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Edible Insects in Africa


How to collect and prepare, 10 different insect species from 5 groups: caterpillars, beetles, termites, grasshoppers and crickets.

Author: Josianne Cloutier et al
Pages: 80

Edible insects are a common ingredient in traditional dishes in many parts of Africa, a continent with more than 250 potentially edible insect species. As the world’s population continues to grow, there is renewed interest in the use of insects as human food. Insects provide animal protein of good quality, and they are rich in lipids and macronutrients. The many edible insect species – an accessible and affordable source of food – can contribute to food security.

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Toronto supermarket holds gardening workshops on its rooftop

“It is an amazing space where you can learn more about urban gardening, explore vertical gardens, growing plants and food in containers and much more in a beautiful setting above the buzz of the Danforth.” Image via Grass Roots blog.

The Big Carrot Natural Food Market


Let’s make urban gardening fun! Join us catching the last rays of the summer sun on the brand new Green Roof on top of the Big Carrot (348 Danforth Avenue). Our host, Zora Ignjatovic will guide you through the hows-and-whats of preserving your garden through winter, and sheds light on mysteries like vertical gardening and growing tomatoes in a concrete parking lot. All this on the top of the Carrot, in a very pleasant environments. We will have some snacks to munch on as well.

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Growing Sustainable Communities: Urban Farming

Urban Farming Summit: Panel Discussion

Panel: February 19, 2010, The University of Michigan – Dearborn

Ashley Atkinson, The Greening of Detroit

Oran Hesterman, Fair Food Network

Susan Schmidt, The Henry Ford

Kami Pothukuchi, SEED Wayne

Malik Yakini, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Moderated by Bruce Pietrykowski, Professor of Economics, UM-Dearborn

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Grow It Yourself (GIY) Ireland – new national food-grower’s network


Waterford will host the launch of a new national food-grower’s network called GIY Ireland on Saturday, September 12th 2009 as part of the Waterford Harvest Festival.

As the interest in home-produced food reaches fever pitch, a new organisation called GIY Ireland is aiming to inspire people to get growing and give them the knowledge they need to do so successfully.  On September 12th 2009 Waterford Institute of Technology will be the venue for the launch of this unique organisation which aims to establish food growers groups in every town and county in Ireland.  GIY networks aims to recreate the camaraderie of allotment growing for back-garden vegetable growers by getting them together on a regular basis to talk, learn from each other and exchange tips, war-stories and produce.

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Networking Event on Urban Agriculture and Food Security, World Urban Forum, Nanjing, November 5, 2008


The RUAF Foundation, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, International Development Research Centre, Urban Harvest (CGIAR), the Chinese Urban Agriculture Association and the Nanjing Agriculture and Forestry Bureau are organizing a networking event “Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture for Resilient Cities (Green, Productive and Socially Inclusive)” to take place on Wednesday, November 5th, 14.00-16.00 hours, in the Auditorium, at the World Urban Forum in Nanjing, China. There will also be a booth at the Exhibition and a tour to some urban and peri-urban agricultural sites.

See program flyer here.

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The City of Fresno is Trying to Evict Hmong Gardeners

Photo by Mike Rhodes

City of Fresno Wants to Destroy Garden to Make Way for Police Station

By Mike Rhodes,
Indybay, Oct 21, 2008

The City of Fresno is attempting to evict a group of Hmong gardeners from plots they have farmed for 13 years. The Hmong Community Garden, which sits on 4 acres of public land, provides food for 300 members of the Hmong community. Spokesperson Mai Summer Vue said that to the gardeners, the garden is “a way of life, a peace of mind, food for their family, exercise, therapy, stress relief, and it eases their mental health issues…caused by the Vietnam War.”

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New Distance Learning Course on the Dimensions of Urban Agriculture.

