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Roosevelt University’s two rooftop farms in Chicago

On the 5th floor of Roosevelt University’s Loop campus, there are two rooftop vegetable gardens.

Later this summer, those vegetables and herbs will be harvested and used in Roosevelt’s dining hall.

By Karis Hustad


There are five green roofs on the Wabash building, three of which create natural insulation to assist with temperature control, while two grow vegetables that are used in the dining hall. The vegetable gardens have been a bit of a living laboratory for the last three years, as students have experimented with different types of plants in order to understand what works best at a certain height with certain amounts of light. For example, tomatoes didn’t work out so well on the fifth floor said Quinsell. “Patience is a big thing,” she said, when experimenting with urban farming.

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Urban rooftop farms take root above Hong Kong

City Farm’s Osbert Lam holding a pumpkin he just harvested at his organic farm. (Photo: AFP/Philippe Lopez) (Must see video of the rooftop farm. Mike)

Rooftop farming is gaining traction around Asia, but in densely populated Hong Kong, where rooftops are aplenty, urban farms are only still beginning to seed.

By Roland Lim,
Hong Kong Bureau Chief,Channel NewsAsia
20 Jul 2015
(See video of rooftop. Mike)


HONG KONG: In the unlikeliest of places, above a 14-storey industrial building’s rooftop, in the island’s eastern district of Quarry Bay, a patch of green stands out.

Local entrepreneur Osbert Lam wanted out of the rat race five years back and turned his passion project into a viable business.

His modest farm, less than a quarter of a football pitch in size, has up to 500 planter boxes available for rent at US$20 a month.

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Boston: New rooftop farm showcases Brandeis University’s green thumb

brandClick on image for larger file.

Renovated outdoor space offers environmental benefits

By Julian Cardillo ’14
Brandeis Now
July 2, 2015


Brandeis’ care for the environment has sprouted another set of roots on campus: a 2,000-square-foot roof farm atop the Shapiro Science Center’s Leo Gerstenzang Science Library, constructed with a $30,000 grant from the university’s Sustainability Fund.

Fruits, vegetables and flowers are planted in 1,500 milk crates filled to the brim with soil and watered via a timed drip-irrigation system. The space is maintained by the Brandeis Rooftop Community Farm club. The project and club originated in the hands-on “Greening the Ivory Tower” experiential-learning course taught by Professor Laura Goldin.

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Paris gardener sets up vegetable garden on the rooftop of the AgroParis Tech university.

roofrAfp Photo / Miguel Medina.

The Topager company, specialized in urban vegetable gardens

Gardener and founder of the Topager company, specializes in urban vegetable gardens, Nicolas Bel, poses on May 18, 2015 on the rooftop of the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts in Paris. Bel set up the first vegetable garden in Paris, on the rooftop of the AgroParis Tech university. When chefs in Paris need a perfect tomato, or a super-fresh herb, all some need to do is pop up to the kitchen gardens on the roofs of their restaurants.

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In St. Louis, an Urban Farmer Uses a Rooftop and Food to Spur Renewal

Eldar Beiseitov, Chris Faller, Johanna Ballou and Kiley Enno work in garden plots at Urban Harvest STL, a urban farm that sits on the roof of a two-story building in St. Louis. Photo by Whitney Curtis for The New York Times.

“To be self-sufficient, we’ll need to scale up to several more rooftops to where they’re generating the revenue needed to support expenses,” she said.

By Joe Gose
New York Times
June 30, 2015


“There’s a wide interest in rooftop farms because there are so many benefits, from environmental to job creation and food creation,” Ms. Schantz said. “There’s also a lot of interest from landlords that want to increase the value of their buildings.”

Mrs. Ostafi approached the building owner, Beau Reinberg, about putting a farm on his roof three years ago after Urban Harvest STL lost its lease on a community garden site. Mr. Reinberg, who bought the building in 2008 with plans to put a restaurant on the roof, also envisions the farm as another way to erase the Delmar Divide. But leasing the roof to a unique user still had to make financial sense instead of being a public relations gambit, he said.

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Rooftop Community Garden At Bosa False Creek, Vancouver. BC

The Bosa Properties Foundation and Can You Dig It have partnered up to create a rooftop community garden at our rental building in False Creek, Vancouver.

Atop our Bosa False Creek rental building is a spectacular rooftop garden, a harvest of healthy and sustainable fruits and vegetables. The Bosa Properties Foundation partnered with Can You Dig It – an amazing non-profit organization promoting urban agriculture and creating meaningful networks within the community.

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Famous Paris Department Store, Boulevard Haussmann, has Rooftop Food Garden


Housing 150 plant varieties and a fully organic, chemical-free soilless cultivation system made from 5,400 square feet of hemp and wool panels that recycles its entire water usage.

By Trendstop.Com
June 17, 2015


In Paris, Galeries Lafayette is taking up the challenge to make the city a more bio-diverse and eco-friendly place with a new urban farming initiative. The famous department store has teamed up with the French Association of Soilless Cultivation to create a hanging fruit and vegetable garden, which is the first instalment in an ongoing citywide project aiming to not only inspire city dwellers to ‘grow their own,’ but also to develop a new economic activity for the capital.

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Modern Halifax house features rooftop urban agriculture

rofdecClick on image for larger file.

