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‘On-Site Composting’ for Multi-Family, Businesses and Institutions

citypodVertal’s new CityPod installed at the UBC Student Union Building.

Metro Vancouver Ban on Food Scraps in Garbage

Starting January 1, 2015, both the City of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver regional district will ban food scraps from disposal as garbage.

That means all food scraps – raw and cooked food, plate scrapings, leftovers, expired food, meat, bones, and dairy products – need to be recycled.

Some residential multi-family buildings use rodent-resistant compost bins on their roofs to take care of a portion of their food waste. Other residential buildings use similar bins placed at ground level in open landscaped areas. These setups require commitment from both residents and the building management.

A few businesses are using mechanical composting technologies to take care of a large amount of their food waste.

A good first step in investigating on-site composting at your building is to contact City Farmer’s Compost Hotline at 604-736-2250.

Below are a few examples of the systems used locally.

Earth Tubs


Made by Green Mountain

3 Vancouver Schools have Earth Tubs.
David Thompson Secondary
Windermere Community School
Grandview Elementary

Gibsons Recycling has a larger composter made by Green Mountain.

Green Good

Green Good makes electric composters in a number of sizes.
Contact in Vancouver is Recycling Alternatives
Representative: Robert Weatherbe
Telephone +1 604-874-7283

Above is a Green Good composter taking food from Bishops Restaurant in 2010 at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden.

Trafalgars Bistro and Sweet Obsession owners Stephen Greenham and Lorne Tyczenski show off their the GreenGood GG-50. Trafalgars Bistro restaurant

Hungry Bins

Just introduced into Vancouver, these worm bins are used in large facilities in New Zealand
Greentools and Hungry Bin
Vancouver contact is Scot Bathgate
Wormworx Organics Recycling uses a number of these bins at their business.


Thompson River University in Kamloops
The campus has a large JORA 5100 in-vessel seen above.
A report by Allysha Sorba about the composter at Thompson River is titled: Composting for a Greener Campus
University contact is: James Gordon at
See Jora Canada
BC Dealer is Russ Chambers at

Jora also sells rotating drum composters in different sizes. The photo above shows two Jora 400’s working at the Strathcona Business Improvement Assoc.(BIA) in Vancouver
The BIA have four Jora rotating bins in total. See details and photos of BIA project here.


The Rocket is being tested in a multi-family building in Port Coquitlam.
See: The Rocket – Multi-Family, On-Site Composting at Malaspina Village, Coquitlam


The University of BC Student Union Building has the first Vertal CityPod composter in Canada which will compost food waste from campus kitchens.
Contact: Aeron Jensan
CITYPOD sales – British Columbia at Vertal Inc.
604 783-1221

Rodent Resistant Bins

These sturdy bins can be used in multiples. They operate the same way a backyard bin work; leaves and food scraps layered. (No meat, fish, etc.)

3bin 3-bin composter made from wood and lined with wire mesh made by Rand French.
Cedar Creek Enterprises

The Speedibin is all metal.
Toll Free 1-888-701-2303

Some rooftop gardens use these type of bins.

A co-op roof in the Olympic Village.

Link to larger photo here.
The rooftop garden at the YWCA. Note in larger photo the three bin system. Photo by Michael Levenston.

A Green Bin set-up in a Multi-Unit building in Vancouver

Food scraps service providers