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Taipei to build farm park within concrete urban buildings


The farm base will allow citizens to grow greens amid a concrete jungle and experience the fun of farming

By Yu Kai-hsiang and Elizabeth Hsu
Focus Taiwan


Taipei, April 13 (CNA) Taipei citizens may no longer need to travel to the countryside to get a feel for the fun of farming and grow their own food, thanks to a planned farm park the city government will start working on this July.

The Heart of Neihu Science Park project, to be located at the site vacated by the Flora Wholesale Market in Neihu in March 2014, will be the capital’s first farm and wetland park once completed at the end of 2016, the city’s Public Works Department said in a statement released Monday.

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A growing fascination in Siam Square, Bangkok

Smack in the heart of Bangkok is Siam Square One with its unique rooftop garden and farm called ‘Siam Green Sky’. Graphics courtesy of Siam Green Sky.

“Rice on the roof is a novel way to farm in an overcrowded city like Bangkok,” she explained.

By Supoj Wancharoen And Sukhumaporn Laiyok
Bangkok Post
11 Apr 2015


The ratio of green space per resident in Thailand’s capital is less than in neighbouring countries, said Chulalongkorn University Property director Boonsong Srisawangnate.

Assoc Prof Permyot Kosolbhand,vice president of Chulalongkorn University, said education is one of the key elements for launching the garden. He said Siam Green Sky in fact is intended as an urban agricultural learning centre.

The centre is an outdoor classroom for people interested in how food gets from the ground to the dining table, he said, adding it will be an access point into the heart of the community where green-minded people socialise.

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Meet Cloud 9, the Philly Nonprofit Turning City Rooftops Into Urban Farms

Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm.

Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm has turned one Poplar apartment building into an agricultural oasis.

By Emily Leaman
Apr 8, 2015


Campbell-Cobb: Growing food on a roof is a weird thing, and it can be hard to convince people to do it. Green roofs have been taking off, but to grow food you need more soil depth so it takes more weight to put on the roof. Finding space that’s strong enough and building owners who are interested in experimenting is the key.

BWP: What kind of experimenting did you do last season, and what did you learn?

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TEDx: ‘Organic Terrace Farming’ by Dr.B. Narayan Viswanath

Your terrace is worth a lot more than you would ever have thought.

Mar 16, 2015

Dr. B. Narayan Viswanath, (fondly called as BNV by friends) Born on 12-July-1943 in Bangalore, took his B.Sc., in Agriculture from the university of Mysore in 1965, M.Sc.(Agr.) in 1967 from University of Kerala and Ph.D. degree in 1977 in Agricultural Entomology from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

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Last In Vegetable Acres? For Wyoming, Vertical Farms Might Be The Answer

Nate Storey, found of Bright Agrotech, a company that manufactures vertical tower for high-density urban farms, calls Laramie, Wyoming home. Photo by Luke Runyon KUNC, Harverst Public Media.

“There is a lot of conservative thinking in Wyoming, and people don’t see it as a food production state,” Yehia says.

By Luke Runyon & Harvest Public Media
Community Radio for Northern Colorado
April 6, 2015


Nate Storey’s greenhouse in west Laramie is packed with vegetables growing in long, upright plastic towers. It’s an urban farmer’s dream. The waste from fish tanks fertilizes the crops through plastic tubing that drips water onto the vertical garden. The greenhouse is small, but produces a lot of food.

“You can grow anything,” Storey says, beaming like a proud father over bok choy, butter lettuce and spinach. “People have grown some crazy stuff with the towers. We’ve grown tomatoes and very large statured crops, watermelons.”

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Oldest Baseball Stadium, Fenway Park in Boston, Opened a Rooftop Garden

“Two local companies from Somerville, Recover Green Roofs and Green City Growers, worked on the installation and planting of Fenway Farms,”

By Nick DeLuca


The oldest baseball stadium in the country, our beloved chapel known as Fenway Park, is constantly evolving in order to maintain an atmosphere and bevy of features designed to make Red Sox nation comfortable and keep them engaged.

On Thursday, April 9, the Red Sox announced its latest Fenway iteration: a rooftop garden aptly called Fenway Farms.

News of the new nursery comes shortly after Boston Mayor Marty Walsh took a tour of Fenway and digested 174 new seats, enhanced Wi-Fi, an interactive video wall for fans to take photos, activity space for children and two new 30” high x 39.3’ wide LED ribbon boards.

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Jaipur, India’s ‘The Living Greens’ sell light portable greenhouses for rooftops


The Living Greens is now planning to open franchises in 10 other cities

By Francesca Ferrario
Social Story
March 25, 2015


The Living Greens has now opened franchises in Delhi, Indore and Jodhpur where they provide greenhouses of different dimensions made of high-density polyethylene, and installing vertical gardens. For the greenhouses, the company has created a soil-less medium – much lighter than wet soil — which increases its fertility throughout the time when small quantities of an enriching powder is added to it regularly. Their vertical gardens, on the other hand, do not need soil and are ensured a healthy growth, because the team has created special containers combined with a system that recycles water in a loop.

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Rooftop Urban Agriculture Centre Opens on a Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Siam Green Sky.

Chulalongkorn University has invested about 5.6 million baht to turn the 1 rai rooftop space of the seven-storey Siam Square One shopping mall into an urban agriculture learning centre.

