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New documentary from Canada: ‘Une Révolution Agricole Urbaine!’

Une révolution agricole… urbaine! Bande-annonce from Arts et Images productions on Vimeo.

In French: Airs first May 7th, 2015 at 21h on Explora

Un film de Mario Desmarais
Produit par Anne Desmarais
52 minutes
May 2015
(Must See! Mike)
The complete film will be available online in July, 2015 once it has aired on TV.


Une nouvelle révolution agricole est en” marche.

Nous pouvons dès aujourd’hui produire des aliments en ville, et ce, à grande échelle, en! n’utilisant aucune terre arable, aucun pesticide, moins d’eau, moins d’énergie et pratiquement aucun transport. Une des solutions aux besoins alimentaires mondiaux qui ne cessent d’augmenter.

Tout ce que nous connaissons du point de vue agricole et alimentaire change. Déjà enviro 20% de la nourriture consommée dans le monde est produite en zone urbaine!et périurbaine et près de 50% des légumes frais se retrouvant dans notre assiette sont produits dans un environnement! urbain.

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British Journal Public Health: Urban agriculture: long-term strategy or impossible dream?

1922. Children at work in a community garden. Click on image for larger file.

Lessons from Prospect Farm in Brooklyn, New York

By T. Angotti
April issue of the British Journal Public Health
February 24, 2015



Proponents of urban agriculture have identified its potential to improve health and the environment but in New York City and other densely developed and populated urban areas, it faces huge challenges because of the shortage of space, cost of land, and the lack of contemporary local food production. However, large portions of the city and metropolitan region do have open land and a history of agricultural production in the not-too-distant past. Local food movements and concerns about food security have sparked a growing interest in urban farming.

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Sacramento County eyes urban-farm ordinances

Saul McCoy, left, and Tirtsah Yisrael harvest squash and do bed preparation work last October for the next round of crops. Sacramento County may follow the city’s lead on urban farms. ANDREW SENG ASENG@SACBEE.COM

“I think that being able to sell on-site will end up being from 20 to 30 percent of our sales,” Yisrael said.

By Edward Ortizeortiz
Sacremento Bee


One block is all that’s keeping Chanowk Yisrael, one of South Oak Park’s most active urban farmers, from selling his produce in the neighborhood.

For Yisrael, setting up a food stand for produce sales on his half-acre of land, as was made legal by the city of Sacramento in March, will have to wait.

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City of Sparks, Nevada prepares to embrace urban agriculture

Employee Katie Toftdahl feeds chickens that are offered for sale at Rail City Garaden Center in Sparks.

“Our responsibility as good neighbors is to keep your coops clean, water and turn your compost piles, and don’t direct your bee’s fly ways at your neighbor’s home.”

By Nathan Orne
Sparks Tribune
Apr 21, 2015


If approved, the change would allow residents to keep a specific number of chickens or raise a certain amount of bees on their personal property for purposes of food production. The change also includes language that would pave the way for community gardens.

“I really do think these are the types of things that when people come to our community this is the way we can show Sparks is a progressive city,” said City Councilwoman Julia Ratti, who is among the officials asking that the change be explored on behalf of interested residents.

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Urban agriculture contributes half of Cuba´s vegetable production


Cuban Agriculture minister Gustavo Rodriguez said that the initiative has helped create more than 300,000 jobs.

Cuban New Agency
17 April 2015

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 17 (acn) Urban and family gardening contributes 50 percent of the country´s vegetable production with over one million Cubans involved in this developing initiative.

During the closing session of the Second International Congress on Urban and Family Gardening, held in Havana, Cuban Agriculture minister Gustavo Rodriguez said that the initiative has helped create more than 300 thousand jobs.

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Baltimore Council grants preliminary OK to tax breaks for urban farms

Denzel Mitchell, of Baltimore owns operates “Five Seeds Farm” and provides its vegetables to local Baltimore restaurants. (Rachel Woolf / Baltimore Sun)

“There is lots of underutilized land in Baltimore City. I strongly believe producing food on the land is a viable use for the city and for young entrepreneurs.”

By Luke Broadwater
The Baltimore Sun
Apr 27, 2015


The City Council gave preliminary approval Monday to a bill that would grant a large tax break for urban farmers in Baltimore.

The bill, sponsored by City Councilman William “Pete” Welch, would provide a 90 percent property tax break for urban farmers who grow and sell at least $5,000 of fruit and vegetables a year. The credits, which must be approved by the city’s Office of Sustainability, are good for five years, but can be renewed for a total of 10 years, according to the bill.

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Korean Agriculture Ministry assigned April 2015 as the Month of Urban Agriculture

Video of Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo 2013.

Many different cities will host various events in April to stimulate the urban agriculture movement

By Jieun Kim

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) of Korea assigned April as the Month of Urban Agriculture and April 11th as the Urban Agriculture Day. Under the slogan of “citizen agriculture, mutual benefits between urban agriculture and rural agriculture,” MAFRA launched the Urban Agriculture National Network on April 11, 2015. The event hosted about 1,200 people: family farmers of Seoul, officials from MAFRA, the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Rural Development Administration, Korea Forest Service, and related personnel from agricultural communities.

MAFRA also signed a MOU contract that promises on collaboration, cooperation, and interdependency between urban and rural agriculture with agricultural organizations and farmer communities.

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Tax relief proposed for urban farms in Oregon

Developer Eric Olsen examines crops growing on a parcel of land designated as a “village farm” for the neighborhood he built in Monmouth, Ore. The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would provide tax relief to urban farms. Photo by Mateusz Perkowski.

