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Manchester’s first inner city mushroom farm

manmushInside the Biospheric Studio’s mushroom farm.

It’s really interesting to think about how forest systems work and how urban societies can learn from them

By Lucy Lovell
Munchies Vice
September 21, 2015


After previewing at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival this month, the farm will take a permanent home in the city centre and supply local restaurants with organic shiitake mushrooms, going from farm to fork within 24 hours.

Waste from the farm is being used as a nutrient for a forest garden in the Blackfriars area of Salford, just north of Manchester. The garden is a managed forest ecosystem informed by Walsh’s years of studying forest systems in Africa.

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This urban farm is growing mushrooms for Cincinnati’s food scene

Probasco Urban Farm grows mushrooms from long bags that are suspended from the ceiling under fluorescent lights.

“My current focus is to produce mushroom species that grow quickly and need less initial investment.”

By Drew Baugh
May 7, 2015


Probasco Urban Farm is bringing gourmet mushrooms to restaurants, grocery stores and farmers markets across the city. The operation is running out of a facility on the edge of Camp Washington and Fairview at 2335 W. McMicken Avenue.

The business, owned by Alan Susarret, launched in spring 2013. Ater extended trials, Susarret said he has been able to keep a steady business since this past winter. Technically, though, his mushrooms have been on the market since fall 2012.

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GroCycle Online Course Will Bring Network of Mushroom Growers

Step-by-step instructions to turn anyone into a used coffee ground mushroom farmer

We decided to bring this ultra eco-friendly idea to the rest of the world with our GroCycle Online course. People from 15 countries have already joined us. It’s the first DIY program that gives step-by-step instructions to turn anyone into a used coffee ground mushroom farmer! We recently rolled out our Kickstarter campaign and received an amazing response from all over the world.

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Mushroom Mini Farm Sold in Whole Foods, Home Depot


What started as curiosity about urban farming has turned into a passion for “undoing food”

From Back to the Roots website:

In a college class, we learned that mushrooms could grow on recycled coffee grounds. After watching hours of how-to videos and turning our fraternity kitchen into a big science experiment, we eventually decided to give up our corporate job offers to instead become full-time mushroom farmers. What started as curiosity about urban farming has turned into a passion for “undoing food” and reconnecting families to it through fun, delicious and sustainable “ready to grow” and “ready to eat” products.

What type of mushroom does the Mushroom Mini Farm grow?

Our mushroom mini farm grows gourmet Pearl Oyster mushrooms. They’re commonly found in Europe and Asia and are used increasingly in a variety of cuisines for their velvety texture, smooth taste, and dense nutrient content.

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Cincinnati man starts mushroom farm

cinmushEnright Ridge Urban Ecovillage resident Romain Picasso holds a jar of shiitake mushroom spawn in the propagation room he’s built at the Ecovillage’s greenhouse complex.
(Photo: Thanks to Nancy Sullivan)

Picasso said some of the mushroom varieties he plans to grow include oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, lion’s mane mushrooms and portobello mushrooms.

Kurt Backscheider
Cincinnati Com
Feb 12, 2015


In addition to growing and selling edible organic mushrooms, Picasso said the objectives of his farm operation are to help local restoration and conservation efforts by using fungi as natural bio-remediation agents and to create meaningful educational programs for all ages.

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Uk Mushroom Farm Recycling Coffee Waste


“Growing mushrooms in this way is absolutely ideal for Urban Agriculture”

By Ben Messenger
Waste Management World
19 September 2014


The UK’s first urban mushroom farm that grows oyster mushrooms using recycled coffee grounds has launched this week.

According to GroCycle, a project launched by Fungi Futures CIC, a social enterprise based in Devon, coffee grinds represent a huge waste stream and recycling them to grow protein-rich Oyster mushrooms is a showcase for how food can be grown sustainably.

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Dutch agri-preneurs turn abandoned water park into bustling mushroom farm


Urban agriculture meets adaptive reuse at a busy little mushroom-farming initiative named RotterZwam.

By Matt Hickman
Sept 11, 2014


Now just a little over a year old, the venture, dubbed RotterZwam (“zwam” being the Dutch word for fungus), takes advantage of Tropicana’s abundant raw space and decidedly dank climate. Using spent coffee grounds collected from nearby cafes as a growing medium, oyster mushrooms are cultivated in the basement of the complex while other varieties of edible macrofungi are grown in what were once the changing rooms.

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Mushroom Man – Paul Stamets

Mushroom Man | Leslie Iwerks from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

Short video introducing his work

Paul Stamets believes we have entered into the 6th major extinction on our planet. He presents mushrooms as a solution to this problem, including cleaning polluted soil, creating new insecticides, treating smallpox and maybe even the flu.

