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Australia: Eco-activist Joost Bakker plans rooftop urban farm for shopping centre

Flower grower and sustainability activist Joost Bakker promotes green design and zero waste.

In what the developer is labelling an “Australian first”, the Burwood Brickworks rooftop will feature a mix of greenhouses, planter boxes and gardens, both horizontal and vertical

By Paul Best
Good Food
Feb 9 2018


Frasers Property Australia has enlisted Bakker to establish an urban farm and restaurant on the 2000-square-metre rooftop of its proposed shopping centre development on the former Burwood Brickworks site in Melbourne’s east, which begins construction mid-year.

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Sneak Peak: New York’s Future 40,000 sq.ft. Rooftop Farm

“The steel will be delivered in May, and the glass will be delivered in October or November of 2018,” he said, adding the structure is expected to open in 2019.

By Tracey Porpora
Jan 23, 2018


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The Nicotra Group has entered into a partnership with Brooklyn Grange to manage a 40,000-square-foot organic rooftop farm at Corporate Commons Three, which is being built in Bloomfield.

Brooklyn Grange — a leader in rooftop farming — will design and operate the farm, which will sit atop an eight-story office building being constructed on an 8.5-acre site inside The Teleport.

“We signed a contract with Brooklyn Grange last week,” said Richard Nicotra, chairman and co-owner of The Nicotra Group with his wife, Lois.

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Rooftop Urban Agriculture

By Francesco Orsini, Marielle Dubbeling, Henk de Zeeuw, Giorgio Gianquinto
Springer International Publishing

This book guides architects, landscape designers, urban planners, agronomists and society on the implementation of sustainable rooftop farming projects. The interdisciplinary team of authors involved stresses the different approaches and the multi-faceted forms that rooftop farming may assume in any context.

While rooftop farming experiences are sprouting all over the world the need for scientific evidence on the most suitable growing solutions, policies and potential benefits emerges. This volume brings together existing experiences as well as suggestions for planning future sustainable cities.

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Denmark: New Copenhagen School Focuses on ‘Food’ in its Design

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The area has individual planter boxes and raised beds which the pupils can use to cultivate and care for their own crops and vegetables. Greenhouses will extend the growing season.

Modern Danish Educational Architecture
Design by C.F. Møller Architects, Denmark
Jan 8, 2018


New Islands Brygge School will be a profile school with food as its special theme. There is special emphasis on making meal preparation and mealtimes a central element of the school’s design. The first thing new arrivals at the school will see is the double-high-ceilinged dining hall, which is not just the canteen, but also the hub which interconnects all of the school’s functions. This makes the dining hall the gathering point where pupils can meet across the school’s many activities.

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Jordan: Rooftop farming initiative offers fresh start for the needy

“By pursuing an environmentally friendly activity, we have been able to create employment opportunities for women to work from their own homes while breaking the shame barrier that the culture imposes in female workers,” Rahaife continued

By Ana V. Ibáñez Prieto
The Jordan Times
Jan 22,2018


AMMAN — The rooftops of Karak are being turned into new agricultural spaces with “Be a Friend to the Environment”, an initiative founded by 30-year-old entrepreneur Faten Al Rahaife, which aims at creating new spaces for composting within rural communities.

“We create new spaces for cultivation on the houses’ roofs to make up for the lack of agricultural areas, planting products that are suitable to the nature of our region such as zaatar, marmara, potatoes a cucumbers,” Rahaife told The Jordan Times, stressing that “Jordan is a fertile land full of natural resources, while the nature of its climate is suitable for the cultivation, and we need to take into account these resources and what we can achieve with them”.

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United Arab Emirates: Ramada Ajman team harvests organic crops at its urban farm

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Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman’s green committee, together with the pre-opening team of Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche, harvested organic produce at its own urban farm located at the hotel premises.

By Sarakshi Rai
Hotelier Middle East
Jan 24, 2018

The crops include eggplants, radishes, tomatoes, rocket and mint leaves, and chilli peppers, among others. Covering 430 square metres of space, Ramada Ajman’s urban farm grows seasonal crops which are used in the hotel’s in-house kitchen.

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This Caltech dining center’s freshest vegetables are grown on its roof

Executive chef Zach Chambers, of Caltech Dining, walks through Caltech’s Chandler Cafe’s roof garden. The aeroponic towers are growing greens, mixed lettuces, chills, eggplants, onions and herbs with the help of LA Urban Farms. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG)

The 48 towers, standing about 5 to 6 feet tall, can each grow more than two dozens vegetables at once and they are easy enough for the cafe’s staff to harvest as needed.

By Jason Henry
Pasadena Star News
January 14, 2018


Webster wanted to make use of the cafe’s large roof top, but he initially thought a traditional garden, with heavy soil, would weigh too much and require more attention than his staff could give. At a conference, he learned about the vertical Tower Gardens, which take up less than 3 square feet each. He found immediate support from his superiors because the students get better food, the dining center is more environmentally responsible and it might just save some money too.

The aeroponics system pumps water to the top of the tower and then drips it onto the roots of the plants for about 15 minutes every half an hour.

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Manila, Philippines: Editor’s rooftop garden produces beautiful veggies

From 15 potted eggplants, he can harvest 1.5 kilos of fruit in one week, enough for his family’s favorite eggplant omelette.

Edgar Godin, editor of Bisaya Magazine published by the Manila Buletin, is a rooftop gardener. From just a 16-square meter rooftop atop their sari-sari store in Bulacan, he can produce more vegetables than what his family can consume.

