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Urban farm provides fresh food to Kansas City restaurants

What started in a basement quickly became a booming business. Missing Ingredient hopes to expand into a larger space to meet the demands of a growing clientele.

By Megan Strickland
Apr 11, 2018


Many restaurants in the Kansas City area embrace the “farm-to-table” concept, promising diners the finest dishes with local, fresh ingredients.

Where is the farm that is supplying the table?

One farm is located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, Missouri. Missing Ingredient is an urban farm that supplies food to more than 20 restaurants and makes almost 80 deliveries a week.

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They Turned This Miami Church Into a Farm

And now their produce is available at Whole Foods

By Carlos Frías
Miami Herald
April 06, 2018


St. Simon’s Episcopal church was going broke. It’s a tiny squat building on 4 acres of land in south Miami-Dade County, with a tiny congregation. That’s when a new member of the congregation, Moses Kashem, came up with an idea. A young farmer, he Emily Michot
Moses Kashem had a crazy idea — or so everyone else thought.

The son of a Muslim Indian father and a Catholic Italian mother, he wanted to turn the four unused acres surrounding a Miami Episcopal church into an urban organic farm.

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Indiana: Fishers to embrace agriculture in new city park

The farm is expected to be operational this summer, with programming available.

Fast-growing Fishers is preserving a 32-acre plot for an urban farm, to educate residents about food production while also helping to ease hunger.

By Scott Olson
North of 96th
Mar 16, 2018


“We’re very excited about this project,” Fadness told IBJ. “We think it’s a unique spin on parks. I think it’s going to be really amazing.”

Fishers AgriPark, which Fishers officials say will be the largest park in the country dedicated solely to a working farm, will feature crop fields, some livestock, aquaponics, an outdoor classroom, farmers market and eating area. Beehives and honey production also will be available.

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Norway: This chef built an urban farm in the Arctic

Vidmar’s lonely greenhouse is rich with produce all year-long thanks to seasonal crop swaps that take advantages of conditions. (Photo: NBC News/YouTube)

When tapping into the ebb and flow of that challenging climate — the greenhouse is just 650 miles from the North Pole

By Christian Cotroneo
Mother Nature Network
March 15, 2018
(Must see. Mike)


It all adds up to an unlikely oasis. Vidmar, a transplant from Florida who came to the area as a chef, provides the town with its only locally grown produce. Until he founded Polar Permaculture Urban Farm, everything from vegetables to eggs, had to be flown into the region. The situation left the Longyearbyen dwellers paying exorbitant prices for basic food, which was often exposed to the vagaries of flight conditions.

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Behind the Rise and Fall of Growing Power

Growing Power’s Milwaukee farm. (Photo credit: Will Allen)

The urban farming powerhouse had a global reputation. Then, it collapsed last year under mounting debt, prompting big questions about what happened and what comes next.

By Stephen Satterfield
Civil Eats


People close to the organization were saddened by the news of its dissolution, but many were not surprised. As far back as 2014, the Chicago chapter of Growing Power had begun to move toward independent accounting and funding strategies. Warning signs about Growing Power’s financial health were embedded in its mandatory annual filings and felt by its vendors.

And despite Allen’s passion and dedication, he may have suffered from a bit of founder’s syndrome. Fisher theorizes that Allen’s inability to empower and retain an operational management team was the main cause of the organization’s collapse.

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Brooklyn urban nonprofit farm and food pantry faces closure

In December, the Jacksons started a GoFundMe site to save the farm. They’re hoping to raise $28,000 to maintain their various programs.

By Dana Arschin
Fox 5
Feb 14 2018


It may look like your typical community garden, but a mini farm nestled on Decatur Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn is saving lives.

Robert and Devanie Jackson created this urban farm in 2004. For this married couple of 34 years, it is their way of giving back to the community they came from. The full name is Brooklyn Rescue Mission Urban Harvest Center and its full intention is to provide free, local produce to thousands of hungry Brooklyn families. Soon though, these gates could close for good.

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San Francisco Urban Farm To Rise As Symbol Of Social Justice

Alvina Wong (right) tries to untangle a lengthy garden hose with Marilyn Duran at the Hummingbird Farm in San Francisco

The once-fallow field, owned but previously unused by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, is on its way to becoming an urban farm capable of growing up to 1,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables each year

By Dominic Fracassa
San Francisco Chronicle
January 14, 2018


The College Hill Learning Garden in Bernal Heights was the agency’s first such program. Opened in April 2016, the center is designed to teach students about healthy food and environmental sustainability and is operated by Education Outside, a nonprofit focused on science and environmental education.

The new garden is the PUC’s second urban agriculture program, and the third is still “under consideration,” according to Tracy Zhu, the agency’s acting community benefits manager.

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Turning a Football Field into a Farm

Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College, at the organic farm on the school’s campus in Dallas, The farm used to be the school’s football field.

We’ve grown over 50,000 pounds of food since then. We give away ten percent of everything we grow. We call that tithing to the community.

By Jeffrey R. Young
Jan 9, 2018


I’m sitting there, and I got some advice from another college president who said, “When you’re with people of means, you should just ask them for something. Get them in the habit of thinking that your institution is something that they should support.” So I mentioned to Trammell, I said, “Hey, you know, people in our neighborhood, they don’t have a grocery store. I think people should have a grocery store.” Without missing a beat, he sidesteps the grocery store conversation and says, “You know, what I’m really passionate about are community gardens.”

