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See inside an Urban Farming store in New York

Photos by Amanda Silvana Coen for Inhabitat.

21 images by Amanda Silvana Coen – Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply

By Amanda Coen,


When Inhabitat stopped for a visit, Meg Paska, aka the Brooklyn Homesteader, was tending to seedlings. What started as a love for homebrewing and gardening in Baltimore quickly evolved into a beekeeping enterprise after taking a course in 2004. For those who want to start their own beekeeping venture, a visit to Hayseed’s for supplies as well as a consultation with Paska is the perfect remedy. When asked about the clientele, Paska explained that most people that come to the store are interested in getting started with urban farming and don’t necessarily have much experience. More than anything, people seem excited to see something “off-Bedford.”

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National Geographic: Urban Farming Is Growing a Green Future

Photograph by Pilar Olivares, Reuters.

Photo and story series on-line


Farming to Survive. In many poor urban neighborhoods, people have long had to grow some of their own food or tend livestock. Pigs can be kept without a lot of space, and they can eat scraps and garbage. This pen in Pamplona Alta shantytown in Lima, Peru, helps feed a low-income family.

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Case Studies: Hands-On Urbanism 1850 – 2012. The Right To Green

Schrebergarten (allotment garden) in Leipzig.Photo Archiv Deutsches Kleingärtnermuseum in Leipzig e.V., Deutschland. The spring exhibition in the Architekturzentrum Wien is devoted to a history of ideas of appropriating land in urban space.

Exhibition: 15.03.2012 – 25.06.2012 – Vienna, Austria

Curator: Elke Krasny
Scenography: Alexandra Maringer
Exhibition graphics: Alexander Schuh
Copyright clearing: Andrea Seidling, Az W

Curator Elke Krasny presents historical and contemporary case studies that illustrate bottom-up urban development in Chicago, Leipzig, Vienna, Bremen, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Porto Alegre, Havanna or Quito.

A Garden Rules Itself
Leipzig, Germany

In May 1865, the first Schreber association was opened in Leipzig. Criticism of the city’s inadequate provision of open space and play areas led to the foundation of a school association. According to founder Ernst Hauschild, the association was modeled on self-governed communities in England, with the goals of encouraging “self-confidence, empowerment, and independence”.

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Breaking Through Concrete – Building an Urban Farm Revival

Children eat mango at the Garden at Westerly Creek Park in Denver, CO. Refugees from countries including Bhoutan, Somolia, and Sudan gather at this community farm where they now grow a city block’s worth of produce. Photo © Michael Hanson. See more here.

Book published January 2012

By David Hanson (Author), Edwin Marty (Author), Mark Winne (Foreword), Michael Hanson (Photographer)
University of California Press
Jan. 2012

Brothers David and Michael Hanson and urban farmer Edwin Marty document twelve successful urban farm programs, from an alternative school for girls in Detroit, to a backyard food swap in New Orleans, to a restaurant supply garden on a rooftop in Brooklyn. Each beautifully illustrated essay offers practical advice for budding farmers, such as composting and keeping livestock in the city, decontaminating toxic soil, even changing zoning laws.

1. P-Patch Community Garden Program, Seattle, Washington • The Neighborhood Garden
HOW TO: Change Your City’s Urban Agriculture Zoning Codes

2. Homeless Garden Project, Santa Cruz, California • The Farm as Therapy
HOW TO: Grow Good, Safe Food

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Urban Farming in Taiwan

Hsintien, Taiwan. Photo by Patrick Coswill.

2 Photos by Patrick Coswill

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Time photo essay – Chicago’s food security and urban agriculture movement

Mariah examines a spider web in Eddie Harris’s garden. Harris, a local artist, has converted his lawn into a unique garden in which he paints on trees and creates art with found materials, in addition to growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. By Emily Schiffer — Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund.

Securing Food in Chicagoland

By Emily Schiffer,
a Brooklyn-based photographer
Time LightBox
Dec 12, 2011


Halfway through my first month of shooting, I met Orrin Williams, the founder and director of the Center for Urban Transformation. Born and raised in the South Side community of Englewood, he is familiar with Chicago’s problems and invested in finding holistic solutions. After 30 some years advocating urban agriculture and sustainable communities, Mr. Williams is convinced that building chain grocery stores won’t fix the problems. Instead, Mr. Williams has devised a holistic community redevelopment plan. Williams seeks to convert abandoned buildings into locally owned businesses that will enable the community to thrive.

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Home photo collection – A rooftop terrace city farm on a suburban home in Pune, India

“This papaya when ripened to near orange on the tree tastes as sweet as a mango. It’s always been so – guaranteed! Perhaps because of what it grows in.”

By Siddartha
194 photos

“My guess is that for a terrace garden with about 200 sq ft of 1 foot deep, good quality composted raised bed with the best designs et al put together – you should with easy effort reap more than half a kg of edible matter every day. Definitely possible in winter, other seasons might be little less.”

