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Canada: De-Colonizing Local Ecology: Learning Medicinal And Food Uses Of Native Plants

Charles Dickens Elementary in Vancouver – The beginning of our project this year included designing and building a geodesic greenhouse. The students used applied skills criteria and Math to plan, design and build a working greenhouse. This greenhouse will be used to extend the growing season at our school.

Science World’s BC Green Games


Charles Dicken’s Elementary School has been working on an outdoor learning space for several years. The original building design included Leeds environmental criteria, which included a rooftop garden. Over the last few years we have been developing the outdoor garden into a dynamic learning space as part of a 3 year plan. This year our goal is to integrate aboriginal food and medicine plants into our outdoor learning space. Dickens has a long time running Green Team/ environmental club that includes year round activities.

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Hong Kong’s Rooftop Republic

View from rooftop garden. Photos by Melissa Luk.

On a sunny March afternoon I went up with Pol of Rooftop Republic to tour the very high rooftop farm they had set up on the BEA Tower in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. In this floating oasis we had a chat about how it started and how it’s going.

By Melissa Luk
City Farmer correspondant
April 14, 2018

How did Rooftop Republic begin?

Rooftop Republic was born with the mission to integrate urban farming into our city lifestyle and make it easily accessible to city people. Although we have seen an increase in the number of organic farms in the New Territories (most “rural” part of Hong Kong) over the last years, we realized we needed to bring the urban farming movement to the heart of the city and integrate it with our day to day lives not just something we do once in a while. Whether it’s in the places where we live, where we work, where we go to school or where we socialize, we aspire to put an urban farm on every available roof so that people can reconnect with their own food and their community.

When did this garden start? What was the process like?

We set up this garden in November 2017. We had been planning it for several months. We had to do some minor renovation work for the surface where the planters are now. Before it used to be artificial lawn so we took it out and put new tiles.

After that we set up all the planters, built the irrigation system, did some testing and then put the soil and plants in. This part took around two weeks.

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South Africa: Joburg’s mushrooming rooftop gardens

A crop of basil will supply restaurants and traders around FNB’s Bank City.

Joburg CBD dwellers are putting on their farming caps, 21st century-style

By Natalie Watermeyer
Business Alive
05 April 2018


The potential for taking farms to rooftops was recently demonstrated by the Urban Agriculture Initiative, a partnership between the Chamber of Mines, the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership and WIBC (Wouldn’t It Be Cool), an incubation and mentorship organisation.

In a pilot project run over the past six months, Nhlanhla Mpati was selected to establish a hydroponic garden on a balcony of the 93-year-old Chamber of Mines heritage building in Marshall Street.

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Gröna oaser på storstadens tak

Till vänster: En demonstrationstakträdgård hos ett företag som specialiserar sig på biologisk bekämpning. Foto: Jenny Wikström | Till höger: Dr. B. N. Viswanath. Foto: Karl-Johan Fabó

Green oases on the big city roof

By Lindatengvall
4 April, 2018
(In Swedish – translate here.)


Runt om i världen motverkas storstäders växande problem med föroreningar av engagerade personer som tar saken i egna händer. Grå stadstak förvandlas till gröna oaser som genererar både närodlad ekologisk mat och renare luft. Trädgårdsmästaren Karl-Johan Fabó gav sig iväg för att leta reda på konstruktiva exempel. I en serie i tre delar får vi följa med honom till Indien och träffa några av de eldsjälar som ser odlingsmöjligheter även i de mest urbana stadsmiljöerna. I del 1 besöker vi staden Bangalore.

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Rooftop farming takes off on Hong Kong’s skyscrapers

Click image to see larger file. Farmers work at a rooftop vegetable garden of an industrial building in Hong Kong. (AP)

Rooftop Republic has set up on average one farm a month since its founding and now manages 36 covering more than 30,000 square feet (about 2,800 square meters), including one in mainland China

Associated Press, Hong Kong
Hindustani Times
Mar 27, 2018
(Must see. Mike)


The Bank of America farm was a milestone because it was the first in the city’s financial district. The company has since set up two more in the area and is looking at a few more sites, Hong said. Vegetables from the tower are donated to a food bank for uses in lunch boxes distributed to the needy. Some of its other farms are at hotels or restaurants, which use the herbs, eggplants and melons for dishes on their menus.

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Australia: Urban Farm Creates Much-Needed Retail ‘Customer Experience

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Developer to build world’s most sustainable shopping centre – equipped with a 2000sq m rooftop urban farm

The Urban Developer
Mar 2018


He identifies one of the biggest problems we face as a society is the lack of nutrition in food which the Burwood Brickworks project stands to address.

“Today our food no longer nourishes us and it’s simply because we have exhausted our soils or another way to think about it is that we’ve mined the world’s top soils.

“We have been able to hide this because of the invention of synthetic fertiliser. This has given us higher yields in terms of kilos but at a massive compromise in nutrition.

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Up Top Acres planning a new rooftop farm

After turning five empty rooftops in the D.C. area into working farms, Up Top Acres is looking to expand this year.

By Stephen Babcock
Technically DC
Mar 5, 2018


“We opened our first rooftop farm in May 2015 on top of the restaurant Oyamel,” O’Keefe said. “We’ve been gradually expanding since, but will be doubling our growing space this year. We’ve spent the last few years testing our business model and are now at a place to expand.”

