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Canada: Rapper tells the story of Frisch Farms Vancouver

Gabriel Pliska raps about CSA urban farming as he walks through the streets of Vancouver.

FRISCH is the German word for FRESH. Frisch sounds fresher. Kinda crisp and crunchy like a fresh snap pea.

By Gabriel Pliska
Frisch Farms


It was in the Spring of 2012 when I moved back to Canada from Germany where I was teaching English and semi-retired…

Then once in Vancouver, I started growing vegetables in some raised garden beds with new roommates in Kitsilano and I remembered how much fun it was to garden with my mother while growing up in Ottawa as a child. I knew gardening was my passion!

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Canada: True Grit Farm Produces Micro and Baby Greens in Langely, BC

The CSA program will run for 24 weeks (May to October). Two sizes will be offered; a full share, and a half share.

By Ashlee Brillert
True Grit Farm
Nov. 2017

Excerpts from Their Facebook Page:

Not much makes us happier than a nice full greenhouse! We’ve started to use coconut coir as seed cover instead of our soil mix to top some of our more delicate micros for the winter months. We find it helps us to avoid mould issues as it keeps some moisture in, but also has aeration properties. During the summer months our micros need misting on the hour as they dry out so quickly. During the winter we have the opposite problem where you can easily end up watering too much (or at the wrong time) and having micros sit wet overnight. Putting micros to bed wet we find can quickly give you mould issues! Coconut coir helps us with this, and keeps our watering down to twice per day in winter

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Canada: Forget backyard chickens, council shifts focus to food security in London, Ontario

“A small victory for chickens” says animal welfare group after council rejects proposal to allow backyard laying hens #ldnont

About a dozen animal welfare supporters poured into the city’s gallery to voice their disapproval

CBC News
Nov 15, 2017


Londoners will have to hold off on raising backyard laying hens – and current coop owners will have to continue flying under the radar.

Animal Liberation Alliance London, From Their Facebook page:
“Small victory for chickens tonight as city council voted to remove back yard chickens from the cities agricultural plan. Small victory because they did it for all the wrong reasons. We are still not recognizing chickens as having a right to not be exploited by humans. Most of the councillors voted against it because they saw chickens in the city as an unnecessary burden or a nuisance.

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Canada: Victoria school garden teaching students value of outdoor activity

Westshore Centre for Learning student Josh Hill (right) and a member of the Western Garden Club help themselves to a lunch of pumpkin and apple soup, mixed greens, croutons and pumpkin pie at the school’s campus in Colwood Thursday. The students grew and harvested everything in the meal in the community garden. (Kendra Wong/News Gazette staff)

The garden has been happening in various capacities on the property for the last 12 years, however, this year the school was able to add a greenhouse, thanks to funding from the Horner Foundation

By Kendra Wong
Victoria News
Nov. 6, 2017


As part of the school’s sustainable resources class, which runs from February to June and gives students a Grade 11 science credit, students learn how to plant and nurture seedlings, transplant, weed out and harvest in the roughly, 4,000-square foot garden on Sooke Road. Students had their own grow boxes and planted a variety of tomatoes, lettuces, cabbages, raspberries, carrots, beets, herbs, apples, squash and onions.

While other schools have gardens, Jennifer Freeman of Zero Mile Solutions who helps support the development of the garden, said this one is unique in that gardening is integrated into the curriculum.

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Canada: Kale Grown in Indoor Farm

Modular Farms president Aaron Spiro grows 68 kilograms of kale a week inside his mobile farm with infra red lights. (Vince Talotta / Toronto Star)

Modular Farms vertical hydroponics system will soon produce up to 68 kilograms of kale a week.

By Ainslie Cruickshank
Toronto Star
Nov. 6, 2017


“They can start guaranteeing their customers that any kale on the menu was not only grown locally but was literally harvested less than half an hour before people are eating it, which is pretty amazing,” said Aaron Spiro, the president of Modular Farms.

Over the last four years the Brampton-based company has developed an indoor farming system housed in 40-foot containers made of insulated composite steel panels that they say can grow food in any climate.

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Canada: Government of the Northwest Territories signed an agreement to develop backyard agriculture by-laws. “Not enough” says expert.

