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Vancouver’s new Victory Gardeners transform Vancouver’s backyards and rooftop

At Victory Gardens, Samantha Phillips, Sandra Lopuch and Lisa Giroday are helping to transform Vancouver’s backyards and rooftops into gardens that provide residents and businesses with their own vegetables. Photo by Rob Newell.

Victory Gardens harkens back to the days when people did their patriotic duty by growing their own food

By Martha Perkins
April 9, 2014


So the three friends decided to start their own gardening business and called it Victory Gardens. Not only do they hire themselves out to create gardens — they just established a rooftop garden at HootSuite’s headquarters and one for Acorn, the vegetarian restaurant — but they also host workshops and seminars on growing your own vegetables.

Winning the $25,000 prize from the Co-operators’ National Co-op Challenge will help them spread the message even further. They’re using the money to produce an educational series of YouTube videos that show people how to create and nurture their own urban vegetable gardens.

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New Haven Farms triples capacity in Connecticut

Photo by Blair Seideman.

“Our eight farms total about half an acre, and this new farm is an acre.”

By Tasnim Elboute
Yale Daily News
April 4, 2014


New Haven Farms, an urban agriculture non-profit that provides free produce to disadvantaged residents, is in the process of acquiring a new farm that will triple its food output.

NHF works to combat both food insecurity and health conditions including diabetes and obesity by providing families with fresh produce and nutrition lessons for one season. The organization currently operates eight small garden sites throughout the city, growing 5,500 pounds of produce feeding 20 families over the winter and 40 over the summer. The new farm on Burr Street, which totals one acre, will dramatically increase the amount of food NHF can produce.

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Urban farming: full-time careers and a farm too

Raena and Rob Blusson balance their careers in Vancouver with farm life in the suburbs. Photo by Kelsey Klassen.

Raena and Rob Blusson both have full-time jobs in Vancouver, yet begin and end each day on their working 10-acre farm in Maple Ridge

Kelsey Klassen
April 9, 2014


For one Vancouver couple, the concept of farm-to-table didn’t exactly translate to dining at Fable a few nights each month.

In 2011, Raena and Rob Blusson made their urban farming dream a reality — purchasing a 10-acre plot of land in Maple Ridge while living and working downtown.

Three years later, the duo now wakes up every morning in Maple Ridge, tends to the animals and chores, and then rides the West Coast Express into the heart of Vancouver to continue their full-time careers in the mining sector.

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City agriculture sprouts in Korea

Weekend farm (Yonhap).

According to the Seoul Agricultural Technology Center, rooftop gardens are expected to save people about 16.6 percent on heating and cooling costs

By Suk Gee-hyun
The Korea Herald
Mar 28, 2014


A growing number of schools in major cities are teaching these lessons by making gardens in empty spaces or on rooftops. In Seoul, a total of 62 schools were offered related subsidies and educational guides by the city government last year.

Among Korean schools joining the move, Myeongeok Elementary School in Daegu won the top prize in a school farming competition hosted by the Rural Development Administration in 2013.

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Reclaim Urban Farm in Edmonton, Alberta

Urban farmers Ryan Mason and Cathryn Sprague. Lone Acacia Photography.

Reclaim has approximately 15 plots slated for use during the upcoming season

By Meaghan Baxter
VUE Weekly
March 26, 2014


Sprague and Mason acknowledge securing land—and permission from the city—was a simple task, as many of the land owners are individuals who do not have time to maintain a garden themselves but value the fresh produce that comes with it, or seniors who are no longer physically able to manage the upkeep themselves.

“Our model is really focusing on community as well, so really being able to connect with the land owners and have a relationship with people who own the land as well,” Mason notes, adding a shout out to the land owners, without whom Reclaim wouldn’t exist. “Lots of the land owners have said, ‘I’m interested in learning how to grow food,’ so they’ll be involved in some way, even if it’s just coming and looking over our shoulder every once in a while. It creates immediate relationships and food connections.”

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The backyard farming movement continues to grow in Colorado Springs

Adam Atencio in his backyard, where his garden beds are ready for another season of production.

When novice urban farmers understand what they’re up against, they’re less likely to burn out.

By Michelle Mercer
Mar 26, 2014


On a Saturday afternoon, Buckley’s Homestead Supply Store is as busy as a barnyard at feeding time. The store is packed with people taking classes on fruit tree care & chicken disease prevention. A steady stream of customers arrives to stock up on homesteading essentials.

Rachel Gutierrez was one of them. Gutierrez joined the urban homesteading movement five years ago. Her first step was to rip out her lawn and plant all varieties of vegetables. But she says her water bill grew a lot faster than her plants.

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Sprout City Farms breaks ground with a new garden in Denver

Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy, fourth from left, helps community members and representatives from Sprout City Farms break ground March 18, 2014, on a community garden in Mountair Park. Photo by Alison Hatch.

The Mountair Park garden will probably produce 5,000 pounds of produce the first year

By Austin Briggs
Denver Post


A food desert on the east side of Lakewood is on its way to having a small oasis of fresh produce that will feed the neighborhood as well as provide educational opportunities.

Sprout City Farms has partnered with the city of Lakewood and leaders from the Two Creeks neighborhood to grow a variety of crops on a 1¼ acre plot in Mountair Park in an area the U.S. Department of Agriculture has labeled a food desert.

That means residents in low-income areas don’t have access to fresh food within a half mile, said Lakewood associate planner Alexis Moore.

