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Composting with worms: how to get started, and why it could spark an urban gardening revolution

The Urbalive worm composter could offer small space gardeners the option to send less to landfill.

I think it’s a certain kind of gardener who will enjoy the challenge of a wormery. I don’t think we’re going to take over the world.

By Alice Vincent
3 Mar 2018


Finding a suitable contraption for a small balcony – not to mention a single-person household – has proved tricky. Surprisingly, my relatively small output of vegetable waste and humble ambitions make me a good candidate for vermiculture: a wormery, for instance, could struggle to process the remnants created by a vegan family of four, but as someone who eats a lot of eggs, drinks a lot of tea, and just wanted to make the journey out to the big bin less often, I could be the perfect worm custodian.

Somewhat miraculously, Wiggly Wigglers, who have been offering vermiculture supplies and support since 1990, have recently started supplying a new, small-space wormery. And, for the past two months, I’ve been trying it out (after taking it home on the bus – how else?)

The Urbalive worm composter is a Czech design that looks neat and elegant and is made with worms – and squeamish humans – in mind. It has a simple system of layered trays: the bottom is the sump, made for collecting that potent worm tea fertiliser. Then there’s the working tray, where you start your worms off. When the food waste fills that tray, you start putting it into the top tray. By the time that one’s full, the working tray can be emptied of worm-generated compost and moved to the top. The whole cycle starts again.

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