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Singapore: Tools and tips on growing a garden plot

Passion fruit (above) growing on a handmade trellis and a banana plant in bloom at retiree Emily Fong’s plot in HortPark, which she has been leasing for more than a year. As she visits her plot only once a week, Mrs Fong has invested in a battery-operated irrigation system and set the timer to water her crops for one minute every 12 hours. Photo: Emily Fong

And edible gardens are all the rage: Out of 1,300 community garden groups islandwide last year, 80 per cent grew edibles, said the National Parks Board (NParks).

Raffaella Nathan Charles
Straits Times
Feb 3, 2018


Mrs Emily Fong, a retiree in her 60s, leases a plot at HortPark.

“The best part isn’t the harvest – it’s meeting new friends and sharing tips with these like-minded folk,” she told The Straits Times.

She grows passion fruit, bananas, watercress, pandan, chilli and an oyster plant. After 11/2 years of owning the plot, Mrs Fong has picked up many tips and tricks.

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Florida: Curbing hunger one garden plot at a time

Jim Kovaleski, a self-proclaimed urban farmer, picks fresh produce at a yard near his home in New Port Richey. [CHRIS URSO | Times. The city of Dade City and the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Services Extension are partners on a new community garden at Watson Park in Dade City.

Feeding America estimates nearly 68,000 people in Pasco County are considered food insecure with limited or uncertain access to an adequate amount of food.

By C.T. Bowen
Times Columnist
January 31, 2018


This certainly isn’t the first community garden. The city of New Port Richey has been an aggressive champion of urban agriculture, and last summer Pasco commissioners approved their own ordinance to encourage community gardens.

But that hasn’t happen yet. Elmore, the Extension director, said that is the next goal. The county wants to put a garden at its Stallings Building, just three blocks from Watson Park. Elmore said she’d like community gardens at public libraries and within residential communities.

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San Francisco’s newest community garden in Chinatown

Gathering together as a community, dozens of volunteers spent their Saturday helping to create a brand-new garden at Castelar Street Elementary School in Chinatown.

By Chelsea Edwards
January 30, 2018


“We were looking for the highest return on investment, and in terms of impact, and I thought a community garden would be just the way to do that. It will last for many years to come,” he said.

So on Saturday, volunteers fanned out across the schoolyard – building garden beds, an irrigation system, climbing cages and picnic tables. The project is part of a partnership with EnrichLA, an organization on a mission to build “a garden in every school.”

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Wales: Malnourished Hedgehog Finds Home In Community Garden

She weighed only 330grams.

Prickly Pembroke prima donna Harriet the hedgehog delights youngsters

By Bruce Sinclair
Western Telegraph
Jan 27, 2018


In November she was tiny when found in Roch.

She weighed only 330grams and was unlikely to find enough food to fatten up sufficiently for her winter hibernation.

Fortunately, she was taken to Pembrokeshire hogspital for hedgehogs.

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Promoting sustainability with community gardening in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Diana Melody and Kari Kiehnau in the community garden.

“Urban agriculture is something nearly everyone can do on a small scale,” said Ferraco.

By Dave Schwab
San Diego News


Ferraco and Victor are on a mission to educate the public that urban agriculture is something nearly everyone can do. Victor has turned her home into a model sustainable gardening site by using a grey water system to collect used water from her shower, sink, etc. to water all her landscaping.

Ferraco has become an apostle of community gardening, preaching its merits and lobbying for more space to be devoted to collective urban agriculture. She’s presently lobbying to get some community gardening space included in the De Anza Revitalization Plan, a three-year effort to re-imagine, repurpose and revitalize the 120-acre area within Mission Bay Park.

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Land on Vancouver church’s lot becomes garden for many to use

Wanda Wilson of Vancouver sits on a raised, wheelchair-accessible garden bed at the Minnie Stromgren Memorial Garden at Vancouver Heights United Methodist Church.

The garden features 34 beds varying in size from 4 by 8 feet to 10 by 20. The smaller beds are available at no cost, but the larger plots are $20.

By Katy Sword
January 24, 2018


At the Vancouver Heights United Methodist Church’s block-wide space, a large parcel of valuable land was vacant. It was previously used to grow corn for a corn feed event, but the ground was now bare. Wanda Wilson wondered whether it could be a community garden. The answer was yes.

“I had to make sure that the zoning and everything was all right with the city,” Wilson said. “As it turns out, there are no regulations for that.”

With the volunteer labor of a church member, an irrigation system was installed and the garden opened for use in 2009.

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Community gardens across Houston work to end food deserts’ thirst

Icet is an urban farmer who has been managing numerous garden and agriculture projects over the course of 18 years in the Third and Fifth Wards.

Eastern Houston has more than 30 neighborhoods that may classify as food deserts.

By Dana C. Jones
The Daily Cougar
January 24, 2018


According to the Foreign Agricultural Service section of the USDA, the highest producers of world commodities like grain, corn and rice come from Mexico and countries in Africa and Central America. According to the Migration Policy Institute, more than one fifth of Houston metro residents are foreign-born and ranked fifth for largest immigrant population and third for immigrants coming from Mexico and Honduras.

“We have a sizable group of immigrants from Africa who are some of the most skilled farmers in the world,” Icet said. “If we take that diversity and took seed from different cultures, we could create an awesome urban agriculture in the city.”

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Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens and Care Farming UK agree merger

Discussions about the new name and branding of the merged organisation are ongoing

By Matthew Appleby
Horticulture Week
23 January 2018


The new organisation will build on the work of the two current organisations, representing and supporting the delivery of care services and community development through farming and gardening activities.

