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The Honeybee

Kirsten Hall is a former preschool and elementary school teacher who has authored more than a hundred learn-to-read stories for emergent readers.

By Kirsten Hall (Author), Isabelle Arsenault (Illustrator)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
May 8, 2018

“In bouncy, lilting verse and vibrant, inviting artwork, this ode to the humble honeybee is dripping with charm…. Hall’s lively lines skitter around Arsenault’s warm, honey-colored illustrations…. With occasional speech balloons and delightfully expressive gestures, the bees mirror the gleeful tone of the poem…. Arsenault’s scenes are a captivating mixture of smudgy charcoals, soft yellows, and fluoresecent oranges, combining crisp shapes with more abstract figures.

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‘Grow’ – A children’s book

Illustrator Olivia Holden was born and raised in a small English village.

By Cynthia Platt (Author), Olivia Holden (Illustrator)
Amicus Ink
March 13, 2018

Can one little girl transform a neighborhood? With a seed of an idea and helping hands from neighbors, a girl’s dream to clean up an abandoned city lot grows into something much larger. Cynthia Platt’s light prose is brought to life by artist Olivia Holden’s beautiful pastels in this inspiring story of hope and community.

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A Seed is the Start

Meet seeds that pop, hop, creep, and explode in this vividly illustrated introduction to the simplest concepts of botany.

By Melissa Stewart
Penguin Random House
Feb 13, 2018

The story, which is perfect for elementary school Common Core learning, carefully highlights the many ways that seeds get from here to there, engaging children’s curiosity with strong action verbs. Stunning photographs with fact-packed captions provide supporting details, explaining the role of seed features and functions in creating new generations of plants. Complete with an illustrated glossary and back matter featuring more resources, this book inspires wonder as it encourages budding botanists of all ages to look with new eyes at plants and their seeds.

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Turn This Book Into a Beehive!

And 19 Other Experiments and Activities That Explore the Amazing World of Bees

By Lynn Brunelle
April 03, 2018

What a promise! Actually, promises. First, here’s a book that teaches kids all about the fascinating world of bees. Second, fun exercises, activities, and illustrations engage the imagination and offer a deeper understanding of bee life and bee behavior. Third, by following a few simple steps including removing the book’s cover and taping it together, readers can transform the book into an actual living home for backyard bees.

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Canada: City Farmer Sets Up Community Ping Pong Table At Entrance Gate

City Farmer's Ping Pong Table from Michael Levenston on Vimeo.

Ping Pong will be a permanent fixture along the Arbutus Greenway transportation corridor in Vancouver

Michael Levenston
City Farmer
May 24, 2018

Our Compost Garden entrance attracts more visitors than ever before. Ellie and Ryme from ‘frida&frank’ set up our new ping pong table, which attracted young students travelling along the Arbutus transportation corridor, previously a railway line. The children’s excitement, at being able to play ping pong out in the sun, is infectious.

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The Usborne Book of Growing Food

By Abigail Wheatley (Author)
Usborne Gardening for Beginners

A simple step-by-step introduction to growing food in containers both inside and out. Projects include carrots from seeds, climbing cucumbers, edible flowers, popcorn, squash shaped like flying saucers and much more. Includes pages with essential planting techniques and tips on when to water, how to deal with pests and even make your own compost.

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Canada: Struggling hands-on educational farm program connects seniors and youth in Vancouver

One young child laughs while holding a large bowl of kale he harvested himself. By Stacy Friedman.

More than 1000 urban youth have learned to plan, seed, harvest, pollinate and cook for their community. But the educational program that made it happen is in danger.

By Melanie Green
StarMetro Vancouver
Wed., April 25, 2018


Vancouver—A 15-year-old program that helps seniors teach children how to grow their own veggies and cook what they’ve harvested could find itself withering on the vine.

Provincial educators are shifting toward experiential learning and say this project out of the University of British Columbia is exactly the kind of program they are looking for.

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Canada: Principal live-tweets City Farmer wormshop for Grade 1/2 class

The principal of University Hill in Vancouver live-tweeted Andrea’s wormshop

City Farmer has provided wormshops to Vancouver schools for 25 years as part of our continuing effort to teach people about the value of recycling organic waste. The program is more popular that ever under the leadership of Andrea Lucy.

