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Venezuela to Expand Small-Scale Urban Agriculture

President Maduro and Urban Agriculture Minister Freddy Bernal launch the Plan 2018 (Ministry for Urban Agriculture)

Government projections suggest that small scale urban agriculture can cover 20% of national food demand within three years.

By Paul Dobson
Venezuela Anaylsis
Mar 19th 2018


Venezuela revealed that it is looking to expand grassroots and family-based urban food production this weekend, as the government unveiled its National Urban Agriculture Plan 2018.

Areas of expansion include incorporating animal rearing, the Green Rooves project, and seed import replacement, as well as using more lots of land for urban food production than in previous years.
“This plan looks to cover 96,000 hectares across the national territory and produce more than 2,071,000 tonnes of food,” explained Urban Agriculture Minister, Freddy Bernal.

Under the terms of the national plan, urban agriculture, which is normally private or community organised, should “be able to cover 20% of the national population” within three years, he said.

The use of Venezuela’s urban spaces to increase food production has gained momentum in recent years as a way for families to lessen the impact of spiralling inflation and food shortages in the shops.
Small scale productive units of vegetables, fruit, or eggs are now commonplace both in Venezuela’s households as well as in the public green areas, such as schoolyards, squares, or even public institutions. The Ministry for Urban Agriculture was created in 2016 to support such initiatives.

The 2018 Plan looks to incorporate “4,000 tonnes of animal protein” into urban food production, with the ministry providing support for productive micro-projects such as rearing chickens, pigs, rabbits or sheep. It had until now limited its scope to fruit and vegetable production.

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