Legislation would create tax incentives for urban farms in Oregon.

By Mateusz Perkowski
Capital Press
April 9, 2015


SALEM — Farmers who raise crops or livestock in urban areas could obtain property tax relief under an Oregon bill that would create urban agriculture incentive zones.

Supporters of House Bill 2723 say that urban farmers improve food security and teach city dwellers about agriculture but face a high property tax burden.

The legislation would allow cities and counties to designate zones where undeveloped land is subject to lower property tax rates so long as it’s used for agriculture for a minimum of five years.

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By 2018 Seoul city government to activate 1,800 urban farms

korea2 Must see video here. [Must see. Mike]

The Seoul city government is injecting about 46 million U.S. dollars to transform unused spaces at schools, parks and even apartment rooftops to activate urban farming.

By Connie Kim
Arirang News
Apr 18, 2015


It’s a priceless opportunity.
The only catch is most of these farms are located on the outskirts of the city, making them harder to frequent.

But that will soon change. The Seoul city government is injecting about 46 million U.S. dollars to transform unused spaces at schools, parks and even apartment rooftops to activate urban farming.
By 2018 it plans to establish 18-hundred vegetable gardens within a ten-minute walking distance from all homes in the capital.

A special farm zone will also be set up to train Seoulites to become professionals in urban agriculture.

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New rules aim to help Edmonton’s urban agriculture businesses bloom

Cathryn Sprague discusses how the proposed zoning amendments will help urban agriculture, and why increasing urban agriculture is important in Edmonton. Video by Greg Southam here.

An online city survey last summer found 92 per cent of the more than 1,000 respondents supported commercial urban agriculture. About 80 per cent would allow crops on vacant lots and limited on-site sales.

By Gordon Kent
Edmonton Journal
April 6, 2015


The new zoning rules clarify that urban agriculture operations can exist in most parts of the city, although in some areas neighbours would be able to oppose the move.

Vacant lots could be cropped with city approval.

These small-scale farmers would also be able to obtain permits to sell their produce on-site, which isn’t currently allowed.

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Think about urban farming to boost jobs, repurpose land in Detroit

Cartoon by Clifford Kennedy Berryman (April 2, 1869 – December 11, 1949) who was a Pulitzer Prize–winning cartoonist with the Washington Star newspaper from 1907 to 1949. He was also a cartoonist for The Washington Post from 1891 to 1907.

Some estimates suggest the city has 40 square miles of vacant land — meaning the geographic landscapes of San Francisco, Manhattan and Boston would all fit in nicely.

By Mark S. Lee
Crain’s Detroit Busimess
April 01, 2015


According to the DFFC study, a 30 percent increase in the local food production ecosystem would make it the second-largest source of jobs in Detroit behind only the government sector — and imagine the opportunities for entrepreneurs and suppliers as well.

Where to start?

With a business case focused primarily on enhancing education, awareness and the positive impact this will have on the local economy and job creation. This plan should address:

Impact urban farming programs will have on economic development and job creation in Detroit.

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Brighton, Colorado sets rules for urban farming of bees, up to 6 chickens

Jan Coffelt has bees in the backyard of her Lakewood home Photo by Seth A. McConnell.

“We have had calls about whether or not people can slaughter in their yards.”

By Megan Mitchell
Denver Post


Residents interested in keeping backyard hens and honeybees can get their coops and hives set up before summer now that City Council has approved new regulations for urban farmers.

Up to six hens (and ducks) and are now allowed outside single-family homes, and anywhere from one to eight hives can be placed on private property (depending on the homeowner’s land size).

Both bees and chickens are also allowed in some parks and open space properties.

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Michigan State: Policy released on urban livestock recommendations

Cairo, Egypt. Urban livestock production: sheep, goats and mixed poultry on top of an apartment building in Cairo. (S.D. Lukefahr)

Urban livestock workgroup calls for the creation of an urban agriculture act to stimulate and support efforts to raise and grow food locally.

By Brad Neumann,
Michigan State University Extension
March 26, 2015


Over the course of five meetings, the Urban Livestock Workgroup developed the following recommendations:

Develop an Urban Agriculture Act to address, stimulate and support local efforts and interest in raising livestock in urban/suburban areas.

Acknowledge the interconnection of raising livestock and plants (crops), recommending the proposed Urban Agriculture Act require development of guidelines for urban/suburban agriculture.

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Pittsburgh law students tackle urban agriculture and food policy issues

Jaclyn Clifford and Marlene van Es will soon be graduating from the University of Pittsburgh Law school and are starting a firm for legal aid to entrepreneurs who want to start environmental oriented businesses in the city.Photo by Robin Rombach/Post-Gazette.

By Diana Nelson Jones
Pittsburgh Post_Gazette
March 26, 2015


“Jackie and I said, ‘This is what we’re passionate about and there’s a lack of legal services in this area,’” said Ms. van Es, a New York native with a degree in agriculture from Cornell University.

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2015 International Year of Soils – FAO

faosoil Click on image for larger file.

Urban soil farming helping feed more people

By Sarah Elton
CBC News Story
April 3, 2015


At a high school close to downtown Toronto, grade eleven student Deshanel Evans is getting back to the earth.

That is, he’s making the stuff.

As a part-time job, Evans collects kitchen scraps from the school’s culinary program and layers the carrot peelings and apple cores with leaves and other organic material in the bin. Evans then oversees the composting, turning the pile to aerate it and waiting as worms and bacteria transform the food scraps into nutrient-rich soil.

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