FCFCG chair David Drury said: “We are delighted to be able to confirm the merger with Care Farming UK. We believe this move will help us deliver better services and more benefits to our members, and enhance our power to influence Government and funders, as well as increasing our public profile.”

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Singapore: Registration for communal gardening plots in 5 more parks to open on Feb 10

Existing public gardening plots at HortPark. (Photo: Dawn Ang)

NParks said that to date, 400 plots have been fully subscribed by gardening enthusiasts from November to December 2017 at HortPark, Punggol Park, Clementi Woods Park and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, in addition to the initial 80 pilot plots at HortPark.

Chanel News Asia
Jan 16, 2018


Those with green fingers will have more opportunities to flex them with communal gardening plots in five more parks – Bedok Town Park, Choa Chu Kang Park, Pasir Ris Park, Sengkang Riverside Park and Yishun Park.

The National Parks Board (NParks) said in a news release on Tuesday (Jan 16) that members of the public will be able to apply from 9am to 3pm on Feb 10 to rent one of 220 gardening plots in these parks.

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Flashback to 1987: City Farmer on CBC’s ‘Country Canada’

Three gardens in Vancouver in 1987.

Vancouver’s Demonstration Food Garden, Lord Roberts School Garden and Strathcona Community Garden

By Michael Levenston
CBC’s ‘Country Canada’
May 1987

In 1987, City Farmer had staff working at three different sites, our Demonstration Food Garden in Kitsilano, the Strathcona Community Garden in the East End of Vancouver, and the Lord Roberts School Garden in the West End. City Farmer staff, Sheila and Wendy, can be seen working with pick-axes on a berm at Strathcona, and Antoinette is interviewed while teaching at Lord Roberts.

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UK: Allotment murder recounted in court

Lea Adri-Soejoko, 80, was found in a padlocked mower shed next to the allotment office at 2.33am on February 28 after they followed the sound of her ringing mobile phone.

41-year-old was allegedly known by other plot holders for his ‘violent behaviour’

By Amie Gordon
Daily Mail
9 January 2018 |


Ms Tomlinson said her grandmother told her of an incident at an annual general meeting in September 2016.

She said: ‘Everything with the allotment tends to be quite passionate. People care. This AGM, there were a lot of people talking over one another.

‘And my grandmother wasn’t able to chair the meeting as she intended to. Rahim had been louder than the rest, by his general nature.

‘So my grandmother had said, ‘shut up’, so she could chair the meeting. To which he took offence, and shouted at her.

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Vancouver BC: Tax breaks for developers who put in community gardens

Temporary Vancouver community garden is set up where a gas station used to be.

… small businesses, struggling to stay alive, get pounded to the point of facing failure, while major developers get significant tax reductions for doing nothing except allowing folks to grow a few carrots or potatoes on their patch of land?

By Allen Garr
Vancouver Courier
Jan 9, 2018


Wesgroup is a development company owned by a guy named Peeter Wesik. Last year Wesgroup purchased five gas stations, including one in my neighborhood at West Fourth and Macdonald. By October the buildings were demolished and removed, the ground surface was covered with gravel and the property was surrounded with a chain link fence.

Thanks to a deal Wesgroup made with a not-for-profit outfit called Shifting Growth Society, wooden planter boxes filled with soil were placed on the property. In my particular ’hood there were 100 boxes mostly three feet by four feet in size.

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Hong Kong: Controversy about community garden proposal and ‘Instagram Pier’

Proposal 1: NGOs/Social enterprises operate both promenade (purple) and community garden (green). Photo: GovHK.

The Protect Kennedy Town group questioned why there has to be a community garden in the first place, and an outsourcing of management.

By Kris Cheng
Hong Kong Freen Press
3 January 2018


The government has amended plans to close much of “Instagram Pier” in Sai Wan for community garden purposes, reducing the area concerned to under 30 per cent of the pier’s total area. However, local groups have continued to question the need for a community garden.

The location, governed by the Marine Department’s Cargo Handling Section, is popular among residents, pet owners and joggers in the area. It does not currently feature any safety barriers around its perimeter.

The community garden plan was modified after public outrage and protests at the Central and Western District Council last month.

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A Backyard Garden Grows in Florida

Florida Institute of Technology master’s student Zach Eichholz, an intern at Satellite Beach City Hall, tends to plants at the city’s future community garden. Malcolm Denemark/Florida Today

A Harris Interactive survey found that 74 percent of all U.S. households participated in lawn and garden activities in 2016, which rose from 70 percent in 2013 and 2014. The increase in participation levels is credited with a growing interest in food growth.

Katie Parsons
Florida Today
Jan 1, 2018


For families that want to start gardening, but don’t have a place to do it, community gardens can fill the gap. The city of Satellite Beach offers a community garden area that consists of 20 garden beds that people can rent for one year for $50. A 660-gallon rain barrel irrigation system keeps the plants mostly watered and the garden bed renters pitch in on the additional watering, weeding and other maintenance tasks.

Nicholas Sanzone is the Environmental Program Coordinator for Satellite Beach and he says that creating a community space for gardening is part of the city’s long-term sustainability plan.

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2017 ‘Green Bay Press’ Person of the Year for work with community gardens program

Drew Scheler and Bethany Thier (Photo: Submitted by Drew Scheler)

With the white paper and sponsor/donor packets, the program has the materials to reach its $1 million fundraising goal by the end of 2018.

Peter Frank
USA Today Network-Wisconsin
Dec 30, 2017


So Scheler gave the students in his professional writing course an assignment: “Our main goal is to create an endowment that stabilizes and grows these community gardens rather than leaves them to these political debates that happen every two years.”

The idea worked on two levels:

» It could help to stabilize a valuable program in the community.

» It would bring St. Norbert students closer to their community.

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