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‘Tierralismo’ – the story of Cuba’s most successful urban farm, Organopónico Vivero Alamar

TIERRALISMO (2013) clip from Icarus Films on Vimeo.

In the district of Alamar, a 26-acre farming co-op provides employment for dozens of workers

A film by Alejandro Ramirez Anderson
Icarus Films


“At this moment I’m no longer a doctor. Right now I consider myself a farmer like everyone else.”

On the outskirts of Havana, sandwiched between highways and public housing, a revolution is taking place. Here, in the district of Alamar, a 26-acre farming co-op provides employment for dozens of workers, while producing vegetables and medicinal plants for the local community and beyond.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in the early 1990s, Cuba was no longer able to access machinery and agricultural chemicals from its former Communist allies. In this difficult environment, the government relaxed economic rules and allowed the formation of cooperatives like the Organopónico Vivero Alamar.

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‘Seeds of Time’ Documentary Opening in Theaters on May 22

Directed Sandy McLeod
Produced By JD Marlow, Emily Triantaphyllis, Chiemi Karasawa

A perfect storm is brewing as agriculture pioneer Cary Fowler races against time to protect the future of our food. Gene banks of the world are crumbling, crop failures are producing starvation inspired rioting, and the accelerating effects of climate change are already affecting farmers globally. But Fowler’s journey, and our own, is just beginning. From Rome to Russia and, finally, a remote island under the Arctic Circle, his passionate and personal journey may hold the key to saving the one resource we cannot live without: our seeds.

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Profile of an Urban Homesteader in Corvallis, Oregon

Profile of an Urban Homesteader from Cooking Up a Story on Vimeo.

As an urban homesteader—she was chosen in 2012 as 1 of 7 “Homesteaders of the Year” by Mother Earth News

By Rebecca Gerendasy
Cooking Up a Story
March 2015


As Charlyn Ellis explains in the video, she grows a variety of fruits and vegetables on her property and tries to stay within a 100 mile radius of her home to meet her family’s year-round needs. Everything she grows is eaten on a daily basis: “the soft fruits, the herbs, the lettuces, [and] the greens”. In winter, she augments what she needs at other farms, her CSA and at the farmer’s market. Often she eats what’s in season because that’s when foods are fresh and local, and when they’re out of season—like apples from Chile, she feels they don’t taste as sweet, so she says “why bother”?

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Film: Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper

Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper from Steve Ellington on Vimeo.

A short documentary that follows the life of an urban beekeeper in Pittsburgh, PA.

Directed by Steve Ellington
Featuring Steve Repasky
(Must see. Mike.)

Excerpt from Meadow Sweet Apiaries:

Stephen Repasky – EAS Master Beekeeper, Author and Consultant

Stephen Repasky is a second generation beekeeper living in Pittsburgh, Pa. He is a Certified Master Beekeeper through the Eastern Apicultural Society and also the current President for Burgh Bees, Pittsburgh’s Urban Beekeeping Organization as well as the 2nd Vice-President for the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association and sits on the Board of Directors for the American Beekeeping Federation. As Stephen began getting more involved with honey bees in the Pittsburgh area and beyond, the number of colonies also grew and the need for a formal name arose. Meadow Sweet Apiaries, was then established as the popularity of his honey, removal services and educational presentations grew.

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‘City Seeds’ documentary – Urban Farming in Nepal and Uganda

City Seeds from Kyle Robinson on Vimeo.

Excellent 25 minute documentary!

Film by Kyle Robinson
Sustainable Seas Trust
Funding from START, European Commission, UN Environment Program, US Agency for International Development
(Must see! Mike)

A film about urban and peri-urban agriculture in cities across the world.

This film investigates the use of urban and peri-urban agriculture in developing cities in Africa and Asia, such as Kathmandu in Nepal, and Kampala in Uganda. The film assesses its value to a country’s economy and combating environmental threats such as climate change, as well as addressing the challenges involved in nurturing and sustaining effective urban and peri-urban agriculture.

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‘Man in the Maze’ 1 of 5 films to win the Sundance Short Film Challenge

hornsWatch the 8 minute film here on Vimeo.

“…A poignant interview with Christina Natalini, a mother who is teaching her young daughter to grow her own food; another with Arturo Lopez, who maintains a community garden in Amado…”

Directed by Phill Buccellato and Jess Ash
Greener Media, 2015

Excerpt from article:
By Kathleen Allen
Arizona Daily Star

“Twenty-five to 30 percent of all the produce that we eat year round comes from the border towns,” Nabhan goes on to say.

“With that is a tremendous amount of food waste, because if the Florida tomato prices drop on a certain day, 120,000 pounds might be thrown into a landfill just because of the pricing.”

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Documentary: “Food Cartographers” track food growing in the wild in cities

The conclusion of Welty’s Boulder study is that residents could get their produce from urban agriculture five to six months a year.