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Cow spotted in Seattle

Photo by North Seattle Sarah

MOO. Green Lake makes new use of word “Urban Farming”

By North Seattle Sarah
Sept 23, 2011


Not a real cow – this one seemed to be made of a combination of paper mache, pvc pipe, and who knows what else. But it certainly did it’s job of bringing the neighborhood together, as I was just one of three groups of people who were out taking photos of her!

More here.

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Village Voice slideshow – New York’s ‘roof’ food gardens

Gotham Greens’ greenhouse assistant, Noelle Stanziale. Photo by Celeste Sloman.

40 photos of six roofs by Celeste Sloman

By Celeste Sloman
Village Voice
August 17, 2011


Throughout the five boroughs, the phenomenon of urban agriculture has greatly developed and spread on the city’s roofs. Rooftop gardening and farming benefits the city not only aesthetically, but environmentally and socially as well. Rooftop gardening provides food, temperature control, recreation, habitats for wildlife, educational opportunities, and hydrological benefits.

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Hollywood stars Attend Second School Gardens Luncheon

Amy Smart, Matthew Rhys, Beau Garrett and Malin Akerman attend the Environmental Media Association’s Second Annual School Gardens Luncheon. The School Garden Program sponsors and supports the building of gardens in urban schools across the country. Behind them is a garden that is currently being built at University High School in Los Angeles. Photo credit: Maury Phillips from Wireimage.

Environmental Media Association’s Young Hollywood Board and their School Gardens Program

The Impact of the Young Hollywood Board

Young actors and actresses serve as role models to millions of people, especially youth. Through their actions, celebrities can inspire youth in their formative years, and EMA has recruited celebrities to the program to mentor and actively engage the students in the garden programs.

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Backyard Homesteads: Honey, I Shrunk the Farm

Photography by Lori Eanes | Captions by Della Watson

July/Aug 2011


Nope, this herd’s not lost. Urban farmer Kitty Sharkey often takes her four Nigerian dwarf goats for walks through her Oakland, California, neighborhood. The milk-producing goats’ small size makes them well suited for life on a bustling 4,000-square-foot homestead (which includes Sharkey’s 1,500-square-foot house). The breed is known for its gentle, affectionate demeanor; the goats even protect Sharkey’s chickens from predators.

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Top 5 Urban Farms in New York City

Tenth Acre Farms (above) had a humble beginning in the backyard of co-founder Jordan Hall’s apartment. Since 2009 though, the trio of farmers have expanded and have taken over an abandoned basketball court at St. Cecilia’s School in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Photo essay: Each of the five farms has something unique to offer

By Krista Leahy
Inhabit New York


With the spring harvest in full swing, New York City’s local farms are bursting with fresh produce. Urban agriculture has taken off in a big way over the last couple of years, and this year seems to be the best yet, with first harvests from newcomers at the Battery Conservancy’s turkey-shaped farm and Gotham Greens’ hydroponic greenhouse. With continued stellar production from Brooklyn Grange, Added Value, and Tenth Acre Farms, New Yorkers are definitely in for a treat this summer. Each of the five farms has something unique to offer but they are all committed to the same thing: making healthy, local food readily available for all New Yorkers.

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Inner City Farms: Urban Farms in Vancouver

Andrew Fleming, one of the founding members of Inner City Farms. Image by Adam Blasberg.

Photo Essay by Adam Blasberg

By Adam Blasberg
June 6, 2011


Inner City Farms is an agriculture collective that aims to turn the backyards of Vancouver into productive farmland. It’s a social enterprise whose goal is not only to put food on tables, but to put people in touch with the food they eat. As manicured lawns give way to rows of turnips, lettuce and radishes, and as urban farmhands spread out across the city, we’re reminded that tomatoes aren’t born in plastic six-packs. The next time you sit down to tuck into a meal, ask yourself, Where was this grown? How did it get here?

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Photos of allotment garden in Cardiff, Wales

See photos of the garden here.

Cardiff photographer Tom Ashmore visits the Riverside community allotment garden


I was met by a lovely lady of the earth called Jenny Howell, who let me through the gate with a warm-hearted welcome. She gave me a tour of the site and we had a chat about what they’re up to. I was instantly drawn to Jenny. You know the type of people – she had a chirpy voice and was full of life and humour. Being a total garden novice I relied on her expert knowledge to give me an understanding of what they do, why it’s different, and how people benefit from volunteering.

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Detroit Chicken Race – Photos by Marvin Shaouni

Photo by Marvin Shaouni. See photos/video of the event here.

17 chickens entered in the race were there to battle it out for charity

Marvin Shaouni Photography Blog
Aug 3, 2010


Along the Cass Corridor, on a graveled vacant lot shadowed by the Masonic Temple, between the Temple Bar and an old renovated fire station, the first ever Detroit Chicken Race was held. The event would see a flux of about 150 people over the course of an early Sunday evening, rolling into dusk.

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