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South Africa: Johannesburg’s new “agripreneurs” dig for green gold on skyscraper rooftops

Nhlanhla Mpati, an agripreneur, tends to his plants at the garden he set up on top of Johannesburg’s iconic ‘Chamber of Mines’ building in the central business district on November 15, 2017. Inna Lazareva/Thomson Reuters Foundation

In the next three years, about 100 more farms will be set up in the city besides the two now running, and the scheme is already attracting many applications from would-be young entrepreneurs.

By Inna Lazareva
Dec 1, 2017


The soaring “Chamber of Mines” building in central Johannesburg, a hub for South Africa’s mining industry, is a symbol of a bygone era when pioneers began flocking here in the late 19th century to dig for gold.

Today, it is also the site of a new venture aiming to entice the city’s unemployed youth into green entrepreneurship.

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Hong Kong urban farmers find bliss in rooftop gardens

Pol Fàbrega is the co-founder of sustainable living group Rooftop Republic. Photo: Edmond So

Sustainable living proponents praise benefits but lament regulatory hurdles

By Yujing Liu
South China Morning Post
Nov 25, 2017


Some 60 rooftop farms and 1,400 farmers have emerged locally over the past decade, and a handful of farms are added each year, according to Mathew Pryor, an associate professor and head of the landscape architecture ­division at the University of Hong Kong.

More than 7.38 million people now live in just 2,754 square km in the city, and only 24 per cent of the land is developable urban area. Hong Kong is likely to stay the world’s most densely populated city in 2025, according to a Bloomberg study.

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India: Woman sets example for locals by introducing terrace farming in Raipur

Video in native language.

The Times of India
Published on Nov 22, 2017

Raipur (Chhattisgarh), Nov 23 (ANI): A woman named Pushpa Sahu is setting an example with her unconventional way of farming on her home’s rooftop in Raipur. Pushpa has set up a unique method of farming by using waste from her house to grow fruits, vegetables and even medicinal plants. She has converted the rooftop into a mini farm and has also uses a technique to water the plants by recycled water. She started terrace farming five years ago and is also influencing people in the city to take up this unique initiative.

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South African urban farmers grow herbs and crops on rooftops

About 100 buildings have already been identified where similar farms in the city will be set up.

Africa News
Nov 21, 2017


Nhlanhla Mpati is tending his farm in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mpati is among a group of farmers in the country who are growing herbs and other crops on rooftops in urban cities.

He is part of project run by various organizations that wants to make more produce available in the inner city and provide jobs for entrepreneurs who want to farm but don’t have access to land.

Mpati grows basil and other herbs at the farm using a hydroponics system on top of the city’s Chamber of Mines building.

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Korea: Growing Food on a Green Roof, Part of the Solution for Climate Change

Video shows green roof solution in Korea.

Rooftop Gardeners make Kimchi

Rough Google Translation:

The lecture room of Seoul National University, Professor Han Moo-young, graduate students, residents of Gwanak-gu, and foreign students from the School of Construction and Environmental Engineering gathered in this school. Those with pink rubber gloves on both hands sliced ??the radishes on one side and trimmed them on the other side. It was the day to make kimchi which will be delivered to neighbours.

“Just grab a bunch of spices and rub them on the cabbage.” Gwanak-gu residents Kim Hye-Ja (48) told me. This is how to spice the marinated Chinese cabbage. The master from Indonesia followed his this red sauce. Gita said, “I learned what kimchi is in my class. The Kimchi was made on the same day it was delivered to local residents in apartment complexes in Gwanak-gu by the local service organization, Yeong-Ok, CEO of Gwanak city agricultural network.

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Korea: Lotus Farm is a Floating Urban Farming System

2017 Bronze Winner
taeung Kim, sunae Shin, sungho An, seungjun Lee, mirae Park


Lotus pontoon is a future-oriented farming system with floating architecture that can solve problems about production, sale and distribution of crops in the urban area.

Production loss of crops in the process of distribution from farm-plantation to urban areas can
cause both economic loss and global warming by increasing methane and carbon dioxide gas.

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A $1,000 bottle of wine grows in Brooklyn on a first-of-its-kind rooftop vine

Baby grapes being grown on a rooftop in Brooklyn. The first-ever rooftop vineyard brings the idea of urban agriculture to the wine industry. Rooftop Reds expects 30 cases of the bottles to be ready in 2019.

Rodenhouse invested $500,000 in the business. Once Rooftop Reds received the investment, it was able to move into a larger, permanent 14,800-square-foot rooftop space.

By Rene Brinkley
Nov 16, 2017


The Navy Yard agreed to lease the land if he met his goal. Shomaker raised $16,820, and in the spring of 2014, he started a nursery vineyard in a temporary space on the roof of a Navy Yard building.

Once he had the first grapes planted, Shomaker turned his attention back to money. He met with John Rodenhouse, the owner of award-winning Point of the Bluff Vineyards in upstate New York. “I was able to show him what I had put together. He could see the space at the Navy Yard and the grape vines. The fact that this was off the ground made it easy for him to say, ‘This looks like it has merit.'”

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New affordable Bronx development will feature a rooftop aquaponics greenhouse

Rendering of the Bedford Green House courtesy of Edelman Sultan Knox Wood/Architects LLP and Hollister Construction Services

Half of the greenhouse space will utilize aquaponics, with the other half focused on growing crops like kale, spinach, and arugula.