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Ford Motors Commercial Features Detroit Urban Farmer Pasho Murray

Upside: Anything is Possible. Why do we work so hard? There are a lot of opinions. Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt ( explains that for some of us, it’s about trying to make the world a better place.

Ford Just Destroyed Cadillac’s Ad Praising Rich Guys Who Work All The Time

By Aaron Taube
Business Insider
Mar. 27, 2014


In order to draw a contrast, Ford mimicked the structure of Cadillac’s commercial. Only it decided to use Pasho Murray, a real woman who founded Detroit Dirt, a company that turns waste into compost and sells it to people who want to create urban gardens.

Murray looks out at a landfill and wonders why Americans aren’t more like other countries who buy locally-grown food.

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Detroit urban farming project uncovers grisly past

Michael Score, president of Hantz Farms, stands on the site of a planned farm in inner-city Detroit with a burned and abandoned house in front of him and a garage behind him that was just discovered last week while clearing out wild brush. Photo by Alex Panetta.

Build a farm near crackhouses, and all bets are off about what stories the soil might tell.

By Alexander Panetta
Mar 23, 2013
The Canadian Press


DETROIT – Stunning things are being discovered in an effort to clear land for a new farm in inner-city Detroit.

Last week, workers found a building. The crumbling brick-sided structure was either a garage or a shed, and had been hidden by the wild brush that has sprouted in the east end of the economically suffering city.

Ask about the building, and they point to a dog. There it is, dead, with a bullet hole through its ribs. It appears to be a brown mastiff, sprawled out on the grass where it was found last Friday. It looks neatly groomed and is still wearing a collar.

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Lee County, Florida Urban Farm Tour Part 1: Estero’s Better Food Farm

Chad Jonas, owner of Better Food Farm, describes urban farming techniques. Photo by Mckenzie Cassidy.

Lee County is on the forefront of urban farming with new operations opening every year.

By Mckenzie Cassidy
Sanibel-Captiva Islander
March 7, 201


Lee County is on the forefront of urban farming with new operations opening every year. It has become so trendy that the county teamed up with University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) to host a tour where current and retired farmers can learn about cutting edge methods.

Four farms — each open less than a year — were visited by a bus full of “agrotourists” on Feb. 27 as part of the Lee County Urban Farm Tour.

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27-acre Urban Farm Planned For Shuttered Detroit School

Kettering’s campus is outlined in orange.

Officials padlocked 35 schools about seven years ago, followed by 29 more in 2009. Of 172 schools that were open in 2010, about 100 remain open.

By Corey Williams
Associated Press
March 12, 2014


DETROIT (AP) – A nearly 27-acre urban farm that will provide produce for Detroit public school students’ meals is planned at a former high school as part of the district’s efforts to reuse empty buildings instead of tearing them down.

The Kettering Urban Agricultural Campus will include hoop houses for an extended growing season, land redevelopment for planting and a food processing facility, Detroit Public Schools spokeswoman Jennifer Mrozowski told The Associated Press Wednesday ahead of an official announcement.

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Urban agriculture movement grows in Memphis

Roots Memphis Farm Academy farm manager and co-executive director Mary Phillips uses a seed block maker to transplant Red Russian Kale seedlings. Photo by Daily News/Andrew J. Breig.

The Memphis Area Association of Realtors donated $25,000 to help Green Leaf fulfill a plan to grow the size of the urban farming initiative to eventually include a total of 25 lots.

By Amos Maki
Memphis Daily News
Mar 6, 2014


The vacant homes and lots on Jennette Place near Walker Avenue and Mississippi Boulevard in South Memphis began germinating like an urban form of kudzu. They appeared like an invasive species in this proud neighborhood, spreading quickly, choking the life from viable properties and growing into a scourge that at one point seemed impossible to eradicate.

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Capital City Farming: 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Washington, DC

City Blossoms from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.

City Blossoms has worked with over 3000 children and youth in various gardening projects

By Bonnie Averbuch
Feb 23, 2014


1. City Blossoms aims to increase youth awareness about caring for themselves and the environment through gardening. Over the past nine years, City Blossoms “has designed a unique method of developing and managing robust green spaces where children and youth are engaged as the main cultivators”, specializing in “an art-based, hands-on approach that emphasizes the strengths and unique qualities of each learning center.” All of City Blossoms programs work with the needs of the local environment and community members.

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12th and final “Meet your Vancouver Urban Farmer” – Jordan from Southlands Heritage Farm.

Support your local urban farmers (and local rural farmers of course), and know where your food comes from.

By Vita Mavronicolas, Digital Storyteller
Shaun Mavronicolas
Fire and Light Media Group
July, 2013

Southlands Heritage Farm is a unique nature and agricultural reserve in Vancouver that most people are surprised to learn exists! They offer a number of camps, programs and workshops for youth right in the city as well as a weekly farmers market.

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Beantown Farming: 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Boston

Photo from City Spouts by Susan Young.

From rooftops to abandoned lots, from school yards to greenhouses, gardens and farms are popping up all over Boston as urban agriculture and the local food movement continues to grow.

By Bonnie Averbuch
Food Tank
Feb 15, 2014


4. CitySprouts provides a school gardening program that is integrated into the Boston Public School’s curriculum. CitySprouts is currently operating in 12 public schools in Cambridge, MA. The organization also provides support and resources to public schools across Boston. These services are available through three different programs: Classroom to Garden, which supports teachers as they extend their lessons into the school gardens; Food Education through food-producing school gardens; and CitySprouts Summer Intern Program, which helps youth build connections with their local food system and the urban natural environment.

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