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Canada: Is Personalized, Next-Day Delivery the Future of Urban Farming?

Part of Lufa’s delivery fleet. (Lufa Farms)

Lufa Farms: A rooftop-farming venture in Montreal has found success with a model that’s part CSA, part Amazon Prime.

By Sarah Treleaven
City Lab
Feb 9, 2018


Whereas many urban farms sell to restaurants or grocery stores, or via farmer’s markets, Lufa has a key point of differentiation: its direct-to-consumer business model. On its website, shoppers can customize baskets of fresh food, which are then delivered to more than 300 pick-up points across the city, or to their homes for an added fee. It’s like community-supported agriculture (CSA) or a farm share merged with the personalization and convenience of Uber Eats or Amazon Prime. “We decided that we needed to give people the option to order what they wanted, and that we would figure out how to get those items to them,” Rathmell said.

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Canada: The Hayes Urban Teaching Farm project is planning to use the Hayes farm to teach new farmers

Claire May, the outreach co-ordinator for the Hayes Urban Teaching Farm project, is one of several people working to get the farm ready for the summer. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

“There’s so much potential for New Brunswick to be more self-sufficient in its food stuffs,” said Robertson.

By Shane Fowler
CBC News
Feb 06, 2018


A nearly 200-year-old dormant farm in Fredericton will be brought back to life this summer as a training ground for future farmers.

The historic Hayes farm in the community of Devon will be the site of the Hayes Urban Teaching Farm, a project dedicated to teaching new farmers how to make a living off small harvests.

“Essentially the goal is to create a full-season, full-time farmer training program,” said Claire May, the outreach coordinator for the project.

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Canada: Edmonton pilot project will rent garden plots on city lands

One of the vacant lots offered by the city of Edmonton for garden use in the new pilot project. (Travis McEwan/CBC)

‘We could potentially change the landscape of the city and integrate edibles and flowers more widely’

By Travis McEwan
CBC News
Feb 03, 2018


A City of Edmonton pilot program will rent out vacant city lands to gardeners for the 2018 growing season.

For a $100 rental fee, gardeners who are approved can grow food or or flowers on municipal land starting April 1. The licence expires after seven months.

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Canada: Plans for Vancouver’s Arbutus Greenway include community gardening

“As we know, our community gardens are an important aspect in this greenway and will continue to be in the future how we integrate food production in our design, integrate that into the landscape,” Buttle said.

Naoibh O’Connor
Vancouver Courier
February 2, 2018


During the design jam, more than 100 people, aged 18 and over, selected from 22 neighbourhoods across Vancouver, worked with city staff and technical experts to dream up design possibilities for the nine-kilometre route.

Participants also stressed the importance of nature, biodiversity, setting aside space for urban agriculture and the restoration of habitat along the greenway. Examples include scented plantings, butterfly bush, bird-nesting boxes and a variety of trees for different species of birds.

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1990 Flashback: Compost Bins Featured at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden

City Farmer’s Lorenzo Mele shows our bins to the media

CBC’s “Down to Earth”
Part 1 and 2, 1990
At the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden

In those early days, we brought ‘home compost bins’ from Europe and invited inventors to create bins that were rodent-resistant. One of the bins was built by Lorenzo Mele, eventually named the ‘Lorenzo Bin’, which was based on a design that City Farmer created for the cover of a brochure we’d produced for the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) now ‘Metro Vancouver’. The design came after a year’s research, talking with experts about how to ‘build out’ rodents from compost pile.

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Canada: Chilliwack retiree to share unused farmland with urban farmer in need

Young Agrarians program is interested in fostering the next generation of farmers

By Jennifer Feinberg
The Chilliwack Progress
Jan. 23, 2018


A Yarrow retiree with property in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is hoping to link up with a young urban farmer in need of the fertile farmland.

“It sounded like a good idea to me,” said David Huxley, about the Young Agrarians’ Land Matching Program.

“I thought young farmers would be a good mix.”

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Flashback to 1987: City Farmer on CBC’s ‘Country Canada’

Three gardens in Vancouver in 1987.

Vancouver’s Demonstration Food Garden, Lord Roberts School Garden and Strathcona Community Garden

By Michael Levenston
CBC’s ‘Country Canada’
May 1987

In 1987, City Farmer had staff working at three different sites, our Demonstration Food Garden in Kitsilano, the Strathcona Community Garden in the East End of Vancouver, and the Lord Roberts School Garden in the West End. City Farmer staff, Sheila and Wendy, can be seen working with pick-axes on a berm at Strathcona, and Antoinette is interviewed while teaching at Lord Roberts.

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Canada: Handcrafted, Wooden Garden Beds Use ‘GardenWell Self-watering System’

Custom-milled western cedar, food safe materials, and innovative sub-irrigation design ensures that your ‘LifeSpace Garden’ will stand the test of time, and help you and your family grow truly organic vegetables and herbs efficiently, no matter how small the space.

From their website


Wood Material

Most of our work is crafted from western red and yellow cedar. The natural strength and self-protective properties of cedar helps provide a quality product that is well worth the time that goes into carefully hand-crafting each garden. We respect the trees we source and build our boxes to last as long as the tree took to grow them.

