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‘Food Patriots’ film documents family’s struggle to raise backyard chickens, grow food

Explores the sustainable food movement through urban gardens and commercial aquaculture in Chicago

By Lindsay Christians
Cap times
April 05, 2014


To hear Jeff Spitz tell it, his documentary “Food Patriots” started as an excuse to get out of yard work.

“I thought she was doing something,” Spitz said of his wife, Jennifer Amdur Spitz, when she decided to plant a backyard garden and build a coop for a tiny flock of hens.

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‘Breathtaking’ 7-month time lapse documenting the first full growing season at the Brooklyn Grange’s Rooftop Farm

Brooklyn Grange – A New York Growing Season from Christopher St. John on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Grange’s farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yard at 65,000 square feet, it’s the largest rooftop farm in the world.

Shot and edited by Christopher St. John
Brooklyn Navy Yard Farm
63 Flushing Ave
Building #3
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Must see! Should win an award. Mike

Excerpt from Winter Farming: Mushrooms and Micros at Brooklyn Grange

All winter we’ve been experimenting with a wide variety of crops, using different techniques, varying seed quantity, and figuring out proper watering methods and amounts, and finally when the quality was good enough we began to sample out and sell them to several chefs around the city. Over the course of the first month, we learned important lessons on each crop, time to maturity, and got valuable feedback from chefs on size, color, and flavor of each variety. Getting quality and system figured out was the first step, then we started thinking about quantity, and establishing a consistent flow of product for our restaurant customers.

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12th and final “Meet your Vancouver Urban Farmer” – Jordan from Southlands Heritage Farm.

Support your local urban farmers (and local rural farmers of course), and know where your food comes from.

By Vita Mavronicolas, Digital Storyteller
Shaun Mavronicolas
Fire and Light Media Group
July, 2013

Southlands Heritage Farm is a unique nature and agricultural reserve in Vancouver that most people are surprised to learn exists! They offer a number of camps, programs and workshops for youth right in the city as well as a weekly farmers market.

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A project for a documentary about community gardens in Milan and Berlin

Paola Longo Salvatore Laforgia and Frauke Hehl in the commons Kontor Berlin.

The film is in being made and will be finished by summer 2014

By Guido Larcher, Inge Pett


Starting from the “Giardino degli Aromi” (literally: Garden of Fragrances), the largest community garden in Milan, the team of Paola Longo, Salvatore Laforgia, Guido Larcher, Inge Pett journalist from Berlin, performs a comparative research on collaborative community gardens in the two cities.

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Rooftop Farm in New York City Grows 50,000 Pounds of Organic Produce Per Year

Brooklyn Grange – A Rooftop Farm

By Ecofilms
Eco Business
Jan 4, 2014


“That view behind me is not a painted backdrop!” said Geoff Lawton to the camera. But the view looked great from where I was standing. Brooklyn Grange is a rooftop farm with a magnificent view looking over the Manhattan skyline.

Sitting on a concrete roof, totaling 2.5 acres and producing more than 50,000 pounds of organically-grown vegetables each year, you need to walk its length to appreciate how vast this rooftop garden truly is in scale.

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‘Farms, Hearts and Gardens’ – Documentary featuring the City Farms of London

There are 16 city farms in London and hundreds of community gardens

Produced by Nemone Mercer, Catherine Miller, Zan Barberton
London City Farms and Community Gardens Assoc. 2013
(Must See! Mike)

If the parks of London are the lungs of the city, the farms and gardens are it’s heart.

Hidden in the back-streets and back-alleys of neglected estates, on railway sidings and in disused corners of the city, seemingly unnoticed by the hustle and bustle of the rat race, is a network of precious green space.

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Documentary on Community Gardening in South Wales

Community Foodie Documentary

Dec 28, 2013
(Must see. Mike)

The Community Foodie documentary has been put together to share all the amazing work that has been done across the rural areas of Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan and Torfaen (South Wales) to bring food growing back to the heart of the communities.

With the support of the Community Foodie Project local communities have turned their food growing visions into reality.

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SEED: The Untold Story – a documentary film in production

From creators of Queen Of The Sun & Real Dirt On Farmer John.

Directors Taggart Siegel, Jon Betz
Collective Eye Films
Coming 2014


SEED: The Untold Story, a feature-length documentary film, tells the harrowing and heartening story of humans’ 12,000-year relationship with seeds. As many irreplaceable seeds are nearing extinction, SEED unveils a David and Goliath battle for their future. The film follows an absorbing journey into “doomsday” seed vaults, the colorful dedication of seed savers, and the world of indigenous tribes, who strive to protect our sacred seed ancestry. SEED celebrates the mystery, power and essential nature of seeds. Entertaining and engaging, SEED will ignite the imagination of audiences, inspiring them to be part of a brave new movement dedicated to safeguarding our world’s sustainable future.

