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Proposed Floating Vertical Farms for Singapore


“We believe these types of initiatives can be applied closer to the existing and new emerging urban centers in order to help mitigate the future food issue.”

By Adele Peters
Fast Company
July 29, 2014


Architects from Barcelona-based design firm JAPA have proposed a new system of looping towers that could float in local harbors, providing new space for year-round crops. Called F.R.A., short for “floating responsive architecture,” the design is inspired in part by floating fish farms that have been in use locally since the 1930s.

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Inside the World’s Largest Indoor Farm in Japan

A worker tends vegetables at the world’s largest “plant factory” on July 2, 2014. The Japanese factory produces 10,000 heads of lettuce a day. Photograph By Kyodo Via Ap.Click on image for larger file.

An abandoned Sony factory in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, has been transformed into what could very well be the farm of the future.

By Gloria Dickie
National Geographic
July 17, 2014


Shigeharu Shimamura, a plant physiologist and CEO of Mirai, has constructed the world’s largest indoor farm—25,000 square feet of futuristic garden beds nurtured by 17,500 LED lights in a bacteria-free, pesticide-free environment. The result? About 10,000 heads of fresh lettuce harvested each day.

The unique “plant factory” is so efficient that it cuts food waste from the 30 to 40 percent typically seen for lettuce grown outdoors to less than 3 percent for their coreless lettuce. (Related: “Stop Wasting Food in the West and Feed the World.”)

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The Business of Building a Rooftop Farm

Urban Farming: Home on the Brooklyn Grange

Bloomberg TV
Aug 2014


We are funded through interest loans, equity investments, and good old-fashioned grassroots fundraising. We raised a good chunk of our funds on Kickstarter.

We have 40,000 square feet on a 65,000 square-foot face.

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Panasonic ventures into farming in Singapore, a land-scarce city-state

panaClick on image for larger file.

It aims to contribute five per cent to local supply by March 2017.

By Medilyn Manibo
Aug 8, 2014


The vegetables, produced within a 248 square metre indoor facility in Tuas, includes green lettuce, white radish, rocket lettuce, basil, mint herb, wild parsley, baby spinach.

Both leafy vegetables and root crops are currently cultivated within 35 days in soil-based environment and sustained with artificial lighting using LED lights. Panasonic said it is continuing its research and development to shorten the lead time to 28 days.

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Santropol Roulant’s rooftop garden in Montreal an ‘oasis’

Santropol Roulant’s rooftop garden in Montreal an ‘oasis’.

The cost of building a green roof has been substantial — about $20,000 to build the drainage and irrigation system and another $200,000 to strengthen the building’s structural capacity.

By Christopher Curtis
The Gazette
July 30, 2014


“Kids come here and they see an eggplant, and they’re not crazy about eggplants when they see it on their dinner plate, but they see it in the garden and their eyes almost pop out of their heads,” said Noémie Desbiens-Riendeau, the co-manager of Santropol’s urban agriculture program. “It’s very touching, it’s nice. It’s almost magical.”

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Innovative City Farmer Tastes Success Again in Thiruvananthapuram, India

R Raveendran at his rooftop garden.

He has a cultivated paddy and around 15 varieties of vegetables on his terrace

By Saritha S Balan
The New India Express
30th July 2014


Using the drip irrigation method, he cultivates paddy, chilli, yam, amaranthus, ladies finger, tomato, brinjal, ash gourd, passion fruit, ginger, turmeric, wild turmeric, curry leaf and ‘pudina’ on 1,450 square feet. Raveendran started with the method in 2011 and has now reached a stage of success as he was in other experiments too.

“The produce is more than enough for the use of a family and I do sell the vegetables. For the past three years, I didn’t need to buy rice for Onam for my family. I get 30 kg of paddy from which I can make 15 kg of rice,” he says.

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Green thumbs sprout on cityscape in Kozhikode, India

roofindA vegetable garden set up atop a house in Kozhikode. Kozhikode is the third largest city in Kerala. Photo by S. Ramesh Kurup.

“We never grow hybrid varieties as they are likely to perish fast. With locally available seeds, we can nurture a durable vegetable garden on the rooftop.”

By Mithosh Joseph
The Hindu
July 26, 2014


“With just 10 earthen pots, a small family can venture into rooftop cultivation to produce at least seven varieties of vegetables,” says Babu Parambath, a farmer who coordinates the Vengeri-based Niravu Farmers’ Club. Over 25 households in the city are currently experimenting with this low-cost farming technique under the club’s guidance.

The households attached to Niravu Club cultivate okra, tomato, spinach, cowpea, brinjal, bush pepper, and green chilli organically.

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BrightFarms wants to build a hydroponic greenhouse farm in Washington, DC

Help us to build a 120K sq ft hydroponic greenhouse farm to supply the nation’s capital with the freshest locally grown produce year-round

Excerpt from Indiegogo site:

We just announced an exciting partnership with Giant Food® to deliver year-round local produce to Giant stores throughout the Washington metropolitan area. At 100,000 square feet, it will be the largest urban greenhouse of its kind in the world.

