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Maple Green – A Sustainable Kitsilano Neighbourhood on 6th Avenue


This neighbourhood must be preserved to show the history of Kitsilano in the same way that Mole Hill has been preserved in the West End of Vancouver. It must also be preserved to remind people in Vancouver about what they have always loved about their city; open spaces, the beauty of nature, old homes, land on which to grow vegetable and flower gardens, and a quiet place to walk in their community. And Maple Green is the site of one of Vancouver’s oldest environmental groups where thousands of people learn about urban sustainability every year.

See slideshow of houses in the neighbourhood.


The area includes, hundreds of Community Garden plots, a Community Park, Heritage Homes and Corner Store, Vancouver’s Compost Demonstration Garden, a Neighbourhood Daycare, and a Greenway for pedestrians, dogs and cyclists.

In Vancouver Walks – Discovering City Heritage, authors Michael Kluckner and John Atkin write:

“The block bounded by Arbutus, Maple, 6th and 5th in Kitsilano was fairly typical of Kitsilano until the 1960s, when apartment redevelopment changed the face of the neighbourhood. Since then the block, now generally known as Delamont Park, has become extraordinary – the last survivor in that part of Kitsilano of the settlement at the beginning of the 20th century.” (See Chapter 19, pages 128-130 for more information.)

Delamont Park Area History by Don Alexander and Brendan Hurley


Heritage buildings restored to their original state.
Signage created to designate the area as a place of historical interest.
6th Avenue upgraded to become a sustainable street like Crown Street.
Arbutus Market (Heritage Building)
Delamont Park
Kitsilano Heritage Homes
Kitsilano Area Childcare Society
Kitsilano Community Garden
Maple Community Garden
Cypress Community Garden
Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden (City Farmer)
Pedestrian, Cycling, Dog-walking Greenway

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