lines, streets, sidewalks, etc. It should also show the locations and the different elements of the project. See section X for what to include in your site plan as well as a guide of things to consider when designing your site.

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