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Singapore: ‘Closed loop’ urban farm in Queenstown tackles food waste with insects

Located in Queenstown, Citizen Farm grows vegetables, edible flowers, mushrooms, as well as jade perch fish. (Photo: Wendy Wong)

The farm currently produces around 150kg of vegetables and fish a month, and goes through the same weight of food waste a day for its insect farm, which currently houses about 10kg of the black soldier fly’s pupae.

By Wendy Wong
Channel News Asia
Nov 26, 2017


As the Government ramps up efforts to reduce food waste and raise awareness of the problem, one urban farm in Singapore has been trying to lighten this load with the help of an insect.

Set up earlier this year, Citizen Farm in Queenstown has been using the black soldier fly to help grow its vegetables, as food for its fish and to help tackle food waste – the first in Singapore to incorporate these insects as part of farming practice.

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Worms Eat My Garbage, 35th Anniversary Edition

How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Composting System: Compost Food Waste, Produce Fertilizer for Houseplants and Garden, and Educate Your Kids and Family

By Mary Appelhof, Joanne Olszewski, Amy Stewart
Worm Woman Inc.
December 2017

For more than three decades, this best-selling guide to the practice of vermicomposting has taught people how to use worms to recycle food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for houseplants or gardens. Small-scale, self-contained worm bins can be kept indoors, in a basement or even under the kitchen sink in an apartment — making vermicomposting a great option for city dwellers and anyone who doesn’t want or can’t have an outdoor compost pile.

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Canada: What to do with those Jack-o’-lanterns after Halloween?

Go to timeline: 01:52:25 to hear the four minute piece.

City Farmer’s Lynsey Dobbie answers that question on CBC Radio

City Farmer has composted in dozens of bins over the years. We recommend ‘rodent-resistant’ bins to all Vancouver gardeners because rats are a common pest in our City.

Some of the bins:

FreeGarden Earth Bin: In 2017, The City of Vancouver began offering this plastic bin for sale at a subsidized rate of $25.

Cedar Creek Bin: All bins are lined with 19 gauge galvanized wire mesh to aid rodent resistance.

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Compost Production For Metro Atlanta’s Urban Farms And Community Gardens

52 Urban Farms • 63 Farmers Markets • 169 School Gardens • 402 Community Gardens

Closing the Loop: Food Waste in Atlanta
Strategies to Increase Sustainable Compost Production for Metro Atlanta’s Urban Farms and Community Gardens.
Food Well Alliance


Urban farmers and community gardeners know how important healthy soil is to producing sustainably-grown, locally-sourced food and building community.

Food Well Alliance began focusing on soil’s importance to our food system in 2014. Prior to convening its Community-based Composting Working Table, Food Well Alliance conducted a local market research study, and learned:

An estimated 8,000 to 9,000 community gardeners are located within the following Metro Atlanta counties: Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett

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Worms at Work

Harnessing the Awesome Power of Worms with Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

By Crystal Stevens
New Society Publishers
June 1, 2017

Increasingly, we want to know where our food comes from, who grows it and how it is grown, and interest in permaculture, backyard composting, and gardening in general, is growing. So how does the budding gardener ensure that the soil is healthy and nutrient-rich enough to support growing some great food? One answer — worms! Vermiculture is the healthiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your soil receives the nourishment that it needs. A simple vermicompost bin can produce completely natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used to boost soil health and, in turn, increase crop yield.

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Compost Stew

An A to Z Recipe for the Earth

By Mary McKenna Siddals
Ashley Wolff (Illustrator)
Dragonfly Books
Oct 14 2014


“It has great rhyming and rhythm and a fun chorus for the kids to learn. We used it on the day we planted seeds for our garden boxes. If your children know the difference between garbage and recycling and you want to add compost to their understanding of waste, this book is where to start. Great for learning about waste, the environment, plants and community! My 20 month old asks for it by name.”

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Amy M. Youngs’ Worm Composter Works By Rocking in a Chair

See the video of the machine in operation.

‘Machine For Living Independently’

By Amy M. Youngs
(Must see. Mike)

The plants, worms and bacteria living in this sculpture rely on each other and on human participation. They are fed entirely on waste generated by us: coffee grounds and veggie scraps from our kitchen, old newspapers and shredded junk mail from our offices, and carbon dioxide from our breath. They are watered by our rocking leisurely in the chair, which mechanically pushes water up to the top of the ecosystem and causes it to circulate through each part; delivering to the plant roots aerated water that has been fertilized by the worms living in the stream.