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Japan: Goats, pigs and veggies crop up in urban Tokyo

Children feeding goats at the Otemachi Bokujyo, a farm located on the 13th floor of a gleaming skyscraper in the heart of Tokyo’s Otemachi business district.PHOTO: PASONA GROUP

Japanese high-rises are more than just offices and shops – some have mini-farms too, even as the number of rural agriculture workers falls

By Walter Sim
Straits Times
Feb 24, 2018


Across Japan, city dwellers have been developing quite the green thumb. Urban “citizen farms”, as they are called, grew in size by 36 per cent over 10 years, from totalling 641ha in 2005 to 877ha in 2015, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF).

While much of this land has traditionally been greenhouses or fields located in city suburbs, there has been a push towards integrating the old-school farming concept into the urban landscape – both for commercial and community engagement purposes – by companies across industries from real estate to transport.

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India: Rooftop gardening for greener cities

Shykh Seraj with Sheikh Al Ahmad Nahid at the latter’s rooftop garden in Chittagong. PHOTO: Hridoye Mati O Manush.

Those who are building a new home can take advice from experts to make the roof suitable for small-scale agriculture.

By Shykh Seraj
The Daily Star
Feb 14, 2018


I have seen that retired government and private service holders, businessmen and industrialists have made their leisure time productive by getting involved in rooftop agriculture. It gives them peace, they say. Even a section of people who don’t have their own house or roof, convince their house owner and do gardening in one side of the roof or even in balcony. It also provides nutrition for the family. Besides cultivating fruits and vegetables and raising chickens, pigeons, turkeys etc, some are cultivating fish in drums set on roofs. This might sound strange, even goats, sheep and cows are being raised on rooftops.

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Australia: Eco-activist Joost Bakker plans rooftop urban farm for shopping centre

Flower grower and sustainability activist Joost Bakker promotes green design and zero waste.

In what the developer is labelling an “Australian first”, the Burwood Brickworks rooftop will feature a mix of greenhouses, planter boxes and gardens, both horizontal and vertical

By Paul Best
Good Food
Feb 9 2018


Frasers Property Australia has enlisted Bakker to establish an urban farm and restaurant on the 2000-square-metre rooftop of its proposed shopping centre development on the former Burwood Brickworks site in Melbourne’s east, which begins construction mid-year.

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Sneak Peak: New York’s Future 40,000 sq.ft. Rooftop Farm

“The steel will be delivered in May, and the glass will be delivered in October or November of 2018,” he said, adding the structure is expected to open in 2019.

By Tracey Porpora
Jan 23, 2018


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Nicotra Group has entered into a partnership with Brooklyn Grange to manage a 40,000-square-foot organic rooftop farm at Corporate Commons Three, which is being built in Bloomfield.

Brooklyn Grange — a leader in rooftop farming — will design and operate the farm, which will sit atop an eight-story office building being constructed on an 8.5-acre site inside The Teleport.

“We signed a contract with Brooklyn Grange last week,” said Richard Nicotra, chairman and co-owner of The Nicotra Group with his wife, Lois.

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Rooftop Urban Agriculture

By Francesco Orsini, Marielle Dubbeling, Henk de Zeeuw, Giorgio Gianquinto
Springer International Publishing

This book guides architects, landscape designers, urban planners, agronomists and society on the implementation of sustainable rooftop farming projects. The interdisciplinary team of authors involved stresses the different approaches and the multi-faceted forms that rooftop farming may assume in any context.

While rooftop farming experiences are sprouting all over the world the need for scientific evidence on the most suitable growing solutions, policies and potential benefits emerges. This volume brings together existing experiences as well as suggestions for planning future sustainable cities.

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Denmark: New Copenhagen School Focuses on ‘Food’ in its Design

Click image to see larger file.

The area has individual planter boxes and raised beds which the pupils can use to cultivate and care for their own crops and vegetables. Greenhouses will extend the growing season.

Modern Danish Educational Architecture
Design by C.F. Møller Architects, Denmark
Jan 8, 2018


New Islands Brygge School will be a profile school with food as its special theme. There is special emphasis on making meal preparation and mealtimes a central element of the school’s design. The first thing new arrivals at the school will see is the double-high-ceilinged dining hall, which is not just the canteen, but also the hub which interconnects all of the school’s functions. This makes the dining hall the gathering point where pupils can meet across the school’s many activities.

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Jordan: Rooftop farming initiative offers fresh start for the needy

“By pursuing an environmentally friendly activity, we have been able to create employment opportunities for women to work from their own homes while breaking the shame barrier that the culture imposes in female workers,” Rahaife continued

By Ana V. Ibáñez Prieto
The Jordan Times
Jan 22,2018


AMMAN — The rooftops of Karak are being turned into new agricultural spaces with “Be a Friend to the Environment”, an initiative founded by 30-year-old entrepreneur Faten Al Rahaife, which aims at creating new spaces for composting within rural communities.

“We create new spaces for cultivation on the houses’ roofs to make up for the lack of agricultural areas, planting products that are suitable to the nature of our region such as zaatar, marmara, potatoes a cucumbers,” Rahaife told The Jordan Times, stressing that “Jordan is a fertile land full of natural resources, while the nature of its climate is suitable for the cultivation, and we need to take into account these resources and what we can achieve with them”.

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United Arab Emirates: Ramada Ajman team harvests organic crops at its urban farm

Click image to see larger file.

Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman’s green committee, together with the pre-opening team of Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche, harvested organic produce at its own urban farm located at the hotel premises.

By Sarakshi Rai
Hotelier Middle East
Jan 24, 2018

The crops include eggplants, radishes, tomatoes, rocket and mint leaves, and chilli peppers, among others. Covering 430 square metres of space, Ramada Ajman’s urban farm grows seasonal crops which are used in the hotel’s in-house kitchen.

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