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The Pumpkin-Easies and Magic Memories: An Allotment Garden Story

The author’s husband is an enthusiastic fruit and vegetable grower. They have had allotments – land traditionally rented or leased from local government – for almost 40 years

By M.J. Anderson
December 27, 2017


A great pumpkin grew on our allotment. It was grown for our grandchildren to take to school at Halloween. It was unwanted and it ended up back in the compost bin. But many creatures living on the allotment did want it, especially the Easies.

This is a story of ancient creatures–the Easies–who try to live away from people. They are talented and determined and they have evolved special powers. Nowadays they are very fast, small, and chameleon-like as they can change shape and colour. They can also communicate telepathically.

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UK: Walney pupils delighted to get to work in transformed allotment space

Pupils working in the transformed allotment space at Vickerstown Primary School.

Children at Vickerstown Primary School can now enjoy gardening and growing vegetables for healthy eating projects in the exciting learning area.

By Natalie Chapples
The Mail
16 March 2018


In gardening club, the children have planted seeds in pots which are growing into cress and various vegetables. The aim is to give the children more responsibility to look after the plants and also promote healthy living. The hope is to provide vegetables to the school kitchen to use in the school dinners.

Back in August last year school staff decided to tackle the overgrown allotment area to kick start a healthy living project.

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Urban Gardens Flourish in South Florida’s Food Deserts

A group of children tends to a garden in Liberty City set up by the non-profit organization, Health in the Hood.

“I can just walk out my door if I want a salad. If I want to make a sweet potato pie, I have the sweet potatoes right here. And, so do my neighbors,” said Fowles.

By Teresa Joseph
Mar 8, 2018


Health in the Hood sets up gardens in communities in Miami-Dade and Broward counties in an effort to help residents gain access to healthy, fresh vegetables. Asha Loring is the founder of the group and she says healthy attitudes are being adopted in these communities.

Kids are growing up with vegetables in their backyard where they would not be able to that if they were 10 blocks away from the garden,” said Loring. “We’re really getting to see people’s trajectories changing from growing up in a food environment.”

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We Need Soil!

Children’s book

By Ji-Hyeon Lee (Author), Bo-Mi Shin (Illustrator)
Big & Small
Aug 1, 2016

A girl and boy demonstrate the value of soil by pointing out its uses, such as providing a habitat for earthworms, growing fruits and vegetables, and dyeing fabric.

Ji-hyeon Lee used to work for a children’s publishing company and now writes stories for children. She is the author of A Storyteller in the Animal Kingdom and I Want a Tree in My House.

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San Francisco’s newest community garden in Chinatown

Gathering together as a community, dozens of volunteers spent their Saturday helping to create a brand-new garden at Castelar Street Elementary School in Chinatown.

By Chelsea Edwards
January 30, 2018


“We were looking for the highest return on investment, and in terms of impact, and I thought a community garden would be just the way to do that. It will last for many years to come,” he said.

So on Saturday, volunteers fanned out across the schoolyard – building garden beds, an irrigation system, climbing cages and picnic tables. The project is part of a partnership with EnrichLA, an organization on a mission to build “a garden in every school.”

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Australia: How a school kitchen garden can transform an entire community

“They say food brings people together. What we’ve found is that this program has brought our community together.”

By Yasmin Noone
29 Jan 2018


There’s a small kitchen garden situated in the cultural melting pot of Sunshine North in Melbourne’s west that’s changing the way the community interacts with food.

It’s not in a local park or in an expensive gardening centre tended to by masses of horticulturists.

No. This edible garden of influence – cared for by children, teachers and parents – is located on the grounds of the low-socioeconomic, multicultural Sunshine North Primary School.

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Denmark: New Copenhagen School Focuses on ‘Food’ in its Design

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The area has individual planter boxes and raised beds which the pupils can use to cultivate and care for their own crops and vegetables. Greenhouses will extend the growing season.

Modern Danish Educational Architecture
Design by C.F. Møller Architects, Denmark
Jan 8, 2018


New Islands Brygge School will be a profile school with food as its special theme. There is special emphasis on making meal preparation and mealtimes a central element of the school’s design. The first thing new arrivals at the school will see is the double-high-ceilinged dining hall, which is not just the canteen, but also the hub which interconnects all of the school’s functions. This makes the dining hall the gathering point where pupils can meet across the school’s many activities.

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