We have the site. With our partnership with Giant Food® in place, we now need to finance and build the greenhouse. Our architectural plans are being finalized and our goal is to break ground in August 2014.

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How Rooftop Farms Yield 20 Times More Produce Than Traditional Farms

Brooklyn-based Gotham Greens builds greenhouses on urban rooftops.

By Graham Flanagan
Business Insider Australia
July 22, 2014


As more and more people move into cities, the demand for access to fresher, more nutritious foods continues to rise.

Brooklyn-based Gotham Greens builds greenhouses on urban rooftops. Inside the greenhouses, the company grows vegetables that don’t have to make the long journey most food makes from rural farms to cities.

In one location, the food only has to go as far as the Whole Foods directly below it.

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Urban Skyfarm concept would provide inner city farming space


A 3,200 sq m (35,000 sq ft) solar array on the top of the structure would be used to generate electricity

By Stu Robarts
July 15, 2014


Aprilli designed the Skyfarm with Seoul, South Korea, in mind, but it could be deployed in any major city. In addition to providing space for growing food, it would help to clean the city’s air, generate renewable electricity and provide a place for people to relax.

The primary structure has a large, root area at its base to provide stability and spread the weight of the Skyfarm out across the ground. A trunk section rises up from the root and spreads out into eight vertical branches that are connected together by trusses to provide structural reinforcement.

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Old Manhattan Has Some Farms


Forthcoming August 5, 2014

By Susan Lendroth (Author), Kate Endle (Illustrator)
Publisher: Charlesbridge
32 pages

My newest children’s picture book, Old Manhattan Has Some Farms, explores urban agriculture from a young child’s perspective. Slated for release by Charlesbridge Publishing on August 5, Old Manhattan employs the Old MacDonald rhyme as a framework for a lighthearted look at how communities across North America (including Canada) are adding locally grown foods to the menu.

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Lufa Farms: Making Cities Self-Sufficient in Food Production


We now feed 4,000 Montreal families each week and are on track to harvest nearly 200 metric tons of produce this year from our greenhouses.

By Mohamed Hage, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Lufa Farms, Montreal
New Cities Foundation
Jun 6, 2014


In August 2013, we had our second huge milestone when we planted 22 different varieties of tomatoes at our second greenhouse. This 43,000 square foot farm was built in partnership with the Dutch greenhouse manufacturer KUBO. Their Ultra Clima facility is a true marvel: it is carbon neutral and creates the ideal growing environment for crops. Plus it looks really cool and high-tech, especially on top of a building.

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New Yorkers forge ahead with rooftop farming


This trend of younger peo­ple get­ting their hands in the soil is what has deliv­ered the city its new­found green space. The ques­tion is: once the sex­i­ness wears off, how can we main­tain this move­ment?

By Ari Lev Kaputkin
New York The City Atlas

For now though, the final price point of urban-farmed food remains a hur­dle for farm­ers intend­ing to make their pro­duce avail­able to all. “A lot of peo­ple really want to quit their jobs and become New York City farm­ers, but you can’t do that and still have an apart­ment for $2,000 a month” says Novak. “At a cer­tain point, it’s just obnox­ious to charge $16 a pound for arugula.”

Cur­rently, there are only three for-profit farms har­vest­ing in the city. Finan­cial resources are slim, and most farms rely on grants because sales are just not enough at this point. Oper­at­ing costs vary greatly from farm to farm, and are higher on the roof-top end of the spec­trum. Although New York may be one of the most expen­sive cities to farm, it still sits apart from oth­ers in its advantages.

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TELUS Unveils Toronto’s First Corporate Urban Community Garden

Fourth floor rooftop garden

By Eric Novak
June 9, 2014


On Wednesday June 4, 2014 during National Environment Week, TELUS unveiled Toronto’s first corporate urban garden to generate fresh, local, organic produce for charitable organizations in the Greater Toronto Area and TELUS team members. A launch for invited guests and media was held at TELUS House Toronto, a LEED Gold-certified development in the downtown core, and learned about the extensive sustainability work which was undertaken to bring this garden to life.

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A Conversation With Oscar Rodriguez On Urban Farming


Oscar Rodriguez, the founder of Architecture & Food, which is a company that works with organizations on building vertical farming.

By Emy Muzzi
Urban Times
June 4, 2014


Here’s a basic, ‘ridiculous’ calculation: London has 20,000 hectares (200,000,000 sqm) of roofscape, most of it pitched, and a population of 8.2 million people. By retrofitting horticultural greenhouses employing high productivity growing tech with a conservative 40kg/sqm/yr productivity onto half that area (10,000 hectares) you could produce enough to supply 1.3 kg of vegetables per person per day which is 380 percent of the average daily U.K. fruit and vegetable consumption of 350g.

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