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Australia: Urban farming campuses to bring food closer to consumers

Ambitious plan: Nuffield Scholar Jan Vydra hopes a planned urban farming campus in Melbourne will be followed by others in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Picture: David Geraghty

Visiting Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Holland and the US, Mr Vydra took away lessons on the community and cultural impact of urban farming, as well as how purchasing habits of consumers have changed.

By Bethany Griffiths
The Weekly Times
April 12, 2018


A first-generation Melbourne farmer wants to share his knowledge on urban farming by building a university-like campus in every major Australian city.

Jan Vydra, from Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs, is drawing on his 2016 Nuffield Scholarship research to develop spaces where other farmers and growers can learn about urban farming and see how it works in a real-life setting.

“What we really want to do now is take that concept and build a campus in each capital city, so we can localise produce and provide jobs to people in the industry that’s in a different format,” Mr Vydra said.

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Urban agriculture program helps UW-Madison students take farming to the city

“Urban agriculture is one way of addressing equity and distribution problems,” said Newman. “If it’s too difficult to access fresh produce that’s being imported into the city, allowing people the sovereignty to grow their own food in their own environment is a really strong way to allow that autonomy and agency.”

By Allison Garfield
The Daily Cardinal
April 12, 2018


Ventura hopes the school for urban agriculture will be a self-sustaining program before the grant runs out in three years. Though the curriculum is not definite yet, students have expressed interest in the program, he said.

Michelle Miller, associate director of programs for CIAS, said it is immensely important to consider how cities interact with the suburban areas surrounding them when examining urban agriculture. It is important to recognize risks shared between the people who eat the food and the people who grow the food, Miller said, because disparities can arise, like agricultural workers who aren’t paid and don’t have healthcare.

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Canada: De-Colonizing Local Ecology: Learning Medicinal And Food Uses Of Native Plants

Charles Dickens Elementary in Vancouver – The beginning of our project this year included designing and building a geodesic greenhouse. The students used applied skills criteria and Math to plan, design and build a working greenhouse. This greenhouse will be used to extend the growing season at our school.

Science World’s BC Green Games


Charles Dicken’s Elementary School has been working on an outdoor learning space for several years. The original building design included Leeds environmental criteria, which included a rooftop garden. Over the last few years we have been developing the outdoor garden into a dynamic learning space as part of a 3 year plan. This year our goal is to integrate aboriginal food and medicine plants into our outdoor learning space. Dickens has a long time running Green Team/ environmental club that includes year round activities.

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UK: Walney pupils delighted to get to work in transformed allotment space

Pupils working in the transformed allotment space at Vickerstown Primary School.

Children at Vickerstown Primary School can now enjoy gardening and growing vegetables for healthy eating projects in the exciting learning area.

By Natalie Chapples
The Mail
16 March 2018


In gardening club, the children have planted seeds in pots which are growing into cress and various vegetables. The aim is to give the children more responsibility to look after the plants and also promote healthy living. The hope is to provide vegetables to the school kitchen to use in the school dinners.

Back in August last year school staff decided to tackle the overgrown allotment area to kick start a healthy living project.

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Indiana: Fishers to embrace agriculture in new city park

The farm is expected to be operational this summer, with programming available.

Fast-growing Fishers is preserving a 32-acre plot for an urban farm, to educate residents about food production while also helping to ease hunger.

By Scott Olson
North of 96th
Mar 16, 2018


“We’re very excited about this project,” Fadness told IBJ. “We think it’s a unique spin on parks. I think it’s going to be really amazing.”

Fishers AgriPark, which Fishers officials say will be the largest park in the country dedicated solely to a working farm, will feature crop fields, some livestock, aquaponics, an outdoor classroom, farmers market and eating area. Beehives and honey production also will be available.

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Uganda: “Our biggest challenge was the cow dung”

Dr Diana Nambatya Nsubuga.

Their farm called Kwagala has also been used to give a thousand local women training to improve urban farming methods

By Alan Kasujja
BBC World Service. Newsday
Mar 16, 2018
(Must see. Mike)

Urban farming is used in many parts of the world to improve food security for families – people in cities using the small space they have in their back yard or garden or even roof to grow food for the table. One urban farm in the Ugandan capital Kampala is using the half acre around the family house so effectively, it’s turning a healthy commercial profit.

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UK: Mayor visits sheep and apprentices at Mudchute city farm on the Isle of Dogs

Mayor Biggs wasn’t sheepish about meeting the animals at Mudchute urban farm on the Isle of Dogs. Picture source: LBTH

The money to pay for their training comes from levies that the council, like all local authorities, charges developers for planning consent on major schemes, to benefit the community.

By Mike Brooke
East London Advertiser
March 12, 2018


Europe’s largest urban farm has been given Tower Hamlets Council funding for three new apprentices, with two recruits just joining the first apprentice who has been working on the farm for a year.

Tanjima Khanam, 21, from Poplar, was already volunteering at the farm when the apprenticeship opportunity came up.

“It’s been quite a journey to get here,” she said. “I want to stay here for as long as possible.”