By Karnjana Karnjanatawe
Bangkok Post
Mar 26, 2015


“We will expand the green project to cover a total of 28 rai of space in and outside buildings belonging to the university in the future,” he said. Siam Green Sky is segmented into three zones. First is an innovative area consisting of a solar cell system for farming, a demonstration room showing how to produce fertiliser from organic waste and gardening plots for growing herbal, decorative plants and rice.

The second zone shows plants from many countries while the last zone is an easy-care garden for those who do not have much time, but want to plant vegetables.

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City Farmer’s Cob Shed with Green Roof is 12 Years Old



The outside layer of clay belonged to famous Haida artist Bill Reid

Sculptor, George Rammell, donated Haida artist Bill Reid’s clay. “The clay I provided belonged to Haida artist Bill Reid. It provided the form for many of Bill’s sculpture projects including the “Whale” at the aquarium, and the huge bronze “Spirit Canoe” at the Vancouver airport. I also used it for my bear track project where I had a Grizzly Bear walk over 15 meters of clay from which I cast the event. It’s great to know this clay, that has such a history on the Coast, now forms the surfaces on your project.”

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Living Architecture Monitor – Urban Agriculture Issue


Volume 17, Issue 1
Spring 2015

Excerpts from Table of Contents:

Integrating Agriculture and Architecture in the 21st Century

On the Roof with Urban Agriculture Rick Stars

Profitable Green Roof Vegetables

Grand Rapids Chefs Experiment With Produce From 700 Foot Edible Wall

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Rooftop farming still looking for big break in New York City

Zadok Zvi, the landlord, and Ben Silverman at Edenworks’ greenhouse in Bushwick.

With world food prices falling by 20 percent since 2011, according to the UN, profitability has only become more of an issue.

By Rew
Real Estate Weekly
Mar 4, 2015


Edenworks is about as modern as a farm can get. In planters stacked to the ceiling of a sunlit, 800-s/f greenhouse, the startup is growing bok choi, arugula, turnips, sage and lettuce. The plants are fertilized with waste water from fish tanks, where Edenworks is raising Tilapia. In the process of fertilization, the water is filtered and ultimately returns to the tanks, beginning the cycle anew. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of this complex procedure – called aquaponic farming – is that it all takes place on the rooftop of a small commercial building in Bushwick.

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$30M ‘vertical farm’ to bring jobs to Newark, New Jersey

A group of investors is turning an old industrial building in Newark into the headquarters to technology farming company AeroFarm, the group announced today. A rendering of the Newark headquarters, which the company says will open its first phase during the second half of this year. (Courtesy AeroFarm)

The project plans to bring 78 jobs to the city by the end of 2015.

By Jessica Mazzola
NJ Advance Media for
March 09, 2015


The state’s largest city will be home to the largest indoor vertical farm in the world, according to an announcement today from an investment group backing the development.

The RBH Group, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, Prudential Financial Inc., and AeroFarms have partnered with Newark city officials and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority on a $30 million renovation that will turn an old industrial site into a vertical urban farm, the group announced in a release today.

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10,000-sq-metre roof top farm makes waves in China

A large farm has been built on top of a factory in southwest China’ s Chongqing Municipality. The farm features crops, livestock and even a tractor.

The Economic Times
Mar 6, 2015
(Must see. Mike)

This 10,000-square-metre farm in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality may look ordinary at first glance.

But this is an exceptional farm situated on top of a sprawling factory that manufactures doors. It is big enough that a tractor is needed to help with farming.

The factory’s staff grow crops there, as well as raise poultry and livestock.

Factory official Lu Xiaoqing explained the company’s rationale for setting it up. “It would be a waste if we left the big rooftop unused. That’s why we created a farming project that involves our staff,” he was quoted as saying by state-run Xinhua news agency.

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Enthusiastic terrace farmers in IT community – Bangalore, India

Image courtesy: facebook/vani.murthy

“Today, gardening has become my yoga.”

Sindhu M V
Feb 21, 2015


The IT citizens of Bangalore, have been some of the most enthusiastic group of people who have taken to OTG in a big way. Vijay Satish is one among them. Even though his interest in gardening can be traced to his childhood, but terrace gardening was something his family had never explored. He says, “During my childhood, our garden had only ornamental plants. But when we had to construct a new house, our garden could no longer be accommodated. That’s when I began to use the terrace for growing plants, mostly vegetables and fruits.” The 2000 sq ft of terrace is crowned with ordinary as well as exotic plants.

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Wyoming Vertical Farm will produce 37,000 pounds of greens, 4,400 pounds of herbs, and 44,000 pounds of tomatoes

Under construction and design of the finished vertical farm.

Vertical Harvest broke ground in December and expects to be up and running by early 2016.

By Garnet Henderson
City Lab
Feb 17, 2015


Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole will be a three-story, 13,500-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse. It is situated on a skinny, leftover parcel of public land, 150 feet long by just 30 feet wide, next to a parking garage. The greenhouse will operate year-round and grow as much produce annually as would come from five acres of traditional agriculture. Ninety-five percent of Vertical Harvest’s eventual production is already under pre-purchase agreements with local restaurants and grocery stores.

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