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Modern Halifax house features rooftop urban agriculture

rofdecClick on image for larger file.

The roof top garden beds on their King Street home, in which the Fitzgeralds plant vegetables and herbs, resemble what they witnessed on their journey.

By Jonathan Waddell
HALIFAX — Special to The Globe and Mail
Jun. 18, 2015


She, and her husband and builder, Brainard Fitzgerald, wanted to see how urban agriculture was accomplished in countries where the practice was a necessity. Their rare partnership harkens back to the roots of the profession when architects combined the talents of designer and craftsman.

She proposed to visit countries in Central and South America and Cuba, a place to which Ms. Fitzgerald now takes her students from Dalhousie University School of Architecture.

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North Richmond Farm in Richmond, California

Draft Conceptual Design Animation for Urban Tilth

By Urban Tilth
31 Maine Ave
Richmond, CA 94804


Roots and Restoration Farm will feature North Richmond’s only fresh fruit & vegetable produce market stand, community kitchen, an amphitheater, outdoor garden and creek classrooms, egg farm, working urban farm providing fresh fruits and vegetables through a youth run Farm Stand and CSA (community Supported Agriculture) project, a Watershed Restoration Technician training program creating meaningful employment opportunities for North Richmond residents.

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The Race is on to Find Britain’s Best Lawn 2015

best lawn
Second place: The 2014 runner up, Stuart Grindle, pictured with wife Anne, mows his lawn twice a day, three times a week.

First prize is: £5,000 cash prize and a new Atco Clipper lawnmower, powered by a Briggs & Stratton petrol engine

The Daily Mail
May 9, 2015


The Mail on Sunday is delighted to join with Briggs & Stratton in sponsoring the competition in this its tenth year – to bring green-fingered readers this fabulous opportunity to win prizes and praise for their hours of dedicated hard work.

Of course a garden isn’t only a thing of beauty. Those devoted to their little slice of nature also enjoy better health.

Cutting a quarter acre of lawn with a walk-behind lawnmower can burn up to 340 calories an hour and it’s also a recognized source of stress relief – unless you’re the family of 2014 runner up Stuart Grindle who put Keep Off the Grass signs on his lawn to prevent his family unwittingly destroying it.

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The Living Landscape


Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden

By Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy
Timber Press

A home garden is often seen as separate from the natural world surrounding it. In truth, it is actually just one part of a larger landscape made up of many living layers. And the replacement of the rich layers of native flora with turf grass greatly diminishes a garden’s biological diversity and ecological function.

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Urban Agriculture Integration Typology


Typology is a composite measure that involves the classification of observations in terms of their attributes on multiple variables.

By Association for Vertical Farming

The Urban Agriculture Integration Typology, was developed by the Association for Vertical Farming to categorise Urban Agriculture projects from around the world. Scroll down within the Integration Typology description and hover over each individual icon to find out more.

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1953 – Gardener Mopsy – ‘Be a vegetarian and be beautiful’

mop1Click on image for larger files size.

By Gladys Parker

From Wiki:

Mopsy was a comic strip created by Gladys Parker in 1939. It had a long run over three decades. Parker modeled the character of Mopsy after herself. In 1946, she recalled, “I got the idea for Mopsy when the cartoonist Rube Goldberg said my hair looked like a mop. That was several years ago, and she has been my main interest ever since.”

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Urban Agriculture Champion, Vikram Bhatt, wins $50,000 Margolese National Design for Living Prize

Vikram copy

Margolese Prize Lecture in Vancouver BC: Vikram Bhatt, January 19, 2015 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm



“Vikram Bhatt has dedicated his life to the application and teaching of appropriate technologies for the improvement of community life, not only for Canadians but for communities throughout the developing world,” said Thom.

“His work on edible gardens and productive rooftops over the last decade has focused not only on the need for self-sufficient villages in the developing world but, also, for a critical re-evaluation of the bucolic lawn-scape in Montreal,” noted Rochon.

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Pittsburgh group aims to transform vacant parcel of land to include townhouses, urban farming

hilltSee larger image here.

By Tory N. Parrish
Dec. 21, 2014


The Hilltop Alliance wants to turn the vacant, 107-acre parcel into Hilltop Village Farm, which would include 120 for-sale and rental townhouses, as well as an urban farm using about 20 acres for a farm incubator, youth farm and community-supported agriculture farm, or CSA. The Allegheny Land Trust wants to buy the land from the housing authority, and lease some of it for farming and protect about 60 acres of steep hillside.

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Hobbiton Movie Set – Hobbit Green Roofs in New Zealand

A total of 37 smials, or Hobbit holes, nestled within the bucolic countryside

Dec 29, 2014

The vivid descriptions of the peaceful, merry, and diminutive Hobbits in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books have been brought to life through the magic of both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie trilogies directed by New Zealander Peter Jackson. Situated within the picturesque 1,250 acre Alexander sheep farm on New Zealand’s North Island, the 12-acre Hobbiton™ Movie Set represents Tolkien’s vision of the idyllic Middle-earth village of the Shire.

