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Australia: A Bountiful Harvest – Community Gardens and Neighbourhood Renewal in Waterloo

This research importantly affirms that community gardens can make a positive contribution to community development in public housing estates.

By Linda Bartolomei, Linda Corkery, Bruce Judd, Susan Thompson
NSW Department of Housing
The University of New South Wales
Faculty of the Built Environment School of Social Work, 2003


The Gardens provide many positive opportunities for cross-cultural interactions. Indeed, the Gardens are a multicultural place where participants develop better understandings of cultural difference through the sharing of recipes and plants. There were many stories of how participating in the Gardens has helped to diminish cultural boundaries and negative racial stereotypes. The Gardens also provide an important cultural continuation of the home that has been left behind. This assists with developing feelings of belonging and worth for many gardeners born outside Australia.

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New Zealand: 2017 Gardena Gardener of the Year winners are Thames Bright Smile Community Gardens

Rebekah Manley-Campbell (left) and Samantha Claire have worked to create the most inclusive community garden in New Zealand. Photo Christel Yardley/Stuff.

The garden is named for the original Bright Smile mine which had been located there in the late 1800s.

By Mei Leng Wong
Nz Gardener
December 4 2017


Rebekah Manley-Campbell and Samantha Claire work at the Bright Smile Community Garden in the Coromandel town, which is managed and run by the Supported Lifestyle Hauraki Trust, an organisation set up to care for people with a wide range of physical and mental challenges.

As the duo are keen to ensure the garden is a welcoming place for everyone, they make sure that there is something here for everyone – whatever their interest or ability, young or old.

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Whole Foods helping Backyard Growers grow

Backyard Growers has built the Willowood Community Garden.

Launched in February 2014, Whole Cities Foundation is the third independent nonprofit foundation established by Whole Foods Market.

By Joann Mackenzie
Gloucester Times
Dec 1, 2017


Gloucester’s Backyard Growers has grown yet another garden, this one with the help of Whole Foods Markets’ Whole Cities Foundation.

Backyard Growers was awarded a $5,000 Community First Grant by the nonprofit foundation, one of three founded to support thriving, self-sustaining local community food systems.

The money, received earlier this fall, has helped add a garden of raised beds — this one in Willowood public housing on Maplewood Avenue — to Backyard Growers’ 67 edible garden beds already in place and thriving in low-income housing communities throughout the city.

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Scotland: “I wrote this story as a tribute to my allotment.”

Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space.

‘Foodie Tips Courtesy of Yuri Gagarin’

By Sherry Morris
Scottish Book Trust


I didn’t know why I was reluctant to begin planting, to get growing. Or why I felt indifferent to what I had just put in. I decided I was restless; I’d been spending too much time at the allotment, I needed a break and went to a nearby park. There, I discovered a statue of Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space – marking his visit to the UK in 1961. I didn’t know much about the cosmonaut but I knew Russian cuisine: borscht, rye bread, boiled potatoes, stuffed cabbage rolls, beetroot salads, garlic cloves, and nearly every dish covered in sour cream or mayonnaise. Heavy food for a man whose mission was to fly through space amongst the stars. Funny he could consume all that heaviness and still fly.

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What Grows In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Harry Dodd waters collard greens at Zion Choice Neighborhood Community Garden.

It’s said that 106,000 children in southern Nevada regularly go hungry – a huge disadvantage for their physical and mental health, as well as their ability to perform well at school.

Wayne Roberts
Oct 11, 2017


To the side is Rachel Smith of Zion Choice Neighborhood Community Garden Park. Las Vegas is described as a desert, and Rachel and her husband live in the north end of Las Vegas, which is described as a food desert, devoid of proper food retailers.

The desert springs to life in this one-acre community garden. Fairly simple and accessible tools, such as 40 raised beds, can turn a desert into a growth opportunity. A community that can form partnerships with food organizations is no longer deserted, and will not remain a desert.

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Dallas combats food desert with new seedling farm to help grow your own

Dallas’ urban farming community is coming together to help combat a food desert in South Dallas by launching a source of low-cost plants for gardeners.

By Teresa Gubbins
Dallas Culture Map


“In fact, South Dallas is one of the largest food deserts in the country,” he says. “While there have been positive results with the many new urban farming and gardening efforts in recent years, there is still work to be done. The Seedling Farm aims to overcome some of the barriers to successful local agricultural production and help boost garden yield in South Dallas. It helps everyone in the urban farm system, facilitating others to grow their businesses.”

The Seedling Farm will be open year-round and will provide a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetable plants at a nominal cost, along with professional in-person advice. Community members — both individuals and groups — can participate via four steps: “meet, select, grow, and go.”

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Northern Ireland: Loyalist bonfire site transformed into £285,000 allotment in Belfast

The Rathfern Activity Area on a former loyalist bonfire site. Picture by Mal McCann

The Rathfern Activity Area includes 28 allotments

Brendan Hughes
Irish News
13 November, 2017


In previous years the site has been used for an annual Eleventh Night bonfire.

The pyre in July was moved onto land adjacent to the new activity site while work on the council-funded projected continued.

A sign on a newly landscaped area of the activity site encourages people to “keep the park clean and free from litter”.

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Chicago: Neighbors shout, criticize children during Park Ridge community garden debate

Supporters and opponents of a proposed community garden at North Park in Park Ridge.

“The children who are commenting up here are not paying our taxes and are not paying our water bills,” Lind said.

