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Dallas restrictions stunt growth of community gardens

Bhutanese women (from left) Sushila Adhikari, Sunuwar Bishnu, Basi Adhikari and Dhan Silwal stand amongst plots of vegetables and flowers in the Seeds of Hope community garden in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood. Photo by Jim Tuttle.

The women, both in their 60s, grew food for their families and sold the surplus during the 20 years they lived in refugee camps in Nepal

By Elizabeth Findell
Dallas News
25 December 2014


Organizations that work with refugees have succeeded in opening a couple of community gardens, including one for Bhutanese refugees in Vickery Meadow. (It’s close to where Rai and Sunuwar live, but not close enough to be easy for them to get to.)

But overall, efforts to expand community gardens and raise more urban produce have struggled to take root in Dallas. In part, that’s because of restrictions that prevent gardens from selling what they grow and limits on the construction of structures for growing crops.

That could change.

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Guerrilla Gardening Research


How would you feel if a piece of disused land or a neglected urban space, such as a grass verge or roundabout, was suddenly made into a productive veg patch or pretty flower field?

Shropshire Star
Dec 24, 2014


Professor Larkham, associate head of Birmingham City University’s School of the Built Environment, says: “Guerrilla gardening is an international phenomenon. Those involved take part for a number of reasons, from brightening up their neighbourhoods to using gardening as a form of political protest.

“The land they are targeting is quite varied. It seem to range from traffic roundabouts and roadside grass verges to bits of land that one planner once called SLOP – Space Left Over after Planning – to derelict sites, unused patches of land which are clearly in somebody’s ownership but aren’t in any sort of productive use.

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Desert School’s Community Garden in Nevada project Needs Water

Gerlach, Nevada is a small village situated next to the Black Rock desert (well known because of the Burning Man festival).

Jan. 2014
Kickstarter campaign


Gerlach, Nevada is a small village. At the turn of the century the town still inhabited up to 900 people, but when the nearby gypsum plant closed down in 2011 and economy went down in the region and people started to move away and presently the town inhabits 100 people. Eight years ago schoolteacher Elizabeth Jackson and her colleagues started an educational community school garden and greenhouse project in this barren environment.

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Theatre and organic gardening come together in Santiago, Chile

Gabriel teaches how to sow seeds. Colectivo Sustento market day 2013.

Establish an organic garden in two of the centres: San Bernardo and Calera de Tango

By Penelope Glass


Because theatre is not all we do. Colectivo Sustento’s work outside the prison is a constant development towards self-sustainability through organic gardening, community garden initiatives and networking. Through this work Gabriel, ex Fénix & Ilusiones, has been trained in organic agriculture for 2 years (thanks to the CSA* Farm Huellas Verdes). He is our garden expert, who coordinates the Sustento garden, and runs workshops at our market days and in community settings. He is the logical choice to run community garden workshops in the juvenile centres.

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South Euclid, Ohio to grow new Bexley Community Garden

The Hinsdale Garden is one of seven community gardens in South Euclid. The city plans to build the eighth one at Bexley Park by next summer. Photo by Sara Dorn.

The Bexley Garden is expected to cost $25,000-30,000

By Sara Dorn,
Northeast Ohio Media Group
December 09, 2014


The new 67-by-54-foot space, near Maplegrove Road at the northwest corner of the park, is expected to be ready by summer.

It will have 20 raised beds and approximately three common gardens for raising larger crops, Housing Manager Sally Martin said. Berry bushes and other vegetation will be planted for communal use, a paved walkway and an 8-by-54-foot landscaped space will be built at the entrance, and a pergola will sit in the center of the space.

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New policy for urban agriculture proposed by the Vancouver Park Board

Kitsilano Community Garden. Photo by MicaDogg.

What’s new in the proposed policy

The proposed Urban Agriculture Policy includes:

1. An expanded definition of the policy for agriculture project that covers:

Collaborative and shared gardening

Educational-, arts-, and culturally-focused gardening

Fruit and nut trees

Hobby beekeeping

Pollinator gardens

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Halifax shelter builds first-ever community garden

Colleen Ritchie, spokesperson for Shelter Nova Scotia, poses for a photo in a newly built community garden near Metro Turning Point.Photo by Jeff Harper.

Planting seeds of ‘positive change’

By Haley Ryan
Dec 4, 2014


An empty lot beside a men’s shelter in downtown Halifax is now the site of a community garden, bringing a sense of purpose for those who stay there and “positive change for themselves.”

Shelter Nova Scotia spokeswoman Colleen Ritchie said the 4,500-square-foot garden went in beside the Metro Turning Point on Barrington Street earlier this week after receiving funds from area councillor, Waye Mason.

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Nowata Community Garden – Oklahoma

The Nowata Community Garden is a new 11,250 square foot fenced in garden located on the Nowata County Fairgrounds property. The garden has 10 2x4x10 raised beds for rental, 3 “keyhole” educational gardens used as strawberry beds, 6 raised beds in a hoop house for season extension, a butterfly garden, apple trees, a chicken coop, and a “community harvest” area outside the fence as well as an outdoor classroom area and shed.

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Gardens grow another day on the Arbutus Corridor in Vancouver

Co-op residents’ community gardens destroyed by CPR.

