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Norway: This chef built an urban farm in the Arctic

Vidmar’s lonely greenhouse is rich with produce all year-long thanks to seasonal crop swaps that take advantages of conditions. (Photo: NBC News/YouTube)

When tapping into the ebb and flow of that challenging climate — the greenhouse is just 650 miles from the North Pole

By Christian Cotroneo
Mother Nature Network
March 15, 2018
(Must see. Mike)


It all adds up to an unlikely oasis. Vidmar, a transplant from Florida who came to the area as a chef, provides the town with its only locally grown produce. Until he founded Polar Permaculture Urban Farm, everything from vegetables to eggs, had to be flown into the region. The situation left the Longyearbyen dwellers paying exorbitant prices for basic food, which was often exposed to the vagaries of flight conditions.

Vidmar and his son are working to change that precarious paradigm by tailoring their harvest according to the rhythm of the North. So, for example, the Svalbard summer and the 24 hours of sunlight it brings is ideal for tomatoes and onions. But the ever-dark winter calls for a change-up to tiny plants, like sprouts, that don’t need to bask in all that summer sun.

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