By Jennifer Johnson
Chicago Tribune
Nov 3, 2017


Wolf said the proposed garden will measure approximately 8,000 square feet. Inside a 5-acre (217,800-square-foot) park, Wolf said the garden is “a small percentage of the park.”

But some neighbors disagreed, shouting “No it’s not,” in response.

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Singapore: National Parks Board will for the first time be leasing out garden spaces in their parks

Community farmers at their allotment garden plots at HortPark. St Photo: Ng Sor Luan

A total of 1,000 of these “allotment gardens” will be built in 10 parks by 2019, said NParks.

By Raffaella Nathan Charles
Straits Times
Nov 3, 2017


This move is part of a broader Edible Horticulture Plan launched on Friday (Nov 3) that also spells out training initiatives and ways to support gardening in Singapore.

In recent years, more community gardens have sprouted islandwide, reflecting a keen interest in gardening beyond the professional sphere. Gardening enthusiasts also say that they have observed more aspiring green thumbs.

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Canada: Kitchener Community gardens will flourish under changes designed to empower residents to get growing

Left to right: Wendy Janzen, Trent Bauman, Juanita Metzger, Kai Bender, Levi Bender and Chip Bender stand with some of the produce from the community garden at Uniroyal Goodrich Park in Kitchener. – David Bebee,Record staff file photo

The City of Kitchener is turning over a new leaf on its community garden program with changes designed to help residents take the lead in starting new gardens, or maintain and upkeep existing gardens in their neighbourhoods.


Wire Service

City council recommended the approval of several changes to the city’s existing program in response to feedback received during the Love My Hood consultation. Designed to make it easier for residents to become involved in community gardening, the changes include providing insurance coverage for individual gardeners, increased funding for new gardens and providing funding to enhance existing gardens. An easy-steps guide and single staff contact will round out new supports to get more people engaged in community gardening.

“We heard residents say the demand for community gardens is growing,” says Josh Joseph, supervisor, neighbourhood development office, City of Kitchener. “There are 35 community gardens in Kitchener, including 15 on city-owned land, plus gardens on private property and we hope to increase this number each year.”

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UK city farms and community gardens – in pictures

A special moment for a visitor and a resident goat at Heeley City Farm in Sheffield, a working farm and environmental visitor centre in the heart of the city. Photograph: Philippa Willitts

Some 200 city and school farms in the UK, as well as more than 1,000 community gardens, are supported by the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens.

The Guardian
Oct 27, 2017


These community projects are not just fun places to visit with children: they use green space and growing plants and animals as a catalyst for real social action. Here is a taste of the urban countryside.

Many of the UK’s community growing sites are located in some of the most deprived urban areas, where people have little access to their own outside space. Research shows that taking part in gardening and farming activities can increase wellbeing and where community sites have been developed on wasteland, this can lead to a reduction in antisocial behaviour, such as fly-tipping and vandalism.

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Singapore: Two new community garden trails open in Teck Ghee, Bukit Gombak-Hong Kah Nort

There are more than 1,300 community gardens in Singapore, with the first trail in Bukit Panjang opening in 2015.

By Seow Bei Yi
Straits Times
Oct 24, 2017


Two new community garden trails were launched on Tuesday (Oct 24) to allow people to learn more about gardening and meet those who do so in their area.

The new trails, in Bukit Gombak-Hong Kah North and Teck Ghee, bring the total number of such trails to five, said the National Parks Board (NParks) in unveiling the new routes.

The 6km Teck Ghee trail runs through 12 community gardens, including those growing squashes, bitter gourds and tropical fruits.

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Fashion Industry Fights to Save New York Community Garden

Elizabeth Street Garden was the perfect backdrop for Stella McCartney’s Resort ’15 presentation.
Photo: Rex Features.
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Elizabeth Street Garden – Little Italy’s Most Romantic Garden

By Eileen Townsend
October 23, 2017


On a warm fall afternoon, when the garden is open to the public, it’s not uncommon to find glamorously appointed Nolita-ites Instagramming themselves in the bushes. The garden’s romantically cluttered pastiche of sculpture and untamed greenery makes an ideal site for a windswept photo-op. The garden has recently hosted a slate of high-profile designers and magazines: Lela Rose used the garden to premiere her Fall 2018 bridal collection, while U.K.

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Australia’s first community garden celebrates 40 years

Margaret Rackham, centre, with fellow gardeners at Nunawading Community Gardens. Photo: Justin McManus

With 127 plots and a current waiting list of 12 years, the Nunawading Community Gardens is a vibrant, verdant hive of activity.

By Megan Backhouse
Sydney Morning Herald
Oct 20, 2017


In the mid-1970s a Nunawading dentist named Gaven Oakley took a holiday in England and found himself captivated by the country’s community gardens. This was the era of Tom and Barbara pursuing self-sufficiency in downtown London in the TV series The Good Life. Growing your own food was in the air.

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UK: Community garden in memory of Spitfire inventor Reginald Mitchell to be ripped up

Reginald Mitchell CBE.

Advertising company JCDecaux – which owns the land – has put the site up for sale with a £35,000 price tag. Now more than 1,000 people have signed an online petition to try to save the beauty spot in Talke, Stoke-on-Trent.

Matt Jackson
The Sentinel
Oct 13, 2017


Councillor Kyle Robinson, who represents the area on both Newcastle Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council, said: “JCDecaux has put the land up for auction and gave us very little notice. We were told the company wanted to dispose of the land but we have a licence agreement to run the community garden.

“Before we took over the land it was practically abandoned and a lot of people were upset about it. But we decided to tidy it up and make it into the garden.

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