By Anna Maria Barry-Jester
Dec 16, 2014


Last week, FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films published the first in a series of short documentaries called The Collectors, profiles of people who use data in innovative ways. “Cartographers of the Edible World” introduced Evan Welty and Caleb Phillips, who built an open-source, user-generated website that catalogs the location of edible plants all over the world. When the two men met, Phillips was interested in technology for social organizing. Welty was using publicly available data to map arable land. They both had maps for personal use that helped them forage food from city parks and public spaces in Boulder, Colorado, where they live.

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Norwegian TV Show: “Farmer in the City”


Farmers attempt to teach urban families how respect for agriculture can make their lives better

TBI Vision
The show: Farmer in the City
The producer: Strix Television
The distributor: DRG Formats
The broadcaster: TV2 (Norway)
(Must see. Mike)

Farmer in the City follows three farmers as they enter cities to meet families with “terrible” attitudes to good food and healthy living. Gardens and fridges are investigated before the farmer sets the family tasks such as creating a chicken coop or growing their own food, with a larger task following. Later, the farmer returns to see if the intervention has led to lasting change.

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“Just Eat It” – Watch full movie on-line!

See the full movie here.

Have you ever fed your grandmother food from a dumpster?

Knowledge Network
75 minutes, 2014

Jen Rustemeyer has. She and her life/business partner, Grant Baldwin, have spent the last few years wading through garbage – sometimes literally, but also in a broader philosophical sort of way.

In their first documentary, The Clean Bin Project, the B.C. couple committed to living as waste-free as possible for one year, to buying no more landfill-bound stuff. This idea resonated with people. Rustemeyer and Baldwin were invited to schools to complete waste audits and were blown away by how much perfectly good food was being tossed in a country where 1 in 10 people is food insecure.

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Documentary ‘Symphony of the Soil’ online until October 10

See the complete video on this page until October 10.

Extols the Importance and Mystery of Soil

By Dr. Mercola
Oct 1, 2014


One of Earth’s greatest treasures is soil, without which we could not survive. Soil is the mother of nearly all plant life, and ultimately, all animal life on this planet. It’s the interface between biology and geology—the living skin of the earth.

A new documentary, “Symphony of the Soil,” extols the importance and mystery of soil, as discussed by some of the world’s most esteemed scientists, farmers, and activists.1 This visually stunning film reveals how the future of humankind largely depends on how well we care for this vital natural resource.

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100 Fruits and Vegetables Balanced on Dog’s Head in 100 Seconds

Took hundreds of biscuits and four months to film

Cute Dog Maymo balances 100 different fruits & vegetables on his head in 100 seconds. Taking hundreds of biscuits and four months to film (as well as some inspiration from Irish hat designer Philip Treacy), here is the finished video of Maymo the lemon beagle balancing 100 colorful fruits & vegetables on his head. Some of the items are styled to look like hats and others to look downright ridiculous on Maymo, who waits patiently for his biscuit which dangles just slightly off camera.

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Land & Freedom: Talking Food Systems – Documenting urban agriculture in San Diego:

Documentary series exploring community food systems and a modern USA urban land reform movement.

By Media Arts Center San Diego
Sept 2014

Documenting the growth of urban agriculture and local food systems in several underserved San Diego neighborhoods, including some populated by recent refugees, this interactive multimedia project will examine how communities are developing creative responses to the issues of hunger, limited access to healthy food, underemployment, and urban blight. Short video stories narrated by urban gardeners will be produced and uploaded to a website; the website and its contents, including a “storymap,” will be accessible by mobile devices through QR codes.

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An Urban Homestead Tour with Justin Tiret in Portland

An Urban Homestead Tour with Justin Tiret from Cooking Up a Story on Vimeo.

Video story by Rebecca Gerendasy.

How much can you grow on a small parcel of land?

By Rebecca Gerendasy
Cooking Up a Story
August 2014

This video tour of an urban homestead with Justin Tiret shows us his backyard garden in Portland, Oregon. Tiret is able to grow and raise much of the annual food production to meet his family’s needs. On a 1/4 acre lot, Justin and his wife Tracey raise feral bees for honey and candle wax, chickens for eggs, hazelnuts (a work in progress for the actual nuts),

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Food Forward: Urban Agriculture Across America – TV Series

Above is a photo not the movie. Click here to watch a full episode.

13 episodes – Premieres on PBS September, 2014

From PBS Food Forward website:

We meet farmers, chefs, teachers, scientists, fishermen and ranchers in more than 50 cities and towns across the country who are all providing new solutions to help combat America’s growing food challenges.

How did something so fundamental as food, go so fundamentally wrong?

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‘Food Fighters’ – Documentary

the FOOD FIGHTERS from Paula Kaston on Vimeo.

‘Food Fighters’ is a new Kastonmedia work, that follows the entrepreneurial Co-founders of Fresh City Farm, Ran and Phil.

Farming on a small scale is very challenging in the current economic and regulatory environment. The odds are against a small-scale farmer trying to farm sustainably. Moreover, farming in the city poses several challenges above and beyond those associated with farming in more rural areas. Our model is meant to mitigate these challenges and risks, but the degree to which we have been successful — establishing city farming as a viable economic activity for more than a handful of people — will take several more years to prove itself. Join us on this journey. We believe its a worthy undertaking.

Link here.

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