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Fairbanks, Alaska planning commission to discuss urban farms

Ordinance 2018-12 has been more than a year in the making after residents increasingly were contacting the Fairbanks North Star Borough Department of Community Planning asking how many chickens they were allowed to have.

By Amanda Bohman
May 7, 2018 a


The ordinance creates two land uses, “urban livestock” and “market garden.” It details the types and numbers of livestock allowed based on lot size.

Currently, chickens are not allowed to be kept in most city neighborhoods.

The measure also provides the ability for home gardeners to sell their produce.

“You won’t be able to set a farm stand at your property, but you will be allowed to take your produce to the farmers market or to any other market you want to,” Spillman said.

On a standard residential city lot, which is about 10,000 square feet, residents could keep up to eight chickens under the proposal. Or they could choose to have two female or castrated mini goats and six chickens. Eight total livestock is the magic number, Spillman said. There is no limit on rabbits. Beehives would be limited to two.

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