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US Dept of Agriculture and US Dept of Energy Workshop to Explore Vertical Agriculture,

Featured Speakers Dr. Sabine O’Hara, Dr. Dickson Despommier,Dr. Raymond Wheeler, Dr. Weslynne Ashton, Nate Storey, Nick Starling.

Sustainable Urban Ecosystems – Workshop June 27, 28

Damon Thompson
Communications Director
USDA Research, Education

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Energy will host a workshop on “Innovation and Design in Vertical Agriculture and Sustainable Urban Ecosystems” on June 27-28 in Washington, DC. The workshop will be held at the Thomas Jefferson Auditorium at USDA Headquarters at 1400 Independence Ave. SW in Washington.

Representatives from the public and private sectors will identify and discuss challenges, opportunities and possibilities associated with vertical agriculture and sustainable urban ecosystems. The public is invited to attend morning sessions – which run from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Jun 27, and from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on June 28. However, you must RSVP by June 17 to attend.

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UAE: Dubai Gets Its First Indoor Vertical Farm

Founder & CEO Omar Al Jundi & co-founder Grahame Dunling.

The farm is called Badia Farm — “badia” is Arabic for “oasis” — and, like other urban indoor farms in cities like New York, London, and Chicago, it’s growing a lot of salad greens. Radish, kale, mustard, basil, and arugula all thrive in indoor controlled climate farms.

By Jill Ettinger
Organic Authority
May 11, 2018


The desert makes growing anything — especially food — rather difficult. Or, at least, it used to. A new startup in the United Arab Emirates hopes to reduce some of the food imports to the region, delivering fresher product that’s grown right in the desert town of Dubai.

The UAE currently imports nearly 90 percent of its food, according to recent data. But Saudi Arabian entrepreneur Omar Al Jundi, hopes his first vertical farm in Dubai will decrease some of the region’s import needs as well as contribute to the health of the residents, and decrease the impact on the environment due to transport.

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Taiwan vertical farm to invest US$25 million in Britain

UK minister Graham Stuart (center).

YesHealth boasts a production yield 100 times higher than traditional agriculture and expects its UK facility to produce 50-150 kilograms of vegetables per day.

Focus Taiwan
Apr 10, 2018


Taipei, April 10 (CNA) Graham Stuart, minister for investment in the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade, on Tuesday announced a plan by a Taiwanese company to establish a vertical farming factory in the UK.

YesHealth Agri-Biotechnology Co., which operates a 14-storey vertical farm in Taoyuan City called YesHealth iFarm, will invest 18 million pounds sterling (US$25.47 million) over two years to establish a pilot factory at the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus (NAFIC) in York, “bringing the next generation of food production to UK shores,” Stuart announced at a press conference held at the farm in Taoyuan.

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Future Of Farming: Bowery Takes Urban Agriculture To New Heights

Because of its vertical orientation, Fain says they can produce 100 times more greens than a traditional outdoor farm occupying the same footprint.

By Jessica Moore
CBS New York
Mar 16, 2018


Inside the high-tech Bowery Farming greenhouse in Kearny, New Jersey, farm-to-table takes on a whole new meaning.

“First of all, we’re able to grow 365 days a year, totally independent of weather and seasonality. So these crops are growing no matter the season,” Co-Founder and CEO Irving Fain told Moore. “I became obsessed with this question of, how do you provide fresh food to urban environments? And how do you do that in a more efficient and sustainable way?”

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German startup leads the way in urban farming

The start-up currently has more than 50 farms running around Berlin in supermarkets, restaurants, and warehouses. The startup has already placed its farm in German supermarket chains METRO and EDEKA, two of Germany’s largest food retailers.

By Nadja Beschetnikova
Beam Tech
Feb 22, 2018


Infarm builds in-store farming units and software to manage the growth of crops. The farms are operated by Infarm’s own platform for monitoring thousands of different data points and personalizing the farm to respective needs, which ensures that the produce is being grown as near to perfect as possible. Each module has its own ecosystem that tailors light spectrum, temperature, pH levels, and nutrients to ensure the maximum expression of each plant.

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Elon Musk looks to revolutionize urban farming

During a typical week, they spend about 15 to 20 hours doing farm work, 10 hours handling the business side and 10 hours getting coached by Square Roots’ in-house agriculture expert and the team of mentors the company has assembled.

By Zlati Meyer
Feb 18, 2018


Peggs said the farmers find buyers for their produce, like stores, restaurants and individuals, though they also inherit the clients list from previous Square Roots participants. Some of Square Roots’ staff of 14 help generate leads, too. Thirty percent of what they earn goes to Square Roots, and expenses are another $30,000. That leaves them with an annual profit of $30,000 to $40,000.

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The Underground Farm Delivering Rare Herbs to New York’s Top Chefs

Farm Manager Tom Rubino harvests marigolds at ALL PHOTOS: SARAH BLESENER

Bespoke greens and flowers are grown-to-order in Manhattan.

By John Washington
Atlas Obscura
Feb. 14, 2018


The sprouts and flowers are as recherché as they are delicious: nepitella, wood sorrel, papalo, micro cressida, afilia pea shoots. While diners may see garnish as little more than a sprig of green to fork aside, chefs see garnish in multiple dimensions—hue, flavor, texture, scent—and have exacting requirements in each. Meeting those requirements, which for millennia depended on the turn of the season or the whimsy of the weather, is now achieved in a Manhattan basement.

