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UK: Freightliners City Farm at 40: A refuge from city life in London

Freightlinders City Farm under construction in the late ’70s. Picture: Freightlinders City Farm.

Though 2018 is a year of celebration for Freightliners, there’s also nagging doubt. Its future is under threat.

By James Morris
Islington Gazette
Apr 4, 2018


“We’re not 100 per cent certain of how it started,” Liz admits. “But we think it goes back to 1973, where the Maiden Lane Estate is now, on the other side of the Cally.

“We do know it was a community group coming together wanting to keep their own animals, grow food and live a bit of the good life. There was always a focus on children and young people, and giving them a safe space.

“The ’70s was when traffic was becoming more dangerous for kids in the streets,” Liz expands. “A city farm would have been somewhere to explore in a safe environment.”

The farm moved to its current site in 1978. Again, the exact story is sketchy.

Liz laughs: “I don’t know quite what happened but it was probably semi-squatted on. It started with temporary fencing and the animals being kept in the back of an old freight wagon. It was all very makeshift.

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