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Big Muddy Urban Farm residency program gives young farmers a place to grow

Big Muddy Urban Farm residents.

“I want to begin to coach people how to grow their own food,” Salem said. “I will teach them you don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy.”

By Chris Peters
Omaha World-Herald
Apr 16, 2018


You could call it “The Real World: Farmer Edition.”

That’s how the aspiring farmers jokingly refer to Big Muddy Urban Farm’s 11-month residency program. From January through early December, they share a renovated Gifford Park home with the nonprofit’s executive director, Brent Lubbert, who lives in the basement.

“I guide to make sure that everything is happening and there won’t be a total failure, but to a certain extent, you learn from your failures, so I don’t impose too much if I don’t need to,” Lubbert said.

They work a minimum of 20 hours a week tending to five gardens on vacant plots and three chicken coops, all while taking over the $10,000-a-year urban farm’s books and essentially creating a business from scratch.

This is the second year of the program. By December, the residents also will develop and facilitate a lesson plan for the Gifford Park Youth Garden, finalize a business plan and give a speech at the farm’s annual gala.

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