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How urban farmers are learning to grow food without soil or natural light

A simplified hydroponic frame in Portsmouth. Silvio Caputo/University of Portsmouth, Author provided.

The potential to grow food in small spaces, under any environmental conditions, are certainly big advantages in an urban context. But these technologies also mean that the time spent outdoors, weathering the natural cycles of the seasons, is lost.

By Silvio Caputo
Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
The Conversation
February 13, 2018


As part of a recent research project investigating how urban farming is evolving across Europe, I found that in countries where growing food was embedded in the national culture, many people have started new food production projects. There was less uptake in countries such as Greece and Slovenia, where there was no tradition of urban farming. Yet a few community projects had recently been started in those places too.

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The Promise of Indoor, Hurricane-Proof ‘Vertical’ Farms

A worker rides a lift past stacks of vertical farming beds with LED lights in Newark, New Jersey.

They might be an efficient way to produce food in a world with more-extreme weather—but only if growers can figure out a successful business model.

By Meagan Flynn
Feb 12, 2018
(Must see. Mike)


“We are kind of at the beginning of a revolution,” Per Pinstrup-Andersen, a graduate-school professor at Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology, told me. “We’re at the beginning of a very rapid development in the use of indoor controlled facilities for producing vegetables and some fruits,” he said. “No matter what happens with climate change, you still have your controlled environment.”

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Africa: Nigeria’s soil-free salad farm

How one young entrepreneur is growing greens in shipping containers – no soil needed.

A film by Amelia Martyn-Hemphill and Sam Judah
for BBC World Hacks.
11 Feb 2018


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Berlin urban farm-in-a-box raises $25 million for European expansion

Erez Galonska and Osnat Michaeli, founders of the urban farming start-up Infarm, pose for a picture beside indoor growing systems at the company’s showroom in Berlin, Germany, February 5, 2018. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

Infarm said it will have 1,000 miniature urban farms operating across Europe by the middle of next year, starting with locations in Paris, London, Copenhagen and additional German cities by the end of 2018.

By Eric Auchard
Feb 5, 2018


The compact plant growing system sits on stacked shelves, using hydroponics – a way of growing plants without soil – in a climate and LED-lighting controlled glass case. It grows everyday and exotic herbs like small-leaf Greek basil or Peruvian mint and leafy greens which customers are selling for prices at or below that of plastic-packaged herbs.

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This Stylish Table Is the “Next Generation” of Automated Urban Farming

Photo credit: Dan Addison, University Communications, UVA

Babylon is now focused on bringing the farms to consumers outside of universities. Currently, a the micro-farm farm goes for $1,799.

By Jennifer Marston
The Spoon
December 29, 2017


Recent grad Alexander Olsen started Babylon Micro-Farms in 2016, as part of the University of Virginia student entrepreneurial clubhouse, HackCville. An early prototype won $6,500 from Green Initiatives Funding Tomorrow, part of the UVA student council.

Now, Olsen and six other employees are working to get the hydroponic farms inside the homes of consumers, billing them as “the next generation home appliance.”

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UK: Let there be light to help centre’s tomatoes grow

Tomatoes are grown under LED lights at Stockbridge Technology Centre at Cawood.

Our tomato crops here at Stockbridge Technology Centre will be going strong all winter, thanks to the extra light provided by LED (light emitting diode) technology, which illuminates the crop at very low cost.

By Dr David George
Yorkshire Post
27 December 2017


We use mainly red and blue LED lighting to grow our tomatoes because they are the two colours of light that plants respond to best. This gives our glasshouses a very festive feel at this time of year – they certainly outshine the single string of Christmas lights in my window at home!

Our work with lighting and crops is led by head of photobiology Dr Phillip Davis, and also extends to other areas. By tweaking the combination of colours and the intensity, duration and pattern of light that our crops receive, we can deliver exciting results, particularly in our urban farm facility, where we have complete control over the levels of light that crops receive.

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Feeding the Future of Agriculture with Vertical Farming

Authors. Click image to see larger file.

Vertical farming is not a fairytale; it is happening now.

By Mark Esposito, Terence Tse, Khaled Soufani, & Lisa Xiong
Stanford Social Innovation
Dec 27, 2017


Traditional farming has been characterized as labor-intensive and remote to a modern and urbanized lifestyle. In some places, farm work is associated with poverty and isolation, but in the vertical farm, farmers must be data analysts, bio-scientists, and system supervisors in addition to working with crops. Should urban farms continue to scale, this could result in displacement of existing low-skilled labor. Such a shift is typical of any major industry transformation—economists call this the rebound effect. Understanding this transformation in farming provides professionals who are either entering or already in the vertical farming industry with leverage when communicating the need to embrace vertical farming with different stakeholders.

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Local Roots: Farm-in-a-box coming to a distribution center near you

The interior of a TerraFarm.

United Nations World Food Programme has just purchased TerraFarms to provide produce to developing areas of the world

By Diana Gitig
Ars Technika


A solution like this in a developing economy doesn’t seem to make much sense on the surface. But the company is now claiming that it has achieved cost parity with traditional, outdoor farming. It’s the first in the indoor/urban/vertical farming model to have done so, possibly because the shipping containers allow them to generate more farmland more quickly and more cheaply than can be done in a warehouse or other indoor systems.

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