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Woman launches eastside Erie urban farm

Carrie Sachse hopes to plant herbs, peppers and tomatoes on four vacant lots at East 22nd and French Streets. [File Photo Christopher Millette/Erie Times-News]

We know there is a lot of vacant land in Erie and there is going to be more if the comprehensive plan is implemented. There are a lot of blighted houses and things are going to be changing if we continue to implement the comprehensive plan.

By Lisa Thompson
Burlington County Times
Mar 18, 2018


What were your first steps?

My best friend owns a food truck in Pittsburgh and I also knew I wanted to work for myself eventually. So we were kind of bouncing business ideas off each other and we both separately had the idea to do a city farm on individual lots versus trying to accumulate a lot of land to have a bigger farm. It was right after we started having that conversation that Scott Henry (former Erie Redevelopment Authority director) rolled out his adopt-a-lot program and that kind of felt like kismet.

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Canada: The future of farming is female

Lisa Lundgard driving a tractor and tilling the soil on The Homestead, a small-scale farm in Goodfare, Alta.

Perhaps the biggest barrier facing women today is the rising cost of farmland. Over the past 10 years, the average value of farmland in Alberta has gone up annually between 4.4 per cent and 17.4 per cent.

By Trina Moyles
Globe And Mail
March 8, 2018


But women such as Cathryn Sprague, a 29-year-old farmer in Edmonton, aren’t letting the issue of land stop them from growing food. Several years ago, Ms. Sprague and her business partner, Ryan Mason, launched Reclaim Farm, one of the first urban-farming operations in Edmonton. Ms. Sprague set her sights on idle urban land plots. She asked owners for permission to repurpose the land to grow vegetables, often in exchange for providing them with weekly supplies of fresh produce.

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Indonesia: Hydroponics Farming At Home

Indonesian hydroponics trainer Jackie Ambadar with students of Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Centre last Saturday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

“The whole idea is to get them to be self-sustaining and perhaps earn a bit of income on the side,” Ms Khan said.

By Manasa Kalouniviti
Fiji Times
March 06, 2018


“I started in hydroponics five years ago in Indonesia when I learned that this was a very healthy way of planting vegetables because no pesticides are used.

“We started designing urban farming programs in Indonesia and now I’m very happy that a lot of people back home, who live in big houses, are doing their own farming at home because health is our number one concern right now,” she said.

Ms Ambadar said they started by teaching the students at the centre to use old and recycled materials such as empty plastic bottles, buckets and discarded plastic pipes in developing their hydroponics farms.

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Omaha: Urban farming just one passion for woman who’s perpetually learning

Calandra Cooper is an urban farmer.

Text Marjie Ducey
Photography Sarah Hoffman
Inspired Living in Omaha
March 4, 2018

Cooper and her husband, Samuel, own 19 parcels of land, mostly in north Omaha and Florence. She maintains a coop with 15 chickens on one tract and beehives on another.

She’s registered with the USDA as an urban farmer, and on her 1 1/2-acre plot in Florence she grows everything from pumpkins to mushrooms. This spring, she’ll grow indigo and woad and other plants for her natural fabric dyeing classes for MCC in the Makers District in north downtown Omaha.

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Ted Talk: How Urban Agriculture Is Transforming Detroit

Devita Davison, executive director of FoodLab Detroit, explains how features of Detroit’s decay make it an ideal spot for urban agriculture.

The 12-minute presentation was recorded last April, 2017

There’s something amazing growing in the city of Detroit: healthy, accessible, delicious, fresh food. In a spirited talk, fearless farmer Devita Davison explains how features of Detroit’s decay actually make it an ideal spot for urban agriculture. Join Davison for a walk through neighborhoods in transformation as she shares stories of opportunity and hope. “These aren’t plots of land where we’re just growing tomatoes and carrots,” Davison says.

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This urban farmer is changing the Des Moines foodscape

Dogpatch Urban Gardens sits in the middle of Des Moines and has turned an acre of land to a garden and farm stand selling other local producers goods. Farmer Jenny Quiner says she hopes others will start growing their own food as well. Brian Powers/The Register

The local restaurants who utilize her organic produce are a who’s who of the Des Moines culinary scene.

By Brian Taylor Carlson
Des Moines Register
Jan 4, 2018


Jenny Quiner pulls back giant tarps to check the fragile lettuces growing in her high tunnel greenhouse. Rows of perky green lettuces sprout from the ground. She recovers them, then steps outside into the frigid winter to check on the cover crops in the fields that protect and enrich the soil.

The scene looks like most any other vegetable farm you would see across Iowa. But there’s one significant difference: It’s in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

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South Africa: Wonder women grow vegetables and each other

The group of women tending the veggie garden work tirelessly to ensure a good harvest.

A gardening project has grown into a sustainable food source for families in the Valley of 1 000 Hills.

By Lloyd MacKenzie
Highway Mail
Dec 11, 2017


One woman’s dream of helping to empower others has grown and flourished in 10 years and now ensures that more than 250 people have food in their bellies before they go to bed at night.

Ten years ago, Lydia Hlope started feeding more than 150 adults and children in the KwaNyuswa area with vegetables from a community garden they named Yenzanathi Community Upliftment Project in the Valley of 1 000 Hills.

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Namibia: Gardening project uplifts community

The Erastus Uutoni community project at Oikango is proof that the solution to food security lies in communities and backyard gardens.