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BBC TV – Great British Garden Revival – 10 episodes

Nationwide, more people now have paved patios in their gardens than those who have trees. It all adds up to a crisis unparalleled in our history

Dec 13, 2013


With five million homes in this country already at risk and uninsurable in many places, paving over our gardens will only make things worse. Only 5 per cent of rainwater in paved, urban spaces is soaked up – the other 95 per cent of the water is run-off, which overwhelms our drains and gutters.

This rapid and sustained loss of our private green spaces is also having a dramatic effect on our wildlife – particularly on garden birds and butterflies. Starling numbers have fallen from an average of 15 per garden in 1979 to just three in 2012, Mistle thrush has declined by an alarming 28 per cent and House sparrow numbers have fallen by an even more alarming two-thirds in the same period. While there are many reasons for their dramatic decline, paving over their habitats is hardly helping.

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“The Urban Farm” Documentary – Kickstarter request

A film that examines community responses to the factory farm. How do we make local food fresh, real, and accessible to all?

By Elizabeth Sparks
Funding period Nov 11, 2013 – Dec 11, 2013


We have filmed across the United States over the past six months, but we want to tell the whole global story. This means we need your donations to complete our film and tell the real story – how urban farming is changing our planet worldwide. We have plans to travel to Mexico City, Tokyo, and Burgundy – each city and region facing unique challenges to urban farming (from economic conditions to access to water) and unique responses (the use of technology in Tokyo’s green buildings, for instance), too.

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BBC TV: Grow, Make, Eat: The Great Allotment Challenge – coming 2014


‘It’s a big hope for everybody in the industry that this is going to make a garden boom time again.’

By Lucy Crossley
Daily Mail
17 November 2013


The Great British Bake Off inspired thousands of viewers to dust off their oven mitts.

And now the BBC is hoping a new gardening show – called Grow, Make, Eat: The Great Allotment Challenge – will do for cabbages and cucumbers what Bake Off did for pies and pastries.

Presented by Fern Britton, the six-part series is expected to air on BBC Two in early 2014.

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CNN’s Anthony Bourdain in Detroit visits urban farm

Go to Minute 38:52 of the video.

“In Detroit the urban farm is really the last line of defence.”

CNN’s Parts Unknown
Season 2 – Detroit
Nov 10, 2013

Anthony Bourdain:
“In Detroit approximately 40 square miles have been reverted to basically unused green space. In many cities so-called urban farming may be looked upon by cynics like me as an affectation. Here in Detroit it’s not. With nature taking back the landscape block by block, the urban farm is really the last line of defence. D-Town sits of the western border of Detroit.”

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Not Lost The Plot – The Story of Queens Road Allotments, UK

Not Lost The Plot – The Story of Queens Road Allotments from Bill Newsinger on Vimeo.

Beautiful 26 minute film

Film and music by Bill Newsinger
In association with The Friends of the Queens Road Allotment Society
(Must see. Mike)

This is a film I have produced for the Friends of The Queens Road Allotment Society as part of their “Not Lost The Plot” heritage lottery funded project. The project has involved the production of a booklet and website as well as this film. The aim of the project has been to research and explore the history of the site as well as discovering and documenting the stories of allotment users over the years. The site is particularly unusual as the allotments are all privately owned. Allotment owners and users are not confined by regulations present on many council run sites. This film is the final edit of 4 seasonal episodes starting last winter in the thick snow. I am currently still filming an Autumn episode. The film will be screened in Leicester at the end of October 2013 at an event to celebrate the end of the project.

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Oldest Allotments in Britain featured in Dr. Who-like film

The St Anns Allotments are the oldest and largest detached town gardens in Britain

Story by Mo Cooper, Mark Magidson, Jonny Lewis
Filmed, edited and directed by Jonny Lewis
Atlas AV – Sep 24, 2013

Doctor Who meets Gardeners World in this time travel fantasy adventure.
This film is being screened at the St Anns Allotments (STAA Ltd) Visitor Centre. The St Anns Allotments, Nottingham, is a very special and unique allotment site. It is the oldest and largest area of Victorian detached town gardens in the world and has recently been listed with a Grade 2* by English Heritage. The site covers 75 acres and sits in the heart of the one of the most deprived inner-city communities in the country.

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New York ‘Brooklyn Farmer’ premiering at DOC NYC

‘Brooklyn Farmer’ (Festival Trailer) on Saturday, November 16

Produced by Ben Nabors & Burke Cherrie
Directed by Michael Tyburski
Edited by Paul Greenhouse & Michael Tyburski
Original Music by Matt Abeysekera
Original Songs by Liam Cohl & Mike Poskanzer
© 2013 {group theory}

“Brooklyn Farmer” explores the unique challenges facing Brooklyn Grange, a group of urban farmers who endeavor to run a commercially viable farm within the landscape of New York City. As their growing operation expands to a second roof, the team confronts the realities inherent in operating the world’s largest rooftop farm in one of the world’s biggest cities.

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