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Foraging in Vancouver: There’s still a free lunch if you look for it

Robin Kort: “I grew up in Vancouver, so I’ve been foraging for mushrooms all my life with my dad and my grampa.”
Photograph by Vancouver Sun.

“Nibble on a begonia petal and it will blow your mind, they are so delicious,” Kort raved.

By Randy Shore
Vancouver Sun
October 21, 2011


Foraging is becoming popular with local young chefs as a way to find unique and truly seasonal ingredients for their diners, Kort said, rattling off the names of a half dozen chefs-slash-friends who like a free meal as much as she does.

Her backyard in East Vancouver is planted with indigenous berries and herbs, from Saskatoon and salmon berries to huckleberries and sorrel.

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Mushrooms produced in your kitchen

What If a Mushroom Designed Your Kitchen?

By Nick Sowers
Good Magazine
March 15, 2011


The first proposal is the “Shiitake Cabinet,” a temperature- and humidity-controlled container which inserts into a standard array of cabinets and drawers. The entire unit can be pulled out to load shiitake-inoculated hardwood logs in the rear. One must be patient in growing shiitake mushrooms (six to eight months or more to yield fruiting bodies is typical). So the cabinet can hold several logs which might be at varying stages in the fruiting process, guaranteeing a year-round supply of mushrooms.

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An Effort to Reduce Adverse Effects of Wild Mushroom Consumption in Nepal


A Girl Chopping Collected wild mushroom. Photo by Tika Ram Aryal.

Mushroom poisoning is a great problem in Nepal

Tika Ram Aryal
Department of Science and Environment Education, Tribhuwan University, Prithivi Narayan Campus,
Pokhara, Nepal
E-mail:tikaramaryal2000 (at)


Mushroom poisoning is a great problem in Nepal. Every year dozens of people died and hundred of people fall sick due to consumption of poisonous wild mushroom. Local people have been using wild mushroom in their diet as well as a source of income, but they do not have proper scientific knowledge about the identification of edible and poisoning mushrooms. This practice has caused severe poisoning and even death. Here is no any responsible organization to reduce the death of due to consumption of wild mushroom. An effort has been made with the aim to reduce casualty of people due to consumption of wild mushroom through different awareness programmes, training, and brochure distribution at the most vulnerable parts of Nepal which were identified from the published report in various national newspapers in 2008 and 2009.

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The Urban Mushroom Guys – 2010 BusinessWeek Top 25 Social Entrepreneurs

100% sustainable urban mushroom farm

By Sarah Henry
Nov 12th, 2010


There’s so much buzz around the fledgling food business launched last year by two former University of California at Berkeley students, that you’d think they were pumping out premium honey.

BTTR Ventures, run by Hass School of Business grads Nikhil Arora and Alejandro (Alex) Velez, has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and on the BBC.

[

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Paul Stamets, mushroom maven, speaks with Maria

Paul Stamets, mushroom maven, from Maria Keating on Vimeo.
Also see alternative HD High Definition version on YouTube.
Paul Stamets at the Hollyhock workshop.

Maria Keating, our in-house bug lady, recently took a very inspirational five day mushroom identification course with mycologist Paul Stamets, at HollyHock, an education retreat center on Cortes Island, B.C.  The fall course, now an annual event, was packed with information on the many fungal innovations and products that Paul’s company, Fungi Perfecti, specializes in. Paul’s latest book is titled ‘Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World’.

Link to Paul Stamets’ website, Fungi Perfecti, here.

Link to Hollyhock website here.

Watch a talk by Paul Stamets on the website TED, titled ‘6 ways mushrooms can save the world’.
18 minutes long.

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Garden Giants Emerge – more edible mushrooms

Our Maria is not just a Bug Lady, she’s a ‘Mushroom Lady’ as well. Hidden amongst the large squash leaves in the Youth Garden are some wonderful edible mushrooms she started last spring. Maria shows us how she grew her King Stropharia – Garden Giants.

See this piece about Garden Giants. ‘Grow edible mushrooms in your vegetable garden!’ By Carolyn Herriot

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Shiitake Mushrooms Emerge at City Farmer’s Garden

Maria’s ‘babies’ have finally arrived in large numbers. Carefully watched and nurtured since April, 2007, these Shiitake mushrooms are ready for harvest. They have grown on oak logs that were culled from Stanley Park after a devastating storm and delivered to us by the Vancouver Park Board. Hard to believe that anyone, that’s us, can grow such wonderful fungi in a city garden.

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