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Home grown solutions: the rise and rise of the microgreen

Kale plants at the Organic Oasis farm in Dubai. Pawan Singh / The National

Microgreens are growing in popularity in the UAE market, with a couple of companies even growing them in Dubai

By Anastasia Miari
The National
April 7, 2018


It isn’t just the nutritional value of these mini veggies that is making this particular food trend catch on. Dubai blogger and photographer Samantha Louise Marshall first began growing her own microgreens to use as stylish garnishes on her food shoots, finding the simplicity appealing.

“I grow wheatgrass and cress from time to time in a really simple glass sprouting jar using packets of seeds,” she says. “I love that you just need water and no soil and that they grow fairly quickly and last a few days. If you use them up and want to take a break, you can just clean out your jar and restart when you want. It’s not like a plant you have to maintain, and a packet of seeds is enough for a few batches.”

New shoots need much less growing space to flourish, making growing microgreens and using them in our cooking a practical way of adding an extra dose of the good stuff into our diets. Unlike most vegetables people choose to grow at home, microgreens are as painless and low-maintenance as they come. All you need is a packet of seeds, some minerals to add to them and a jar – and you’re good to go.

“I find growing microgreens to be a great way to unwind and relax in today’s fast-paced environment,” Green says. “Additionally, they are quick to grow and require minimal cost, time and effort. I suggest sourcing a home microgreens kit and growing easier crops such as coriander and basil if it’s your first time.”

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