By Devin Gannon
6 Square Feet
November 15, 2017


Residents will also be able to work with Project Renewal’s horticultural therapist to grown their own food all year round. Additionally, chefs from the nonprofit’s Culinary Arts Training Program will teach healthy cooking classes in the rooftop greenhouse’s demo kitchen for residents and their neighbors in the community.

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Korea: University Rooftop Provides Food and Rainwater Storage

Engineers of Seoul National University made a special green-roof in their campus. The green-roof can storage rainwater, absorb heat energy and grow vegetable.

Professor Mooyoung Han’s Paper Presented at Sesttle’s Cities Alive Conference, 2017

By Professor Mooyoung Han
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Eng.
#35-302 Seoul National University
#1 Daehakro Kwanakgu, Seoul, Korea
(Must see. Mike)


There are additional social benefits which cannot be quantified. This vegetable garden became a place for communication between school and local residents. Every month, participants of urban farming on #35-dong green roof gather, share their harvested crops. Three big events at the green roofs became regular: Potato harvesting and sharing at the end of June, Full moon festival with traditional Korean rice cake making at Aug 15, in lunar calendar, and Kimchi making and sharing with foreign students at the end of November. Students, professors, local neighbors, and foreign students participate and enjoy the culture and sharing.

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Australia: Sky-high beekeeping and small-scale farming no problem for inner-city Brisbane

Hotel Brisbane bees.

Five years later, looking after the 150 hives he now has around greater Brisbane and northern New South Wales is a full-time job.

By Rachel Clun
Brisbane Times
November 2011


But for the cafes and corporate companies that now host beehives, Mr Stone said they have found it very rewarding.

“They produce about 200 kilograms (of honey) per hive per year, which allows them to do quite a bit from their rooftop,” he said.

“Instead of giving out a branded pen they give a 500-gram jar of honey to their most-cherished customers.”

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Germany: Roof Water-Farm in Berlin

The German research project Roof Water-Farm (2013-2017) explores ways of combining building-integrated wastewater treatment with urban food production

From their website:

Roof Water-Farm demonstrates paths towards innovative city water management and urban food production. Potentials and risks of redesigning across sectors of infrastructure are explored and communicated.

The research association investigates opportunities for building-integrated water treatment systems to irrigate and fertilize roof-top greenhouses. Technologies for water treatment and aquaponics (plant and fish cultivation) will be examined at a demonstration and test site in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The research focuses on a hygienically safe usage of rainwater, greywater and blackwater as both a strategy for city water management and a potential for urban food production.

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Feast TV: Urban Farming – 30 minute video

Kansas Urbavore Urban Farm, Columbia Centre for Urban Agriculture, Urban Harvest St Louis Rooftop

Feast Magazine
Mar 29, 2017
(Must see. Mike)

Food isn’t only grown on expansive farms in the country. Farms are an increasingly common sight in cities. In this episode of Feast TV, we explore urban farming in all of its forms. We head to a rooftop farm made possible through innovative architecture, visit a compact teaching farm carved out of an urban neighborhood and explore a fully off-the-grid farm where ideals and flavorful produce thrive. Veggie-forward cooking is taking center stage in kitchens across the country and host Cat Neville will show you a classic Italian pie that showcases farm-fresh greens and eggs.

[

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Pittsburgh: Superior Motors is starting its own urban farm in Braddock

It is the first restaurant in the Pittsburgh area to open its own urban farm.

By Kelly Lynn Thomas
Next Pittsburgh
October 25, 2017


Hart officially starts work on November 1, and over the winter he’ll focus on building infrastructure for the rooftop garden and farm plot, testing for contaminants like lead, and remediating the soil.

“Every empty plot around is really just a flat pile of rubble,” Hart says. Eleven years after Grow Pittsburgh began its Braddock farm, workers are still digging up bricks and pieces of concrete, Hart says. He expects a similar situation with the Superior Motors lot, which used to house a radio station.

Needed infrastructure includes heating and ventilation for the rooftop greenhouse, an irrigation system for the raised bed and possibly a deer fence for the farm plot. Hart also plans to add sand and compost to the plot’s thick clay soil to get it ready for its first growing season.

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China: Shanghai’s Edible Rooftops

Sky Farm in Shanghai uses rooftop agriculture to help urban residents experience nature up close. By Daniel Holmes and Shi Yangkun/Sixth Tone.

With approximately 10 billion square meters of exposed roof space across Chinese cities as of September 2011, according to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the concept has plenty of capacity to grow.

By Liang Chenyu
The Sixth Tone
Oct 24, 2017
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Atop Red Star Macalline Group’s headquarters sits a rooftop farm called Yiyun, which translates as “leaning on the clouds.” Chilies, white gourd, eggplant, chives, and other vegetables flourish across the 4,600-square-meter garden cultivated by the company, which is China’s largest national furniture retailer. The harvested produce is used in the staff cafeteria, and the farm also provides thermal insulation for the building’s top floor, which houses expensive rosewood furniture.

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Salad days at Toronto inner-city school

Student Josh Harrison-Maul poses for a photo on the rooftop garden at Eastdale C.I. on Gerrard St. E., near Broadview Ave. (Ernest Doroszuk, Toronto Sun)

Tyler Beckett wants to be a landscaper and the urban farming program on the roof of his inner-city school has greened his thumb.

By Kevin Connor
Toronto Sun
October 15, 2017


“It’s helping get me prepare for a job when I’m done school,” said the 16-year-old Eastdale Collegiate Institute student in the Regent Park area.

“I like getting involved with the garden and helping the kids in school. We used to go to the corner and buy chips, now we are eating salads.”

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