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Whimsical idea turns into urban farm in Metro Atalnta

Tania Herbert, who heads the Urban Agriculture program at the Paideia School, instructs elementary student on how to grow produce.

“I really want them to see where their food comes from, but I also want them to see that our food goes to people who can’t afford it.”

By H.M. Cauley
For the Atlanta Journal Constitution
April 18, 2017


The idea to cultivate the beds came to then-Paideia mom Tania Herbert, who eyed the spot near the elementary school classrooms and saw a way for the youngest kids to have some outdoor fun. But it’s now become a school-wide program for Paideia’s 900 students that taps into several areas of study and offers hands-on learning experiences.

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1935 by Beate Hahn – ‘Hooray, We Sow and Harvest!’

Click on image for larger file.

Published in Germany – A Garden Book For Children

By Beate Hahn (Horticulturist)
(The author is the mother of famous landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander)
1935 Wilh, Gottl, Korn Verlag, Breslau, Printed in Germany, 110 pages
(This translation was kindly done by Evelyne Teichert.)


Today is yet another grim, cold day in November. Outside the wind is blowing through the streets, urging snowflakes along high up into the air. It roars around the street corner, and anyone who meets it will be blown down. This is quite ugly weather, and everyone is happy when they can once again sit in their warm home.

Here in our home a bright wood fire is crackling in the fireplace. When all the big and the small people have completed their daily tasks, we assemble around the red sheen of the fire, because father tells us stories. Mother says that this way she’ll never be able to mend all the torn children’s clothes, but everyone else thinks it is marvelous. If Peter and Lore move over just a bit, then you too will be able to join us on the bench by the fire and listen in. We also have a baked apple for you. you can hear them already crackling in the oven. Lisel, the oldest among us, gets up from time to time to tend to them.

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Compost Stew

An A to Z Recipe for the Earth

By Mary McKenna Siddals
Ashley Wolff (Illustrator)
Dragonfly Books
Oct 14 2014


“It has great rhyming and rhythm and a fun chorus for the kids to learn. We used it on the day we planted seeds for our garden boxes. If your children know the difference between garbage and recycling and you want to add compost to their understanding of waste, this book is where to start. Great for learning about waste, the environment, plants and community! My 20 month old asks for it by name.”

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Rapper Farmer Brown teaches kids about gardening

Kentucky State University agriculture, food, and environment student and farm technician Trevor Claiborn created Farmer Brown as a way to teach children about agriculture. Photo by Blair Hess, Kentucky State University.

By Beverly Fortune
Lexington Herald Tribune
Feb 3, 2017


The idea for Farmer Brown was sparked at the family dinner table when Claiborn tried to engage his young niece in conversation. They were eating hamburgers, and he asked her where she thought hamburgers came from.

“A tree,” she answered.

“Research shows most families are three generations away from the farm, away from knowing how food is raised,” Claiborn said.

And not just city children have that information gap.

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‘Urban Farm’ Theme Park Developed in Moscow, Russia

To create a children’s educational complex around Kamensky Pond – – “a farm in the city”, where children will be able to familiarise themselves with nature, find out what various animals look like, and where their milk, vegetables and fruit come from.

By Wowhaus
Chief architect of the project: Alyona Zaitseva
Architects: Gleb Galkin, Darya Listopad, Anastasia Izmakova, Yevgeny Reshetov, Margarita Leonova, Maria Khokholova, Alexandra Kim, Maria Khokhlova, Denis Manshilin and Ivan Korenkov
Master Plan: Nina Smirnova
Chief Structural Engineer: Dmitry Belostotskiy


The farm offers a new type of leisure activity for children and parents in Moscow, educating children about the natural world through direct contact with nature.

The northern areas bordering on the Botanical Gardens have a historical connection with the theme of agriculture. Here were located the Pig Rearing, Sheep Rearing and Poultry Farming pavilions. The site of the present farm was that of the Hunting pavilion and the so called Hunting Track, with its enclosures for wild animals. The pavilion burnt down long ago, and only two statues remain – the Hunter and the Fox Breeder, which now stand to greet visitors to the farm. The farm itself thus represents a logical continuation of the site’s history.

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Pee Wee Meets the Pollinators

The 6th book about Pee Wee the red wiggler worm

By Larraine Roulston
Castle Compost

In this story, Nancy, Pee Wee and Reddy visit a rooftop garden and learn about the amazing work of pollinators. During their adventure they witness the birth of a monarch butterfly, follow a bee and meet a chorus of crickets. The story features composting, vermicomposting, compost tea and finished compost. It also contains poems, songs as well as additional notes to benefit teachers, parents and children.

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The Children’s Garden – Growing Food in the City

Forthcoming May 2017

By Carole Lexa Schaefer, Illustrated by Pierr Morgan
Sasquatch Books
Release date: May 2, 2017

Welcome to the Children’s Garden–a beautiful place to connect with nature and the food cycle! Illustrated with colorful paintings, this charming picture book features a diverse group of children connecting to food through hands-on outdoor activity.

Down the road from Woodlawn Avenue, on a street called Sunnyside, there’s a garden patch grown by children who live in the neighborhood. A sign on the garden’s gate says: Children’s Garden, WELCOME! That means: Come in, please. Listen, see, smell, touch–even taste!