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Canada: Vancouver Program matches landless farmers with unused open spaces

Ava and Jeffrey Reeve are young landless farmers raising sheep, ducks and chickens on Fred Glasbergen’s agricultural land in Langley. Gerry Kahrmann / Png

The land-matching program screens owners of under-utilized land and farmers ready to start a business, supporting both parties in the development of legal contracts.

By Glenda Luymes
Vancouver Sun
January 7, 2018


With a $25,000 investment from the provincial and federal governments, the pilot project led by the B.C. Young Agrarians and the Farm Folk City Folk Society aims to create seven to nine new farm operations in Metro Vancouver in 2018.

A similar project in Surrey last year helped connect several farmers and landowners, including David Feldhaus. Hoping to see his land used for agriculture, the landowner was introduced to a chef-turned-vegetable farmer through the Young Agrarians.

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This urban farmer is changing the Des Moines foodscape

Dogpatch Urban Gardens sits in the middle of Des Moines and has turned an acre of land to a garden and farm stand selling other local producers goods. Farmer Jenny Quiner says she hopes others will start growing their own food as well. Brian Powers/The Register

The local restaurants who utilize her organic produce are a who’s who of the Des Moines culinary scene.

By Brian Taylor Carlson
Des Moines Register
Jan 4, 2018


Jenny Quiner pulls back giant tarps to check the fragile lettuces growing in her high tunnel greenhouse. Rows of perky green lettuces sprout from the ground. She recovers them, then steps outside into the frigid winter to check on the cover crops in the fields that protect and enrich the soil.

The scene looks like most any other vegetable farm you would see across Iowa. But there’s one significant difference: It’s in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

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Canada: Vancouver sees increase in farms despite downturn in region

Karen Ageson is the CSA farmer for Farmers on 57th and a board member of the Vancouver Urban Farming Society. She is pictured in Vancouver, BC Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Jason Payne / Png

Ageson is the market garden manager and community-supported agriculture (CSA) farmer at Farmers on 57th, a one-acre urban farm near Cambie Street and 57th Avenue in downtown Vancouver where she has worked since 2009.

By Jennifer Saltman
Vancouver Sun
Jan 7, 2018


Her farm is one of those helping the city — an urban area with a relatively small amount of designated, protected agricultural land — buck the trend of declining farms and dwindling farmland that has taken hold across the region and the country.

The 2016 Census of Agriculture found that the total farm area in Metro Vancouver in 2016 was 38,380 hectares, the lowest number in 20 years. There has also been a steady decline in the number of farms at the regional and municipal levels. Region-wide, there were 2,412 farms, a 14-per-cent drop from five years ago.

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Man hopes urban farming can transform Kansas City neighborhood

During a tour of Kansas City’s Pink Pony Farm, it looks a lot bigger than two city lots. Plums, tomatoes, garlic and berries grow at the farm near 10th Street and Prospect Avenue.

Charlie Keegan
Dec 18, 2017


But there’s just enough space for him and his wife to work out their calling.

“It’s hard to quantify what that is, but it’s a feeling,” he described what he loves about farming. “And the feeling is positive. It feels good.”

Helkenberg said urban farming spreads that good feeling beyond the farm. First, it fights blight in areas like KC’s east side.

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New Orleans tour features four urban farms

Margaret Evans, a lifestyle educator and a family nurse practitioner, pets a goat at the Press Street Gardens. She was one of approximately 50 people touring four urban farms in New Orleans to learn more about the roles of community gardens. Photo by Craig Gautreaux/LSUAgCenter

The four farms visited were the VEGGI Farmers Cooperative, Press Street Gardens, Refresh Project and the Grow Dat Youth Farm.

By Kenneth Gautreaux
LSU Ag Center


Elliot Robinson, garden manager for Press Street Gardens, said the garden serves as a school garden for the nearby New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. Students from the school visit it and incorporate lessons from many different subject areas.

Robinson said the tour offered him an opportunity to connect with others involved in urban farm projects.

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Canada: Vancouver’s ‘Inner City Farms’ Partners with Home Owners and Local Businesses to Convert Front and Back Yards

We harvested some fine leaf lettuce, amongst other things. In this pic, one of our Urban Farmers, Suho, is flanked by the the Team Monday crew: Mike, Hailey and Vera.

Growing: Creole Garlic, Rojo De Castro; Rocambole Garlic, Russian Red; Purple Stripe Garlic, Shvelisi; Music Garlic (Musical)

From their websites.


Inner City Farms(ICF) is a small urban farm in Vancouver made up of even smaller parts. Vancouver is built on unceded Coast Salish territory and our farms are built on private property within our city’s limits. None of the land farmed by ICF is owned by ICF. All of the space we have access to is provided to us my members of the community who believe in our project and see the our gardens as a positive contribution to the neighbourhood. As a result we never talk about “our land” we instead understand our farm as “our spaces”.

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Canada: Vancouver’s ‘City Beet Farm’ Grows in Front and Back Yards

This summer we are growing over 70 types of veggies and cut flowers for our 22 week CSA program that runs from end of May to mid-October.

Maddy & Elana, City Beet Farm
From Young Agrarians
Posted by Kristen Nammour


The greatest business challenge that we face as a young farmer is managing cash flow so that we can pay-off the cost of the business and keep ourselves afloat in our first season. Our business goals are to pay off the cost of the business; deliver the best possible veggies to a sold-out CSA program; and to explore new revenue streams, including cut-flowers and a food-truck collaboration. We are feeling super grateful and on track to be able to achieve that through the help of our mentors and the YA network.

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