“The gardeners that I knew whose gardens were destroyed in the first round-up around Marine Drive lived in co-ops.”

By Katie Hyslop
Magaphone Magazine
December 2014


“There really isn’t a need for a railway to go through this area that they’ve made us aware of,” Levenston says of CPR. “But there’s a huge need for green space in this city as the city grows busier and busier, as the price of houses goes up, as people lose their gardens as [they] move into high rises. This [the Arbutus Corridor] is a gem.”

Levenston adds losing the green space of the corridor would be akin to losing half of Stanley Park. Instead of selling the land back to the city, he maintains CPR should donate it back to the people of Vancouver.

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Metal contamination found in Vancouver community garden, brownfield sites

oakcg16 Oaks Community Garden in Vancouver. A recent study detected metal contamination associated with high traffic ares in the soil. Photograph by: Arlen Redekop.
Soil research suggests study required before growing food on land near busy transportation corridors

By Randy Shore,
Vancouver Sun
December 2, 2014


An eight-month study of Vancouver garden and agricultural soils has found levels of lead and other metals above the most stringent Canadian standards for human health.

Samples taken from the 16 Oaks community garden averaged 219 parts per million of lead, which exceeds the standard of 70 to 140 ppm for agricultural, residential and park land set by the Canadian Council of Environment Ministers.

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Urban Farmers Trade Goods and Stories at ‘Crop Swaps’

Lila Skye, far left, and other city farmers swapped goods this month in her driveway in Richmond, Calif. Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Charles Daniels, an 80-year-old retired lawn and garden shop owner, came with apples, sorrel and pepino dulce, a South American fruit that tastes like a blend of honeydew and cantaloupe.

By Patricia Leigh Brown
New York Times
Nov. 27, 2014


OAKLAND, Calif. — The Bay Area is a culinary never-never land, a place where aspiring apiarists hire beekeeping coaches, and even 7-year-olds can discuss the virtues of Himalayan salt.

That is why, on a recent Sunday, a motley group of gardeners bearing windfall harvests of habanero chiles, persimmons and prickly pear cactus fruit gathered for a “crop swap,” an urban agricultural ritual in which city farmers get together to share their surplus bounty.

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In Pursuit of Resilient Community Gardens


A Comparison between Bottom-Up and Hybrid Initiatives in New York and Amsterdam

By Beatriz Pineda,
Spanish urban planner and architect living in Amsterdam
This academic article is the final product of the Research Master’s in Urban Studies conducted at the University of Amsterdam (2012-2014).

Except from Abstract:

The numerous bottom-up initiatives appearing in Western cities, especially since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008, leads this research to focus on the future and endurance of these projects. Sometimes implemented and maintained only by citizens, other times supported by institutions, all of these initiatives aim at becoming successful and resilient. But how to measure the resilience of these grassroots efforts is still open to debate.

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Philippine cemetery’s vegetable garden inspires town to go organic


In Barangay Bulac, no resident has gone hungry because anyone can harvest vegetables from backyards or public gardens, village chief Dante Al Fernandez said.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
3 November 2014


A public cemetery in Barangay (village) Poblacion here has become the launch pad of this town’s biggest nutrition program anchored on organic vegetable farming.

Vegetable gardens can be seen in the town’s barangay hall compounds, road shoulders, school campuses and backyards, thanks to a project that started in plots on vacant lots of Himlayan ng Bayanover a year ago.

“We found out that our soil is fertile enough to produce quality vegetables such as string beans, eggplants, tomatoes and papaya,” said Mayor Nerivi Santos-Martinez.

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University of Delaware’s Cooperative Extension aids local urban farms, gardens

UD Cooperative Extension is assisting with local urban gardens and farms.

The city of Newark announced that its first community garden will be opening in 2015 at Fairfield Park.

By Adam Thomas
University of Delaware
Oct 28, 2014


“We’re fortunate to have over 100 Master Gardener volunteers just in this county and in the last few years we’ve had such an explosion of requests to support urban agriculture projects, school gardens, community gardens and back yard, small-scale production that we’ve focused on training Master Gardeners to help,” said Murphy, adding, “A subset of the Master Gardeners has really dedicated their volunteer time to providing urban agriculture outreach programs.”

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Is there a future for Krakovo gardens in Ljubljana, Slovenia?

Gardens in the Krakovo district. Photo by E. Kase.

Only twenty years ago the Krakovo gardens were an important source of fresh vegetable for town people in Ljubljana.

By Katja Vadnal, Marijana Jakše, Vesna Ali? and Danica Jereb-Bolka
Field Actions Science Reports
Special Issue 1 2010


Urban agriculture is more or less marginalized within the theory, as well as within the conceptualization of sustainable development for Slovene towns. The spatial development plan of Ljubljana reflects the situation: permanent and temporary locations for gardens are to be situated all over the town, but there is no place for them in the inner city centre, in visually exposed sites, or near areas of cultural heritage. Yet, in the very inner centre of Ljubljana, 1.8 ha of allotment gardens are protected as cultural heritage. Therefore the case of these gardens, known as the Krakovo gardens, was used to discuss the perspective of urban agriculture in Ljubljana.

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