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Popular “Muir Ranch” Urban Farming Program Shut Down by Pasadena Unified

Muir Ranch.

According to its website, Muir Ranch is a 3.5-acre “biodynamic urban teaching farm and teen jobs program.” Since its launch in May 2012, the site says, more than 50 teens have participated in the program and the farm expanded.

Pasadena Now
Feb 27, 2018


A popular urban farming project at John Muir High School which provided paid student internships and offered farm boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables and floral bouquets for sale has been shut down by the Pasadena Unified School District.

School District spokesperson Hilda Ramirez Horvath said Monday that the District is “exploring ways to reimagine the school garden at John Muir so that it’s aligned with our successful school garden programs that link with academics and classroom learning.”

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Utica College’s Man With the Green Thumb

Contributed by Marcus Recile

As of right now, there are currently eight students working in the greenhouse as it is a small area. An estimated 500 plants are grown in the greenhouse at a time.

By Maggie Reid
UC Tangerine
Feb 22, 2018


“We set up a business partnership with Sodexo where we grow herbs and place them out on the cafeteria terrace,” Recile said. “Instead of students just complaining about how the food tastes, this is an opportunity to add natural herbs to food to improve quality and taste, to change the circumstances that they are dealing with.”

Recile hopes to “pass the torch” to other students due to the fact he will be graduating in May.

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Is it worth spending up to $1 million for an agriculture program in Iowa City schools?

Proponents argue that the class will give students valuable preparation for many careers in agriculture, not just farming.

By Aimee Breaux
Feb. 8, 2018


Randy Lackender seemed to be born with “dirt in his blood.” His parents grew corn, soybeans and wheat, and he always knew he would, too.

But this wasn’t a given for his classmates at West High in 1974, and it doesn’t appear to be a given for students at his alma mater today. He can only think of one other classmate who is actively farming today, and each year, he says his colleagues in the industry get grayer and grayer.

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Canada: The Hayes Urban Teaching Farm project is planning to use the Hayes farm to teach new farmers

Claire May, the outreach co-ordinator for the Hayes Urban Teaching Farm project, is one of several people working to get the farm ready for the summer. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

“There’s so much potential for New Brunswick to be more self-sufficient in its food stuffs,” said Robertson.

By Shane Fowler
CBC News
Feb 06, 2018


A nearly 200-year-old dormant farm in Fredericton will be brought back to life this summer as a training ground for future farmers.

The historic Hayes farm in the community of Devon will be the site of the Hayes Urban Teaching Farm, a project dedicated to teaching new farmers how to make a living off small harvests.

“Essentially the goal is to create a full-season, full-time farmer training program,” said Claire May, the outreach coordinator for the project.

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Italy: La Fattorietta – Rome’s farm

St Peter’s Basilica seen in the distance.

In 2000 they founded the Cultural Association Passeggiata del Gelsomino and La Fattorietta. Developed collaborations with schools, and other associations for vulnerable people, create summer centers, events, folk festivals of rural and Roman tradition.


This farm and cultural association on four hectares near St Peter’s Basilica offers seasonal workshops and activities for children over four, including helping with the harvest, learning how to grow vegetables, making bread, jam, fresh pasta and cheese, even milking a goat.

This urban farm was founded in 2002 to teach children about farm life and to foster love and respect for animals and the environment.

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Australia: How a school kitchen garden can transform an entire community

“They say food brings people together. What we’ve found is that this program has brought our community together.”

By Yasmin Noone
29 Jan 2018


There’s a small kitchen garden situated in the cultural melting pot of Sunshine North in Melbourne’s west that’s changing the way the community interacts with food.

It’s not in a local park or in an expensive gardening centre tended to by masses of horticulturists.

No. This edible garden of influence – cared for by children, teachers and parents – is located on the grounds of the low-socioeconomic, multicultural Sunshine North Primary School.

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Denmark: New Copenhagen School Focuses on ‘Food’ in its Design

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The area has individual planter boxes and raised beds which the pupils can use to cultivate and care for their own crops and vegetables. Greenhouses will extend the growing season.

Modern Danish Educational Architecture
Design by C.F. Møller Architects, Denmark
Jan 8, 2018


New Islands Brygge School will be a profile school with food as its special theme. There is special emphasis on making meal preparation and mealtimes a central element of the school’s design. The first thing new arrivals at the school will see is the double-high-ceilinged dining hall, which is not just the canteen, but also the hub which interconnects all of the school’s functions. This makes the dining hall the gathering point where pupils can meet across the school’s many activities.

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Canada: Chilliwack retiree to share unused farmland with urban farmer in need

Young Agrarians program is interested in fostering the next generation of farmers

By Jennifer Feinberg
The Chilliwack Progress
Jan. 23, 2018


A Yarrow retiree with property in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is hoping to link up with a young urban farmer in need of the fertile farmland.

“It sounded like a good idea to me,” said David Huxley, about the Young Agrarians’ Land Matching Program.

“I thought young farmers would be a good mix.”

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