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Pee Wee Meets the Pollinators

The 6th book about Pee Wee the red wiggler worm

By Larraine Roulston
Castle Compost

In this story, Nancy, Pee Wee and Reddy visit a rooftop garden and learn about the amazing work of pollinators. During their adventure they witness the birth of a monarch butterfly, follow a bee and meet a chorus of crickets. The story features composting, vermicomposting, compost tea and finished compost. It also contains poems, songs as well as additional notes to benefit teachers, parents and children.

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Happy New Year from City Farmer! It’s our 39th Year

Click on image for larger file.

Maria’s Compost Garden hops went into our beer again this year

More varieties and a bigger crop made this year’s ‘Rail Ale’ a treat. Named for the big changes that took place next to our garden; the century old railway line was pulled up. A new Greenway era begins for use by pedestrians and cyclist.

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Speedibin: Metal Compost Bin That Keeps Rodents Out

speed Joyce McMenamon, second generation developer of the Speedibin.

Indiegogo Campaign – Speedibins were first designed by Fred and Peg Francis in 1989

By Joyce McMenamon
Courtenay BC, Canada
Nov. 2016

It is all metal so animals can’t chew through.

A metal mesh screen on the bottom allows worms, microbes and water to transfer but prevents animals from tunneling in.

The large lid comes right off for easy access.

The front door slides out for easy removal of finished compost.

A latching handle keeps out raccoons, dogs and wind.

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A New Urban Compost Facility Opens in the City of Vancouver


Hop Compost today launched its urban compost facility, in which it expects to save 2,000,000 pounds of food waste and more than 4,000,000 pounds of emissions over the next 12 months.

Hop Compost Ltd.
Oct 5, 2016

Since the City of Vancouver Organics Disposal Ban, compostable waste has been hauled to facilities in Richmond, Delta, and rural sites that require up to two-hour roundtrips heavy in trucking emissions. Several facilities have been at the centre of odor complaints, primarily due to challenges in process control with outdoor composting techniques.

Hop’s facility uses patented indoor technology that seals the composting process within computerized vessels. It’s so finely tuned, composting takes just 11 days instead of 6 months. Using live data for 24/7 process control, Hop technology has been proven to run free of odor, methane, and leachate for urban zoning.

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The no-stink, no-mess, biodegradable food scrap container that goes right into your compost


Made from 100% recycled corrugated boxes

By Gabe, Greg and Glenn

The idea for {POST}MODERN grew (literally) from stinky plastic buckets in our families’ kitchens. About 10 years ago, our hometown of Seattle started curbside collection of food scraps. We loved the idea of composting food waste, but the countertop containers and compostable bag liners were disgusting, wet, stinky additions to our homes. So, we started working on ways to make collecting food scraps easy and clean.

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City Farmer holds adult ‘wormshops’ in Vancouver, BC


Residents of the City of Vancouver, please call.

City Farmer has held worm composting classes for over 25 years in cooperation with the City of Vancouver. This spring we have limited number of spaces for City residents to purchase $25 worm composters for use in apartments. Each one comes with a bin, lid, tray, worms, bedding and Mary Appelhof’s book, “Worms Eat My Garbage”.

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Do not stand on your compost bin to clean your roof

This fellow falls into his bin and gets stuck!

City Farmer has run the Vancouver Compost Hotline for almost 30 years and we have had all types of questions, but never about someone stuck in a bin.

Of course this could have been a prank set-up to amuse his family, but then again, if the man had all his weight on both legs on the centre of the bin lid, then perhaps he did fall through.

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Composting: Under sink device takes macerated food waste – sends it in one direction – liquid waste goes in another.

Rice University engineering students’ device makes composting easier

By David Ruth
Rice University
Office of Public Affairs
News & Media Relations

HOUSTON – (March 28, 2016) – It’s good for crops, it’s good for water and, in the end, it’s good for people and the planet. Why would anyone not turn food waste into compost?

Rice University engineering students asked that question at the start of the school year and have spent the months since refining their answer.

The team known as (com)post-haste invented a device that sits under one’s sink and takes macerated food waste produced by a standard garbage disposal and sends it in one direction while liquid waste (including water) goes in another. Effectively, it simplifies the process of recycling garbage into a useful product while helping to protect water supplies.

The students make up one of more than 80 capstone design teams at Rice. Most senior engineering students are required to complete a project to graduate and are presented with a host of possibilities when they begin their classes in August.

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