By Zac B. Sarian
Manila Bulletin
Jan 10, 2018


Edgar planted 15 eggplant seedlings and 20 okra. These were more than what he usually planted previously of these two veggies. They were in addition to the camote, kangkong, pechay and two varieties of pepper that were already growing. His intention was to have extra harvest that he could sell in their sari-sari store.

He related that by the last week of September, he started harvesting from the eggplant and okra. Because the rooftop garden was very visible to passers by, many of them inquired if fruits were already available. Edgar estimates that he was able to harvest 1.5 kilos of eggplant and 20 to 30 pieces of okra every week during the whole month of October. And he was able to sell what his family could not consume.

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17,000-square-foot rooftop farm coming to North Bethesda

Washington D.C. based ‘Up Top Acres’ is preparing for its biggest project yet: a 17,000-square-foot rooftop farm at North Bethesda’s Pike & Rose mixed-used development

By Jeff Clabaugh
January 4, 2018


It will offer a membership program, called community-supported agriculture, to both Pike & Rose office workers and residents.

“It’ll be about $25 worth of fresh produce a week. They’ll get anywhere from eight to 10 items per week,” Up Top Acres co-founder Kristof Grina told WTOP.

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Nepal: Urban rooftop farms as new city culture

According to the data of economic activities at Nepal Rastra bank, cultivable land in Nepal has decreased by 30,334 hectares in the fiscal year 2016/17. Hence, rooftop farming can significantly contribute to decrease the import of agricultural products from other countries.

By Aditya Neupane
My Republica
Jan 3, 2018


One of the main specialties about rooftop farming is that you can also grow unseasonal vegetables and fruits through the green house effect. Rosy Maharjan, trainer of a project named ‘Phohor Maila Bewasthapan Ko Lagi Pratifal Ma Aadharit’, said, “Small families can easily produce enough vegetables for themselves through rooftop farming if it is done in a scientific way.” The project has been providing training on rooftop farming, waste segregation and composting to the residents of Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

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Canada: Vancouver envisions radicchio on its rooftops – (flashback 2007)

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The Canadian city sees food-producing gardens in urban residential developments as the wave of the future.

By Linda Baker
Los Angeles Times
June 17, 2007

The residential skyscrapers in downtown Vancouver, Canada, are already covered with green. Rooftops and balconies overflow with ornamental vines, shrubs, even midsize magnolia and maple trees. And now, there’s more.

Vancouver is launching a novel green initiative aimed at bringing food-producing gardens to the city’s high-density developments. In what may be a first for a North American city, municipal planners have crafted a set of “urban agriculture” conditions for a new downtown neighborhood: Southeast False Creek, an 80-acre mixed-use community springing up on the former site of a shipyard.

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South Africa: Johannesburg’s new “agripreneurs” dig for green gold on skyscraper rooftops

Nhlanhla Mpati, an agripreneur, tends to his plants at the garden he set up on top of Johannesburg’s iconic ‘Chamber of Mines’ building in the central business district on November 15, 2017. Inna Lazareva/Thomson Reuters Foundation

In the next three years, about 100 more farms will be set up in the city besides the two now running, and the scheme is already attracting many applications from would-be young entrepreneurs.

By Inna Lazareva
Dec 1, 2017


The soaring “Chamber of Mines” building in central Johannesburg, a hub for South Africa’s mining industry, is a symbol of a bygone era when pioneers began flocking here in the late 19th century to dig for gold.

Today, it is also the site of a new venture aiming to entice the city’s unemployed youth into green entrepreneurship.

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Hong Kong urban farmers find bliss in rooftop gardens

Pol Fàbrega is the co-founder of sustainable living group Rooftop Republic. Photo: Edmond So

Sustainable living proponents praise benefits but lament regulatory hurdles

By Yujing Liu
South China Morning Post
Nov 25, 2017


Some 60 rooftop farms and 1,400 farmers have emerged locally over the past decade, and a handful of farms are added each year, according to Mathew Pryor, an associate professor and head of the landscape architecture ­division at the University of Hong Kong.

More than 7.38 million people now live in just 2,754 square km in the city, and only 24 per cent of the land is developable urban area. Hong Kong is likely to stay the world’s most densely populated city in 2025, according to a Bloomberg study.

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India: Woman sets example for locals by introducing terrace farming in Raipur

Video in native language.

The Times of India
Published on Nov 22, 2017

Raipur (Chhattisgarh), Nov 23 (ANI): A woman named Pushpa Sahu is setting an example with her unconventional way of farming on her home’s rooftop in Raipur. Pushpa has set up a unique method of farming by using waste from her house to grow fruits, vegetables and even medicinal plants. She has converted the rooftop into a mini farm and has also uses a technique to water the plants by recycled water. She started terrace farming five years ago and is also influencing people in the city to take up this unique initiative.

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South African urban farmers grow herbs and crops on rooftops

About 100 buildings have already been identified where similar farms in the city will be set up.

Africa News
Nov 21, 2017


Nhlanhla Mpati is tending his farm in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mpati is among a group of farmers in the country who are growing herbs and other crops on rooftops in urban cities.

He is part of project run by various organizations that wants to make more produce available in the inner city and provide jobs for entrepreneurs who want to farm but don’t have access to land.

Mpati grows basil and other herbs at the farm using a hydroponics system on top of the city’s Chamber of Mines building.

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