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Urban farm takes root in Irvine’s Great Park in Southern California

A Visit to Alegría Fresh Farms at Orange County Great Park. (Must see. Mike)

One of Cutter’s enthusiastic supporter-partners is A. G. Kawamura, who served as California’s Secretary of Food and Agriculture from 2003 to 2011.

By Don Curlee
Prospect Magazine
Nov 2, 2014


urban Southern California, a tiny farm is demonstrating dramatic water-saving and space-saving methods of producing nutritious food in abundance.Interested observers are curious neighboring urbanites and, perhaps, many of the farmers throughout the most productive agricultural state.

Alegria Fresh is the spectacular demonstration farm that makes its home inside Irvine’s Great Park, the huge combination recreational, educational, environmental and entertainment preserve that occupies most of the acreage that used to be El Toro Marine Base in Orange County’s Irvine, 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

[

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7 elaborate urban farms

Kelly and Erik’s Los Angeles homestead. Photo by Emily Ho.

With the “moderate cost” of food for the average 19 to 50-year-old man in the U.S. at $295.90 per-month, according to the USDA, why wouldn’t you want to feed yourself from the land where you’re already paying to live?

By Ilyce Glink
CBS Moneywatch
November 1, 2014


Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen practice what they call “radical home ec.” Their Los Angeles home, which is often featured on their homesteading blog Root Simple, features a 1/12th-acre lot with bee hives, a chicken coop, fruit trees, vegetables, a rain barrel, a twig-burning stove, a solar dehydrator and compost bins.

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Homeowner’s lawn-to-garden transformation yields more than just vegetables


Oakland-based photographer Luke Keegan turned his front lawn into a vegetable garden

By Catie Leary
Mother Nature Network
Oct 31, 2014


“I can’t tell you how many people from my neighborhood that I have met and talked to while working in the yard,” Keegan explains. “Sometimes people stop their cars and hop out to chat with, or offer me seeds. I love getting to send them off with a nice handful of fresh produce … it’s an excellent ice breaker.”

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In World Series, Giants Field a Vegetable Patch

The San Francisco Giants’ fruit and vegetable garden at AT&T Park includes plenty of kale, a favorite of power-hitting outfielder Hunter Pence. Photo: MLB/Getty Images.

Team’s Garden Has Lots of Fans; No Stealing

By Brian Costa
Wall Street Journal
Oct. 23, 2014
(Must see. Mike)


The idea for the garden took root during a 2012 dinner conversation between Giants Chief Executive Larry Baer and his wife, Pam; Giants outfielder Hunter Pence, the team’s healthy-eating ambassador; and Fedele Bauccio, chief executive of Bon Appetit Management Co., the Giants’ foodservice partner.

Sandwiched between the left-field and right-field stands, the 4,320-square-foot garden feels at once connected to and removed from the rest of the ballpark.

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Farming Simulator 15: City dwellers can farm in the country from their desks

More than 2.5 million copies sold. Drive over 140 authentic vehicles and farming tools, from over 40 most famous manufacturers

Press Release
Oct 28, 2014

Just a few days from its release this Thursday on PC, we are pleased to lead you to the fields of Farming Simulator 15 one last time with the launch trailer! Here’s a good opportunity to get a last sneak peek at some of the many activities that are yours to enjoy in the new generation of Farming Simulator, available on October 30 on PC, and early 2015 on consoles.

Farming Simulator is a real phenomenon in today’s video gaming landscape, offering an experience very different from what we are used to: put away your battle gear, and get into your wellington boots before throwing yourself into the daily routine of the modern day farmer. Farming Simulator managed to seduce a broad range of players; younger gamers are attracted to the accessibility of the title and the sandbox aspect of the game; agricultural vehicle enthusiasts revel in the vast array of machinery reproduced in loving detail, and seasoned players enjoy its accurate and realistic simulation.

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First-of-Its-Kind Study Shows Which Neighborhoods in Chicago Have the Most Gardens

University of Illinois researchers analyzed high-resolution satellite images found and found more than 4,000 gardens in the city, and plotted them on a map.

“We decided to scan the entire land area of Chicago looking for gardens that hadn’t been reported on any list: backyard gardens, utility right of ways and other things that I could see in Google Earth.”

By Casey Cora
DNA Info
October 28, 2014


In addition to the residential gardens, researchers identified community gardens, urban farms and gardens outside schools. Factor those in and the number of Chicago’s food-producing gardens swells to 4,648 — and that’s not counting the small gardens invisible to Google Earth.

[

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