The course will start September 2008 and will be taught
by Diana Lee-Smith and Wendy Mendes. Diana Lee-Smith is the former coordinator of the Urban Harvest programme in South Africa and has supported various cities, like Kampala (Uganda), Nakuru and Nairobi (Kenya), Yaounde (Cameroun) among others in developing urban agriculture research, programmes and policies. Diana is currently writing two books onurban agriculture and health, and gender and urban agriculture respectively.

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Growing Food for London: Can London Feed Itself? – A Conference


New August 30, 2008
See: Report of Growing Food For London Conference – June 2008

“This event will look at urban agriculture: its impact on the food security of London, its role in preserving the capital’s open space, educating and improving the health of Londoners and potentially reducing the distance that London’s food has travelled.

“Through a series of presentations from British and international experts, including academics, growers, and other experts we hope to explore what opportunities there are for producing more food and how this can be achieved in a sustainable way.

Speakers include:

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SPIN Cities: Farming Where We Live


Canadians Wally Satzewich and wife Gail Vandersteen teach city farmers how to earn money from gardening small lots.

For aspiring and practicing urban, home-based, backyard and front lawn farmers.

“Had I known about the feasibility of sub-acre farming when I started my farming career 20 years ago, I would never have bought large acreage in the country, and would have instead fulfilled my farming aspirations more easily and with less expense in the city.” – Wally Satzewich

“SPIN is the first commercial organic-based farming system for land bases under an acre in size, and it takes the challenges posed by urbanization and turns them to a farmer’s advantage by capitalizing on limited space and resources.”

Workshop Program, May 19, 20, 2008 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

SPIN Farming web site.

May 10th, 2008 “SPIN-Gardening” Workshop in Portland, Oregon information here.

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The Role of Food and Agriculture in the Design and Planning of Buildings and Cities


A Symposium that will be held at Ryerson
University, Toronto, Canada. May 2-4, 2008

Some of the presentations:

  • Planning the Edible Landscape: Challenges & Opportunities in Toronto
  • On zoning and building regulations and urban agriculture – lessons from East Africa
  • Ravine City / Farm City: gardening and density in Toronto
  • Urban agriculture in the community design studio: The Detroit Studio example
  • From international development to a more edible Montréal – urban agriculture and urban design at McGill
  • From community garden to community food security: Grupo Motivos and Penn Planning
  • Linking urban agriculture and built form to carbon cycles, energy use and nutrient flows
  • Urban agriculture in the design charrette: The Black Creek Urban Farm example

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Gardens as Everyday Culture – an International Comparison Conference May 22nd–24th 2008, Germany


Includes many urban agriculture topics including: City Farming in London; Urban gardens in Buenos Aires; Urban farming – Organiponicos in Santa Clara, Cuba; Gardening at the riverbank in Addis Abeba / Ethiopia; Urban Farming – Gardens in Detroit; and ‘Jardins partagés’ in Paris – urban gardens in the context of sustainable urban planning.

“New gardens of everyday life and use are becoming widespread in cities around Germany and other European countries. Whereas experts still concentrate on traditional types of gardens, changed kinds are emerging, especially joint projects such as ‘International Gardens’ by and for migrants, ‘self-harvesting-gardens’ or vegetable patches in public parks. Phenomena like these are identified as forward-looking elements in urban development which require closer examination.”

See full poster and program here(PDF):

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February 28 – March 1, 2008 Urban Agriculture Conference


Don’t miss ‘Pollinating Our Future’ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Still time to see urban agriculture experts speak. Michael Ableman, Jac Smit, Chukou Thao, Jerry Kaufman, Will Allen, Mark Winne , Sharon Adams, Harry Rhodes, Orrin Williams, Michael Olson, Marcia Caton Campbell MCRP, PhD, Wally Satzewich and Gail Vandersteen, Martin Bailkey, PhD , Joe Nasr, PhD, James Kuhns, Margaret Krome , Dennis Lukaszewski, Tyra Rodgers.

Visit conference site for details here.

Reports and Reflections From the First International Urban Agriculture Conference: “Pollinating Our Future”.

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