Jackie Milne, President of Hay River’s Northern Farm Training Institute.

“We have such a need for food. To nurture, to build up and grow the food side. It’s great if these by-laws are going to help the average person grow food; but, let’s focus on the real thing here,” she sternly presses. “Agriculture is a sector. It’s like mining. It’s a key area that can contribute in a lasting way to our economy in the North. It’s so neglected, it’s pathetic. It’s shameful.”

By Cameron Wilkinson
My Yellowknife
Nov. 2, 2017


Jackie Milne, President of Hay River’s Northern Farming Institute, says the by-laws aren’t particularly new, nor are they any help.

“This work is redundant,” Milne says with a very flat tone. “A few years ago, I actually helped Hay River Agriculture Plan grant from the Government to do an agriculture strategy. It was done by a professional agriculture organization from Alberta. It systematically addressed all of the different types of by-laws that can exist in a community that can be reviewed or altered. It’s publicly available.

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Canada: City councillor wants to make commercial farming legal for Winnipeg homeowners

Allard compares the idea to other sharing services like Uber and AirBNB. The councillor says urban agriculture is an efficient use of land, is economical and could cut down on greenhouse gases from transporting food.

By Jeff Keele
CTC News
Nov 3, 2017


A city councillor wants Winnipeg homeowners to be able to farm in their yards.

Currently city rules do not allow homeowners to grow fruits and veggies in their yards for commercial purposes.

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Canada: Kitchener Community gardens will flourish under changes designed to empower residents to get growing

Left to right: Wendy Janzen, Trent Bauman, Juanita Metzger, Kai Bender, Levi Bender and Chip Bender stand with some of the produce from the community garden at Uniroyal Goodrich Park in Kitchener. – David Bebee,Record staff file photo

The City of Kitchener is turning over a new leaf on its community garden program with changes designed to help residents take the lead in starting new gardens, or maintain and upkeep existing gardens in their neighbourhoods.


Wire Service

City council recommended the approval of several changes to the city’s existing program in response to feedback received during the Love My Hood consultation. Designed to make it easier for residents to become involved in community gardening, the changes include providing insurance coverage for individual gardeners, increased funding for new gardens and providing funding to enhance existing gardens. An easy-steps guide and single staff contact will round out new supports to get more people engaged in community gardening.

“We heard residents say the demand for community gardens is growing,” says Josh Joseph, supervisor, neighbourhood development office, City of Kitchener. “There are 35 community gardens in Kitchener, including 15 on city-owned land, plus gardens on private property and we hope to increase this number each year.”

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Canada: How to feed a hungry city

Brandon Hebor, co-founder of Ripple Farms Inc., inspects the growing lights of an aquaponic lab. Ripple currently sells its produce to high-end chefs.

Toronto has become a leader in urban agriculture, but there’s worry public awareness is lagging as new projects struggle to take root

By Charlie Friedmann
Globe And Mail
Nov 3, 2017


“Torontonians have long grown in their backyards and continue to do so, but it’s mostly been under the radar,” notes Joe Nasr of the Centre for Studies in Food Security at Ryerson University and a co-ordinator of Toronto Urban Growers (TUG). “What’s new is this attention to the fact it exists and that it has a place in the city, and that the city can help it prosper.”

TUG has brought together a diverse group of civilian stakeholders since 2009, with the goal of increasing the availability of healthy and sustainable food grown, processed and sold in Toronto. Through networking meetings, public forums and lobbying, the group has done just that, and – working with the Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC) – was largely behind efforts to bring Toronto’s Urban Agriculture Day to fruition.

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United Nations: Vancouver’s ‘City Farmer’ One of Seven Small-Scale Urban Agriculture Initiatives Featured at UN Secretariat Building in New York!

See City Farmer’s submission exhibited at the United Nations. Click image to see larger file.

Out of the many submissions received from across the Americas, seven have been selected to be featured in a print exhibit showcased at the UN Secretariat

United Nations Food Gardens Facebook
Nov 1, 2017
(Must See. Mike)

Our “Feed Your City – a showcase of small-scale urban agriculture initiatives in the Americas” exhibit is up in the UN Secretariat lobby. Please stop by and learn more about some of the many wonderful community gardens across North, Central and South America committed to sustainability, community and connection between people and planet!