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A Day in the Life at Putnam Middle School – Birmingham, Alabama

This is a short story about Farm Lab Club, as told by Putnam Middle School students

Jones Valley Teaching Farm
December 8, 2016


In 2012-2013, Jones Valley Teaching Farm launched the Good School Food program at Glen Iris Elementary in Birmingham, Alabama. Now in our fourth year, we implement Good School Food in seven Birmingham City Schools (5 of which are in one distinct feeder pattern in the Woodlawn community).

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TV Star Constance Zimmer Plants Local Garden with “#Greenmyschool” Program

Constance Zimmer plants a garden for students in Santa Ana, Calif.

Zimmer, an actress (best known for her roles on HBO’s Entourage, ABC’s Boston Legal, and her Emmy-nominated role on Lifetime’s UnREAL) is a long-time supporter of the Environmental Media Association (EMA) and a member of its Board of Directors.

PR Newswire
Birds Eye
Dec 15, 2016


“#Greenmyschool is a really special program for EMA. As a mom, who actually has an edible garden in my home, I understand first hand how much that has motivated my daughter to be excited to eat veggies. And as a long time EMA Board member, expanding #Greenmyschool with the support of Birds Eye will give us the opportunity to share our passion and really help change the game by bringing plant-based nutrition, agriculture and the importance of eating vegetables to students around the country,” said Zimmer.

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Urban Ag: A Focus Of University of California Global Food

When I come here, I’m free: Youth voices in urban agriculture. Dec 2016. (Must see. Mike)

The UC Food Observer is made possible by the UC Global Food Initiative, which was launched by University of California President Janet Napolitano in 2014.

By Rose Hayden-Smith
UC Food Observer
Dec 9, 2016
(Rose is trained U.S. historian, her research focuses on food policy, and the role of gardens in community food security.)


This ambitious initiative is addressing one of the most compelling issues of our time: how to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach 8 billion by 2025.

The UC initiative is pulling together all 10 campuses, five medical centers, UC’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the UC Office of the President to achieve these goals.

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Students’ Drawings Turned into Community Garden Mural in Georgia, USA

muralwClick on image for larger file. Winterville Elementary School students pose in front of mural. Photo by John Poark.

Athens’ Mayor Nancy Denson was on hand to be with the students.

Online Athens and
Dec 2, 2016

Adorning the wall of the old Spratlin Garage that faces the Winterville Community Garden is a new mural designed by children and supported by the City of Winterville and Winterville Arts Council. Artist Cameron Bliss Ferrelle and Judy Logue visited the art classes at Winterville Elementary School to lead third, fourth and fifth graders in creating drawings of objects found in a garden.

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Minneapolis Kids Rap About Urban Agriculture

(Must see video. Mike)

Remember that “Hot Cheetos & Takis” video featuring those cute Minneapolis kids from back in 2012, which got more than 14 million views on YouTube? From that same studio comes something a bit more grown up.

By Dan Nosowitz
Modern Farmer
December 7, 2016


The nonprofit teamed up with Beats & Rhymes, a program also based in Minneapolis that allows kids to write and produce music in a professional setting, to create a the song and video for “Grow Food.” Using the same familiar touchstones—808 beats, Atlanta-style spooky bass lines, an array Grantland described as “a banger”—Beats & Rhymes has come up with a song that’s somehow both a plea to fight against food deserts and also pretty…good. Here’s the video.

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Oakland urban farm honored for work with children

Checking out some kale at the Acta Non Verba farm are from left, farm manager Kana Azhari, farm assistant Yesica Martinez, student Thomas, student Raquita and educator Katina Castillo. (Photo by Pete Rosos)

Acta Non Verba among groups recognized by James Beard Foundation

By Aziza Jackson
East Bay Times
December 2, 2016


Tucked away in a corner of an East Oakland park, a farm nurtures children as they work together to grow food, with any profits set aside for their future education.

Acta Non Verba, Latin for Deeds Not Words, is one of 46 California food-centered organizations recognized by James Beard Foundation for their community work.

Acta Non Verba has served 3,000 children since its founding in 2011. The children ages 5 to 13 plan, plant, grow, harvest and sell food for a Community Supported Agriculture program.

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The Greater Newark Conservancy helps inner city children get a nutritious diet

Court Street Urban Farm. Land sits next to the Krueger-Scott Mansion, an 1888 landmark once owned by a city beer baron. We’ve been able to produce over 15,000 pounds of produce during the course of one growing season! Click on image for larger file.

The conservancy recruits teenagers from all Newark high schools as paid interns. They work 25- to 30-hour weeks in the summer and 10- to 15-hour weeks during the school year.

By Jane Primerano
NJ Spotlight
Nov 30, 2016


Besides the Court Street farm, a larger parcel on Hawthorne Street functions as a community garden where residents lease their own plots. There are 200 4- by 8-foot raised beds that are leased by residents who pay $10 a year and receive $20 worth of seeds, according to director of Urban Agriculture Justin Allen.

Robin Dougherty, the executive director of the conservancy, said the not-for-profit group would love to expand the reach of its Urban Agriculture program, but an economic boom in the city may present difficulties.

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Sicily: A community garden in Librino, Catania

Close up of gardens in 2013. Click on image for larger file.

There are about 40 gardens presently

By Roberto
Volunteer with the project
Nov 30, 2016

We started our work about 20 years ago as a non profit association working with the children in a suburban district of Catania (Sicily), Librino, where there was a high crime rate.

As volunteers we focused on after-school activities. After ten years, someone had the idea to start a rugby team to help children. We chose rugby, because it is a contact sport and can help children to unload their daily stress because they see so much brutality in their district. It also teaches them many positive attitudes such as respect for rules, and respect for rivals, etc.

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