New Era
December 8, 2017


“We want to expand the garden and incorporate an after-school programme, hence the construction of the hall. In future we would also want to have a library so that our children can have additional studying materials at the centre,” said Hainghumbi.

The group, consisting mostly of women, grows vegetables.

The garden is run by people living positively with HIV, as well as other unemployed women and men from the village.
The centre also has plans to assist the elderly once it has been electrified.

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A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm

Liz Whitehurst picks greens at Owl’s Nest Farm in Upper Marlboro, Md., on Nov. 9. Whitehurst is the owner and operator of the farm, which sells its produce at a D.C.-area farmers market, to restaurants and through CSA shares. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

For only the second time in the last century, the number of farmers under 35 years old is increasing, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s latest Census of Agriculture. Sixty-nine percent of the surveyed young farmers had college degrees — significantly higher than the general population.

By Caitlin Dewey
Washington Post
November 23, 2017

Liz Whitehurst dabbled in several careers before she ended up here, crating fistfuls of fresh-cut arugula in the early-November chill.

The hours were better at her nonprofit jobs. So were the benefits. But two years ago, the 32-year-old Whitehurst — who graduated from a liberal arts college and grew up in the Chicago suburbs — abandoned Washington for this three-acre farm in Upper Marlboro, Md.

She joined a growing movement of highly educated, ex-urban, first-time farmers who are capitalizing on booming consumer demand for local and sustainable foods and who, experts say, could have a broad impact on the food system.

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Pakistan: ‘Kitchen gardening’: Punjab Agriculture Department to sell 0.15 million seed kits on subsidized rates

Women in particular are taking keen interest in getting fresh vegetables and prefer to consume home grown vegetables.

By Sarmad Mahmud
Business Recorder
Oct 23, 2017


Punjab Agriculture department has made necessary arrangements for selling 1,50,000 seed kits on subsidized rates during Rabi crop in the province. The step has been taken to promote “kitchen gardening culture” and create awareness about the importance and utility of home grown fresh vegetables across the Province.

Sources in agriculture department told Business Recorder on Sunday that kitchen gardening has gained popularity among the people especially the women folk in different districts of Punjab including Sialkot. The kitchen gardening in the recent past has gained high importance in the wake of upsurge in prices, malnutrition, poverty alleviation and consumption of fresh and home grown vegetables.

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Tanzania Food Gardening Network (TaFoGa Net)

Plate 2: Drive-in Farmers Group receives extensions services from Kinondoni Agricultural and Livestock officers.

Gender Roles In Urban Agriculture: The Case Of Horticulture In Kinondoni Municipality, Dar Es Salaam

By Alphonce Kyessi and Fred George Njegeja (TaFoGa Net)
Dar Es Salaam
November, 2012


Executive Summary

A descriptive horticulture study was conducted to assess the status of gender roles in urban agriculture in Kinondoni Municipality Council – Dar es Salaam; as a unit of analysis in broad dimension relating to tenure security, gender and age, health, social, economic, culture, attitude, knowledge and practice. Sustainable Cities International Program assigned this study on baseline data collection to TaFoGa Net with an objectives of reviewing literature and policy framework for horticulture practices in Tanzania, determine spatial factors for horticulture activities – type and scale, where located, land tenure access and security / tenure rights, identify horticulture resources support including extension services, credit facilities, water supply, energy, etc.

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The Woman Hobby Farmer

Female Perspectives on Farming Challenges and Solutions

By Karen Lanier
CompanionHouse Press.
Forthcoming Sept 2017

Hobby farming is alive and thriving in urban, semi-rural, suburban, and rural areas across the country, and female farmers have been cited as the fastest growing sector within the farming community in recent years. With more than 1 million women in the United States and Canada describing farming as their primary source of income, and many more for whom hobby farming is just that—a hobby—the time is right for a publication dedicated to hobby farming from a female perspective.

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Meet The Ladies Who Are Growing Food In Los Angeles

Manju Kumar of Sarvodaya Farms. Photo Clarissa Wei.

“I really wish there was some way we can revert to a more agrarian culture,” Manju Kumar, farm manager of Sarvodaya Farms in Pomona says.

Link TV
May 10, 2017


When Kumar, originally from India, moved to the greater Los Angeles area in 1986, she started growing food in her backyard. She kept it simple, like burying her food waste in the garden to increase fertility. Her fruit trees and vegetables weren’t particularly producing in abundance, but it was better than nothing

“And then I went to the Los Angeles Arboretum and learned about permaculture,” she says.

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British Columbia boasts the highest proportion of female farmers in Canada, according to 2016 agriculture census

Elana Evans (left) and Maddy Clerk (right) operate City Beet Farm in Vancouver. (City Beet Farm)

Urban farming and women

By Belle Puri
May 12, 2017


City Beet Farm is a commitment between the two farmers and a community of homeowners.

The pair grow a wide diversity of vegetables and flowers on 16 properties in the city.

Homeowners receive a weekly box of vegetables in exchange for the use of their land.

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It’s a season of renewal at a farm in downtown Salt Lake City

The Green Team farmers start their workdays with yoga and meditation. It’s been life-changing for the women who often suffer from stress and anxiety.

By Sandra Olney
May 5th, 2017


Last August, Long started working on the Green Team Farm, a 1½-acre urban vegetable garden in downtown Salt Lake. And that is when Long says she started to feel like “there’s a spiritual healing in here (the farm).”

It has taken a combination of faith and hard work to transform this once garbage-strewn vacant lot into what farm director James Loomis calls an emerald eden.

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