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Canadian actress Malin Akerman plants a vegetable garden at home

By EMA Staff
Environmental Media Association
June 5, 2012

EMA Young Hollywood Board Member and School Garden Mentor, Malin Akerman was so inspired by the school gardens she’s visited that she decided to plant a vegetable garden at home. With the help of garden expert, Kathy Kellogg Johnson and a quick visit to Sunset Nursery, the two got right down to planting.

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Cross-Cultural Gardens Yield Fruit in Germany

Photo from Stiftung Interkultur.

Integrating cultures and provide healing spaces.

A garden in Kassel, Germany, provides a place for immigrant women to put down roots and cultivate the taste of home. Across the country, such intercultural gardens are helping to integrate cultures and provide healing spaces.

By Angela Boskovitch
WeNews correspondent
October 9, 2007


KASSEL, Germany (WOMENSENEWS)–Fall is yielding its usual pumpkins, squash and wine grapes and the women stand side by side inspecting their harvest under a typically German sky of fluffy clouds.

Each one has her own small piece of the nearly 11,000-square-foot plot. The apple and pear trees and black currant bushes are considered communal property.

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Bloomers and middy blouses were the unofficial uniforms of the farmerettes of the WW1

Photographer Brown Bros. New York,

1918 Cabbages and Queens
Women wearing bloomers, working in a vegetable garden.

Farmerettes of 1918, 100 years after birth of Mrs. Bloomer. In the early Victorian era, the American, Mrs. Amelia Jenks Bloomer (1818-1894), caused quite a stir when she wrote an article for her feminist publication ‘The Lily’. She tried to promote the idea of women abandoning their petticoats for a bi-furcated garment later known as the bloomer fashion. She suggested that woman would find trousers, like those worn by Turkish women, easier to wear than their voluminous heavy skirts.

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MediaGlobal – Urban agriculture key to alleviating world hunger

Njawara womens garden Rajhedem. Photo by Foods Resource Bank.

By Molly Slothower
30 July 2009 MediaGlobal – Voice of the Global South
MediaGlobal is the global news agency, based in the United Nations Secretariat, creating awareness in the media for the countries of the global South, with a strong focus on South-South Cooperation.

Urban agriculture key to alleviating world hunger

The urban poor have been hit the hardest by the global hunger epidemic, which has been fueled by the ongoing food, economic, financial, and environmental crises.

Getting healthy food into cities in sufficient quantities is an extremely difficult task. For the first time in the history of mankind, over half the world’s population lives in cities.

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Women Feeding Cities – complete new book now on-line


The new publication Women Feeding Cities – Mainstreaming gender in urban agriculture and food security is now available online. This publication analyses the roles of women and men in urban food production, processing and marketing in case studies from 3 development regions and includes field tested guidelines and tools for gender mainstreaming.

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Jane Evershed – artist in the garden

©2008 Evershed Card Collection

Urban Delight

The street eating graffiti takes no pity on your soul,
Yet a garden chanced upon, in a sea of concrete
Works magic in your bones,
Like foliage embracing stones.

Tilled soil gives birth to bluebells,
Baby’s breath silences the endless traffic
As urban gardeners work miracles,
With seeds of hope.

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Women Feeding Cities – Mainstreaming gender in urban agriculture and food security (forthcoming book)


Edited by Alice Hovorka, Henk de Zeeuw and Mary Njenga
The book (approx. 270 pages)
will be published by Practical Action Publishing, Rugby, UK.
Available: March 2009

Poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition have become critical urban problems. To confront this major challenge, food production in and around cities is an important strategy, contributing not only to food security and adequate nutrition but also stimulating supplementary income generation and social inclusion among low-income, vulnerable households in urban and peri-urban areas.

Women make up the majority of urban food producers in many cities around the world, especially predominating in household subsistence farming, with men playing a greater role in urban food production for commercial purposes.

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