The roof top garden beds on their King Street home, in which the Fitzgeralds plant vegetables and herbs, resemble what they witnessed on their journey.

By Jonathan Waddell
HALIFAX — Special to The Globe and Mail
Jun. 18, 2015


She, and her husband and builder, Brainard Fitzgerald, wanted to see how urban agriculture was accomplished in countries where the practice was a necessity. Their rare partnership harkens back to the roots of the profession when architects combined the talents of designer and craftsman.

She proposed to visit countries in Central and South America and Cuba, a place to which Ms. Fitzgerald now takes her students from Dalhousie University School of Architecture.

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There are at least 13 rooftop farms in Chicago

The Chicago Botanic Garden has planted a 20,000 square-foot vegetable and herb garden, the largest in the Midwest, at McCormick Place West.

By Paulina Firozi
Chicago Tribune
June 15, 2015


After a trip to Germany, former Mayor Richard M. Daley returned with a mission to turn Chicago into a green-movement leader and installed the city’s first green roof atop City Hall in 2000.

In the years since, green roofs have gotten a lot of attention, and Chicago has been recognized as one of the leaders in North America. The city has more than 5.5 million square feet on more than 500 rooftops, Strazzabosco said.

But even that is still a small number. Those 500 green roofs represent a little less than one-tenth of 1 percent of Chicago’s more than half a million buildings. In Germany, experts said in 2010 that 15 to 20 percent of the flat roofs in the country were green.

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Singapore Experts Visit Rooftop Garden in New York

sinroThe Singapore delegation at a rooftop farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. (Photo: Alice Chia)

Centre for Liveable Cities Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye said this presents “lots of opportunities” for Singapore as the country has “lots of rooftops”.

By Alice Chia
China News Agency
10 Jun 2015


Officials from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in Singapore and the Centre for Liveable Cities visited the Brooklyn Navy Yard industrial park. They were given a tour of the historical site – one of the first naval shipyards in the United States when it was established in 1801.

Following its closure in the late 1960s, it was converted into an industrial park, so it could continue to provide jobs for its citizens. Now, it houses more than 330 tenants, from manufacturers to seafood importers. The tenants employ more than 6,400 people, up from 3,600 in 2001.

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Bangkok: A huge allotment on top of new mall Siam Square

Landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom designed the rooftop farm for Siam One shopping complex.

The city’s largest rooftop farm is open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday, with workshops every third Saturday of the month.

By Anchalee Kongrut
Bangkok Post
8 Jun 2015


The idea of growing rice in the middle of the capital sounds outlandish. But that’s exactly the point, according to Kotchakorn Voraakhom, the landscape architect who designed the rooftop space known as Siam Green Sky. She reminded us that the area known now as Siam Square is no stranger to agricultural activity. It was a rice plantation when King Rama VI donated the land for the official opening of Chulalongkorn University nearly a century ago.

In the following decades, the city expanded, and the area underwent restless development with new buildings, hotels, cinemas and the Skytrain emerging. It eventually evolved into the capital’s bustling,iconic area.

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Korea: Rooftop greenhouse is the future of urban farming



June 5, 2015
The Hankyoreh

A staff member shows off a rooftop greenhouse with a retractable door at the 4th Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo at Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall, June 4. The event runs until June 7. (Yonhap News)

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Crops in a concrete jungle: Singapore’s rooftop farms

Tomatillos, also known as husk tomatoes, grow at Comcrop, a rooftop farm located on Singapore’s Orchard Street. Video on news site. (Photo: Elizabeth Weise)

By Elizabeth Weise,
June 5, 2015


“The idea is basically using a very confined piece of land that could grow a lot of food and at the same time build a community,” said Allan Lim, 42, CEO and one of the co-founders of Comcrop, an urban farming collective.

The farm is located on a 6,000-square-foot rooftop in a building on Orchard Road, a high-end shopping district sometimes called Singapore’s Rodeo Drive.

“Our object is to testbed and see how much food we can seriously grow on marginalized land,” Lim said.

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Harvesting priceless real estate: Ryerson’s quarter-acre rooftop farm in Toronto

“In downtown, every square-footage is priceless so we’ve been able to take 30,000 square feet and turn it into a place where the community can come and engage in new programming,” said Sarah Beldick, the general manager at Cooper Koo YMCA, home of another rooftop garden.

By Fan-Yee Suen, Staff
May 25, 2015


Above the congested roads, busy sidewalks and grey concrete, a sky-high urban farm is slowly taking root in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The roof of Ryerson University’s George Vari Engineering and Computer Centre is one of a number of rooftop gardens in the city. On Monday, volunteers spent their time on the four-storey-high garden, tending to mustard greens, garlic patches and other plants.

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Boston’s Brandeis University students seed rooftop farm

GROWING: Annie Fortnow, Jay Feinstein and Allison Marill are part of the Brandeis Farmers Club, which operates a 1,500-square foot rooftop farm.

The farm is expected to reap 3,500 pounds of produce per season.

By Donna Goodison
Boston Herald
May 24, 2015


Brandeis University students are getting and teaching lessons in sustainability, urban agriculture, the local food movement and economics through a new 1,500-square-foot rooftop farm on their Waltham campus.

The students planted herbs, vegetables, strawberries and rhubarb in milk crates atop the Gerstenzang Science Center last month, tapping a $30,000 grant from the college’s Sustainability Fund.

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