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Home Grown: A song about the freedom gained through growing your own


By Keith “Fathom” Cross
Keith “Fathom” Cross: 100% Soul Vocalist; Full-Blooded Emcee; Aspiring Urban Farmer; Scholar; and, Brother to all that Exists.
Nov 2012

This is a song about the freedom gained through growing your own. For me it is a dream which I’ve barely begun. I don’t yet have the land or the skills to make it a reality. With your support, I will get there, and continue to motivate others to do the same.

Link to song here.

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New Jersey students make catchy music video about their garden

I’m bout to plant some seeds,
I got a bunch of seeds in my pocket

Gardening is Awesome (A Thrift Shop Parody)

This music video idea was conceived, written, and performed by many of the City Green high school interns in the 2013 Growing Strong Summer Program. It was filmed at the learning garden at East Side Park in Paterson, NJ, and was made to promote healthy eating in urban areas.

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Gardening with rapper T.I.

Who knew The Kang was a gardener too?

CNN Feb 1, 2013

T.I. and family teams up with CNN’s Dr. Sanja Gupta and Taja Sevelle of Urban Farming to plant a winter garden.

“How do you know when these things are ready to be picked?” asks a veggie-hungry T.I. The Atlanta rapper appeared alongside his kids on CNN’s Sanjay Gupta MD for a segment about winter gardening.

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Composer writes song – ‘The Family Farm in My Front Yard’

Photo of Jean Elliott Manning, writer/composer.

Jean Elliott Manning writes, “This song is the finale of an entire musical I’ve written about how an urban lawn becomes a Food Farm. It’s called Daisy and the Wonder Weeds.” The songwriter is looking for a producer.

The Farm in My Front Yard 

By J.E. Manning
SOCAN 2009

Key of G major

Ever since I lost my job, I’m making other plans
Yes, I’m changing my direction,
Now I’m headed for the land
Time to get back to my roots; it shouldn’t be too hard
Walking out my own front door
to the farm in my front yard  

Refrain: Diggy diggy don, do-si-do
         Plant a little seed then watch it grow,
         Eieieioh On the farm in my front yard

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July 14, 2009   3 Comments