We are very excited and happy to announce that the selection for the first annual Feed Your City showcase has officially been completed! Out of the many submissions received from across the Americas, seven have been selected to be featured in a print exhibit showcased at the UN Secretariat starting today, 30 October!

These submissions, along with another six qualifying submissions, will be published on the UN Food Gardens website and shared through social media in recognition of their outstanding efforts to further sustainable urban agriculture and community involvement! A special thank you to UN-HABITAT, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and World Food Programme for participating in the review and selection panel.

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Canada: What to do with those Jack-o’-lanterns after Halloween?

Go to timeline: 01:52:25 to hear the four minute piece.

City Farmer’s Lynsey Dobbie answers that question on CBC Radio

City Farmer has composted in dozens of bins over the years. We recommend ‘rodent-resistant’ bins to all Vancouver gardeners because rats are a common pest in our City.

Some of the bins:

FreeGarden Earth Bin: In 2017, The City of Vancouver began offering this plastic bin for sale at a subsidized rate of $25.

Cedar Creek Bin: All bins are lined with 19 gauge galvanized wire mesh to aid rodent resistance.

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Canada: Hopes grow for urban farming as Calgary readies pilot project on vacant land

An unused and unoccupied piece of land located at 1920 Highfield Crescent S.E. is shown in Calgary.

“I hope in five to 10 years we’ll have 30 to 40 urban farms employing hundreds of people,” said Hughes, adding the city has a huge amount of unused land for such activity.

By Bill Kaufmann
Calgary Herald
Oct 22, 2017


The city’s launch of an agriculture pilot project on plots of unused land is long overdue but could plant the seeds for a local food revolution, says a well-known Calgary urban farmer.

Operators who’ll farm two plots of land on a two-year lease — one in the northeast and the other in the southeast — are being sought by the city, with a tour of the sites scheduled for Oct. 27.

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Canada: Vancouver students dig in for Farm to School month

Jenna Jaski of Victory Gardens Vancouver helps facilitate the Classroom Gardener program at East Van’s David Livingstone elementary school. The program is one of many across the city that aim to get students out of classrooms and into the garden and the kitchen. Photo by Dan Toulgoet.

Every class gets to spend time in the garden and by the end of the year-long session, every student will have had a chance to experience all the facets of the garden.

By Jessica Kerr
Vancouver Courier
Oct 23, 2017


“Teachers are looking for ways to get kids learning outside because they need to get kids moving and there’s a ton of benefit for children’s physical health being outside,” she said, adding that being outside also has mental health benefits.

“We see huge numbers of children struggling with anxiety in school, so how do we take them outside? Because being outside is very protective against mental health problems in children.”

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Canada: Urban Farming Works In Windsor

Bishop’s Urban Farm.

These are not large acreages, or acreages at all, for that matter. One of the plots is actually in their backyard.

By Ian Shalapata
The Square
17 October 2017


The enterprising couple are simply returning city land to vegetable production sites. Instead of cutting their lawn in the summer, they go through a number planting, harvesting, and replanting cycles using the same soil beds with a goal of producing as many crops as is possible to meet the demand they are creating.

These are not large acreages, or acreages at all, for that matter. One of the plots is actually in their backyard. The secret, Kavanaugh told The Square, rests squarely in the types of crops that are grown along with systems to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

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City Farmer’s Compost Garden featured in Arbutus Greenway ‘Design Jam’ Video

A ‘Design Jam’ is a multi-day, collaborative workshop with the goal of developing a clear, detailed, realistic design for a project—in this case, the design for the future Arbutus Greenway.

From City of Vancouver
Welcome to the Deign Jam
Oct 2017

The Kitsilano portion of the Arbutus Greenway contains a number of distinct character areas. Examples include:

The stretch around West 6th Avenue, which runs east-west, compared with the rest of the corridor, which tends to run north-south. The experience of being in an established neighbourhood here is defined by neighbouring multi-family homes, 6th and Fir Park, “corner store” style shops, and long-established community gardens. The traffic calmed streets and neighbourhood feel provides a sense of calm to the greenway.

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