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Glorious Greens in January in Vancouver BC

Planted in October, We Are Eating in January

From City Farmer’s Compost Garden in Vancouver BC
January 18, 2018

Both our cold frame and our plastic, greenhouse shed are feeding us nutritious greens now in mid winter. Planted on October 11, 2017, sprouted by October 19, they are ready to cut and come again now three month later. They get light and heat from the sun, not from grow lights or heaters.

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Flashback to 1990: City Farmer Promotes Home Composting

The Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden in 1990

The styles have changed but the message is the same

By Michael Levenston
TV reporting at Vancouver’s Compost Demonstration Garden
2150 Maple Street, Vancouver, BC

Most of the bins we feature today are different from the ones we experimented with three decades ago, but our work remains the same, getting urban residents to recycle some of their yard and kitchen scraps and turning it into soil by home composting.

Vancouver Engineering, Solid Waste, has supported us in this effort. John Evans, Paul Henderson, Chris Underwood are three of the leaders at the City of Vancouver who have driven our work. Backyard bins are still sold at a subsidized rate of $25 per bin, worm composting is still taught in schools and at adult wormshops, and research on the latest bins and techniques is ongoing.

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Canada: Vancouver Program matches landless farmers with unused open spaces

Ava and Jeffrey Reeve are young landless farmers raising sheep, ducks and chickens on Fred Glasbergen’s agricultural land in Langley. Gerry Kahrmann / Png

The land-matching program screens owners of under-utilized land and farmers ready to start a business, supporting both parties in the development of legal contracts.

By Glenda Luymes
Vancouver Sun
January 7, 2018


With a $25,000 investment from the provincial and federal governments, the pilot project led by the B.C. Young Agrarians and the Farm Folk City Folk Society aims to create seven to nine new farm operations in Metro Vancouver in 2018.

A similar project in Surrey last year helped connect several farmers and landowners, including David Feldhaus. Hoping to see his land used for agriculture, the landowner was introduced to a chef-turned-vegetable farmer through the Young Agrarians.

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Vancouver BC: Tax breaks for developers who put in community gardens

Temporary Vancouver community garden is set up where a gas station used to be.

… small businesses, struggling to stay alive, get pounded to the point of facing failure, while major developers get significant tax reductions for doing nothing except allowing folks to grow a few carrots or potatoes on their patch of land?

By Allen Garr
Vancouver Courier
Jan 9, 2018


Wesgroup is a development company owned by a guy named Peeter Wesik. Last year Wesgroup purchased five gas stations, including one in my neighborhood at West Fourth and Macdonald. By October the buildings were demolished and removed, the ground surface was covered with gravel and the property was surrounded with a chain link fence.

Thanks to a deal Wesgroup made with a not-for-profit outfit called Shifting Growth Society, wooden planter boxes filled with soil were placed on the property. In my particular ’hood there were 100 boxes mostly three feet by four feet in size.

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Canada: Vancouver sees increase in farms despite downturn in region

Karen Ageson is the CSA farmer for Farmers on 57th and a board member of the Vancouver Urban Farming Society. She is pictured in Vancouver, BC Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Jason Payne / Png

Ageson is the market garden manager and community-supported agriculture (CSA) farmer at Farmers on 57th, a one-acre urban farm near Cambie Street and 57th Avenue in downtown Vancouver where she has worked since 2009.

By Jennifer Saltman
Vancouver Sun
Jan 7, 2018


Her farm is one of those helping the city — an urban area with a relatively small amount of designated, protected agricultural land — buck the trend of declining farms and dwindling farmland that has taken hold across the region and the country.

The 2016 Census of Agriculture found that the total farm area in Metro Vancouver in 2016 was 38,380 hectares, the lowest number in 20 years. There has also been a steady decline in the number of farms at the regional and municipal levels. Region-wide, there were 2,412 farms, a 14-per-cent drop from five years ago.

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Vancouver BC: What’s Growing in City Farmer’s Garden on January 4, 2018

Mixed winter salad greens.

Ten things we can eat today from our West Coast garden

By Michael Levenston
City Farmer
Jan 4, 2018

We raked our paths and trimmed our plants today as temperatures reached 5 degrees celsius, a mild day this winter. We have had frost and snow recently, but our winter is tropical compared to the “bomb cyclone” hitting the East Coast.

Here are some of the winter crops we can pick and eat today at Vancouver’s Compost Education Garden.

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City Farmer Flashback 2001: York House Kindergarten Kids Learn About Worms

City Farmer’s Moberley Luger teaches children about worm composting at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden.

Flashback by Michael Levenston
Suzette Myers reporting at that time
TV News 2001

These youngsters marched into our garden in their school uniforms (à la Madeline children’s book) and delighted us with their sweet engagement with worms. Moberley Luger, then a young instructor, now a university professor of English, gave the students their first experience at composting.

For over twenty five years, City Farmer has lead such classes both at our demonstration garden and in Vancouver schools. Young visitors see how compost from a worm bin feeds the soil as was they walk about after the class, tasting, touching and smelling the plants we grow.

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