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1942: How Boys and Girls Can Help Win the War

Cartoon from 1942 Parent Magazine issue, “How Boys and Girls Can Win The War”. Click on image for larger file.

Fun Facts About Victory Gardens

Excerpt from National WW2 Museum website:

During World War II, Victory Gardens were planted by families in the United States (the Home Front) to help prevent a food shortage.

In 1941, a five-foot Christmas tree could be purchased for 75 cents.

Planting Victory Gardens helped make sure that there was enough food for our soldiers fighting around the world. Because canned vegetables were rationed, Victory Gardens also helped people stretch their ration coupons (the amount of certain foods they were allowed to buy at the store).

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1953 – Gardener Mopsy – ‘Be a vegetarian and be beautiful’

mop1Click on image for larger files size.

By Gladys Parker

From Wiki:

Mopsy was a comic strip created by Gladys Parker in 1939. It had a long run over three decades. Parker modeled the character of Mopsy after herself. In 1946, she recalled, “I got the idea for Mopsy when the cartoonist Rube Goldberg said my hair looked like a mop. That was several years ago, and she has been my main interest ever since.”

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Beets and Turnips – a Fox Trot


Hess, Cliff, 1894-1959
Ahlert, Fred E., 1892-1953


See more here.

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Muppets Elmo and Rosita Join Michelle Obama at White House Kitchen Garden

Elmo and Rosita and Michelle. Photo by Eddie Gehman Kohan.

2013 Fall Kitchen Garden Harvest welcomes 24 children

By Eddie Gehman Kohan
Obama Foodorama
Oct 31, 2013


The White House – First Lady Michelle Obama late on Wednesday afternoon welcomed 24 children invited from elementary schools in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia for a harvest party in her Kitchen Garden. Special guests of honor were Sesame Street’s Elmo and Rosita, who monitored the action from atop bales of hay placed behind a bed of broccoli.

Muppets in the garden are a first for the Mrs. Obama. The furry creatures are the newest members of the Let’s Move! family, thanks to a new produce marketing collaboration the First Lady announced before hitting the crop rows to work.

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Mix-up: Brooklyn cops at first mistake tomato plants on roof for Marijuana

Police were stunned to find plants you could eat rather than ones you can smoke. Photo by Todd Maisel.

Is this what they mean by reefer madness?

By Thomas Tracy And Joseph Stepansky
New York Daily News
May 8, 2013


Cops responding to a report of a marijuana farm on the roof of a Brooklyn building didn’t find the wacky tobacky they were looking for — just tomato plants, police and witnesses said Wednesday.

Police sources confirmed a police lieutenant and two officers went to the Lefferts Ave. building in Prospect Lefferts Gardens at 9:30 a.m. after the building superintendent found more than 15 Solo cups with leafy green saplings sprouting out of them.

The plants weren’t ganja, but a wholesome part of anyone’s diet.

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1945 Punch: On the eve of Victory WW2

Click on image to see larger file.

“I shall celebrate Victory-day by switching over to asparagus.”

February, 1945. Allotment gardeners near a factory speak optimistically of planting ‘luxury’ crops once the end of the war comes. (In May, 1945.) Scarcity of food will still be an issue for some years ahead.

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1941 Punch: Poignant image of the War effort at home and at sea

common task1941

‘The Common Task’

Punch Magazine

A gardener digs his Victory Garden as he watches young men head out to do battle at sea.

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Mickey Mouse’s Garden – 1935 Cartoon

The famous mouse battles house-size insects after inhaling too much bug spray.

Director: Wilfred Jackson
Animation: Art Babbitt, Frenchy de Tremaudan
Walt Disney 1935

Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts:

From Ryan Kilpatrick at The Disney Film Project : For Mickey’s second color short, Mickey’s Garden, the animators took another crack at marginalizing the main mouse. Mickey is the “star” of this short only in the sense that it’s his name in the title. The real stars of this one are the bugs in his garden.
The idea is that Mickey has bugs in his garden, and is going to all extremes to get rid of them. He has concocted a brew that he sprays at the bugs, driving them away. As is always the case with any good Disney cartoon, something goes horribly wrong. Pluto chases a bug and falls back into Mickey, who gets sprayed with his own poison.

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The Clueless Hipster Guide to Urban Chicken Farming

Cartoon strip: How NOT to Raise Chickens


WARNING – Raising chickens is a commitment, not a fad!

There used to be a time when chickens were
a common sight in American backyards.
Although it is starting to become popular again,
for the most part, most people don’t raise their
own livestock. Why not? It’s hard work!

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American Society of Botanical Artists publishes coloring book

Colorful Edibles

Project Coordinators: Bobby Angell and Wendy Hollender
Designer: Charlotte Staub Thomas
Editor: Bobbi Angell

A coloring book featuring contemporary botanical art created by members of the American Society of Botanical Artists. Thirty-six pen and ink drawings of fruit and vegetables are paired with information about the origins and the uses of each fruit and vegetable.

Truly a coloring book for all ages. Garden teachers will find this activity book to be a helpful teaching tool. A great gift idea for gardeners and a unique raffle/auction item for garden clubs or community gardens.

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Graham Harrop’s editorial cartoon in the Vancouver Sun today

By Graham Harrop
Vancouver Sun
May 17, 2012

Link here.

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Growums – a gardening kit for kids

Six specially-themed gardens including Herb, Pizza, Salad, Stir-fry, Taco and Ratatouille

As the nation struggles with childhood obesity, Growums has been right on target to help parents and schools give families a real taste for healthy eating through the gardening experience: where our food comes from and the responsibility it takes to grow it. It starts with the Growums Garden Kits, but the company founders go way beyond retail to deliver the message through national partnerships and fundraising options.

Studies have shown, definitively, that children who grow their own vegetables, are more likely to eat them. With the First Lady’s announcement of the new MyPlate food diagram as an important tool in the battle against childhood obesity, Growums provides a unique and exciting option with specially-themed garden kits for kids that combine learning and fun; all with a little help from an animated cast of herb and vegetable characters at

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Three Allotment Gardening jigsaw puzzles for summer enjoyment

“I Love Gardening”

Designed by the popular cartoonist Mike Jupp

“It all seems to be happening down in the allotments.” 1000 pieces.

See the puzzle here.

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‘Urban Farmer’ defined as – the trend for young jam tart types to dress in country regalia


Three definitions of “urban farmer” at Urban Dictionary

From Wikipedia: Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases. As of April 2010, the site contains over 4.85 million definitions. Submissions are regulated by volunteer editors and rated by site visitors.

1. Urban Farmer

April 28, 2010 Urban Word of the Day

A person who constantly plays Farmville and acts like they know everything about a real farm — but all they do is live in the city, sit at a computer, and at a certain time, need to stop what they are doing to farm their imaginary crops.

Example: “Carly won’t shut up about her stupid farm and throwing sheep. What an urban farmer.”

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Richard Adams’s Kitchen Gardens

kitchengardenThe Kitchen Garden.

British artist, Richard Adams’s Kitchen Gardens

Richard Adams (b. 1960) received a BA Hons in Graphic Design at Leicester Polytechnic. He spent his childhood amidst the British countryside in the south Cotswolds. Its outstanding landscape has had a strong and lasting influence on his art work.

Richard Adams creates a dream world often adding ‘odd’ people that seem to float above the ground and seldom stand upright. Full of humour Richard Adams paintings are beautifully drawn and highly imaginative.

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