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Green Bin Cleaning

Commercial Bin Cleaners Within Metro Vancouver

Bioclens Environmental (FW Recyclers Ltd)


Serves Metro Vancouver municipalities
162-1178 River Rd
Richmond V6X 1Z7

Single Family Home: (Please we have a two tote min charge per stop)
One time – $21.99 per tote
Monthly – $8.99 per tote
B-Weekly – $7.99 per tote
Weekly – $6.99 per tote

Multi-family Buildings: (Please we have a two tote min charge per stop)
One time – $21.99 per tote
Monthly – $9.99 per tote
B-Weekly – $8.99 per tote
Weekly – $7.99 per tote

We are the only bin cleaning company in the Lower Mainland that also cleans front load 2-6yrd waste containers, garbage rooms and garbage chutes, please inquire for more info and pricing.

BioClens Environmental uses only 100% biodegradable probiotic cleaning products for our service. These healthy bacteria continue to work for up to 5 days after our service is complete, breaking down and eliminating odour-causing bacteria. We also currently get some of the water we use to perform our service through rainwater catch, helping to reinforce our sustainability initiative.

Customers that signup for our one year program and pay for the year up front, receive a 5% discount (First Cleaning Free!!)

Co-op program-discount for 5 new customers

Enviro Can Clean


Serving Surrey, BC.
info@enviroclean com
Regular Service Pricing: Regular Service
ONLY $21.53 (billed every 4 weeks. Includes gst)
* Includes 2 Carts
* includes 5% gst
Regular Service works on a 3 week & 5 week cycle so that we are able to service your garbage and recycling carts as per Surrey’s Waste Collection Calendar. Cost is based on a one year service price, billed by installments of $20.50 plus gst every 4 weeks. Your service weeks will follow the same schedule as “one time” cleaning as laid out below–please use this as a reference.

The biggest challenge lies with those who live in multi-family housing, such as Townhouses, with limited space to keep these large bins. Unless cleaned and disinfected properly this inevitably will attract rodents and other pests. When attempting to sanitize these bins, there will be literally nowhere for the run off of cleaning agents, bacteria and debris to go other than the homeowner’s own property, their neighbour’s property, or other common area–ultimately worsening the problem. Run off will also enter storm drains and pollute our waterways

Happy Bin Cleaning

Serving Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey
1918-1030 W Georgia
Vancouver V6E 2Y3

At Happy Bin Cleaning we clean, disinfect and deodorize your garbage and compost containers with our environmentally friendly mobile cleaning system.

Weekly Bin Cleaning – $5.99 per bin / per week
Bi-Weekly Bin Cleaning – $6.99 per bin / per cleaning

Monthly Bin Cleaning – $7.99 per bin / per cleaning
One Time Bin Cleaning – $20 per bin
Pay Yearly and Get a 5% Bin Cleaning Discount

1st month free with 3 month commitment

Do it Yourself

A Green Bin set-up in a Multi-Unit building in Vancouver