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What the Doctor Ordered: Urban Farming

Community gardens in the Fair Haven neighborhood of New Haven give residents the opportunity to grow their own vegetables. Credit Domingo Medina

It’s not just the doctor saying, ‘You need to eat more vegetables; next patient, please.’ This is about really showing them how to do it and making them part of the process.”

New Haven Farm
By John Hanc
New York Times
Nov 6, 2014


This is hardly the city’s garden spot. Yet alongside the street, on a quarter-acre of land tucked between a muddy parking lot and the Quinnipiac River, a garden does grow; a lush, well-tended vegetable garden, where, on a recent Tuesday, about 35 people, most of them local residents, were busily harvesting carrots and kale that they helped raise.

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Actress Jean Arthur and her blouse promote Victory Gardens


How can we find that blouse!?

From Wiki:

Jean Arthur (October 17, 1900 – June 19, 1991) was an American actress and a major film star of the 1930s and 1940s.

Arthur had feature roles in three Frank Capra films: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936), You Can’t Take It With You (1938), and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), films that championed the “everyday heroine.” Arthur was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1944 for her performance in The More the Merrier (1943).

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The Seedsheet – The Future of Fresh

See their Kickstarter page

By Cam MacKugler
The Seedsheet
Nov 2014


Create your virtual garden using our online patent-pending garden-builder software. Slide the dimension bars to select the size of your existing bed. Input your zip code so we can determine your home’s hardiness zone, and filter our available plants to suggest those that will thrive in your specific environment. Then peruse our expansive selection of vegetables, fruits, and herbs to build the garden of your dreams. As you build, watch as we display your estimated germination percentage, the days until harvest, and the money you’re saving!

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Janet Gaynor has a flock of ducks – Victory Gardener


Movie Stars 1943

By Jessie Henderson
Fun on The Farm
Photoplay Magazine 1943

Everything on Janet Gaynor’s table, except the bread, comes from her tiny Victory farm. Besides the vegetables and fruit – name your favourite, she’s sure to have it– Janet has acquired a flock of quacks ducks.

For milk, as well as for laughs, she bought several goats, too. And the ducks have nothing on the goats, either because – the wonders of science or something – these are smell-less nannies.

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Urban farming coming to Austin


The project is funded by a $350,000 grant from Humana Foundation

By Austintalks
November 3, 2014


Politicians and community groups gathered in Austin last week to break ground on a community farm they hope will provide badly needed fresh produce to the West Side and educate residents on the importance of good nutrition.

The project, which is being funded by a $350,000 grant from Humana Foundation, will be located on an 8,000-square-foot lot across the street from the PCC Community Wellness Center, 5425 W. Lake St.

PCC President and CEO Robert Urso said the farm will be a step in combating the scarcity of fresh produce in Austin, which the U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated as a “food desert” because the area does not have easy access to fresh, healthy and affordable food.

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Rooftop greenhouse in northern British Columbia community of Hazelton

hazelThe building that houses the Skeena Bakery and Cleaner’s Laundromat with the greenhouse on its roof (photo: Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, SWCC)

The SWCC hopes that the greenhouse will soon be able to produce food year round with the installation of a heat recovery system.

By Lauren Robert
Nov 2, 2014


Despite its young roots, the Skeena Garden Project has seen great success and has become a great asset to the community – “At our open house in June, we had over 200 people come out to tour the Greenhouse and to sample our “solar chili” made with greenhouse tomatoes in our solar-cooker that the group built themselves!” exclaimed Greg Horne, Skeena Energy Solutions Coordinator. The 15 beds of the greenhouse are filled with a variety of vegetables including: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, corn, zucchini, and squash, among many others.

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1945 – Modern Farmer ‘looks in’ on Cleveland’s Victory Garden

cleveVictClick on image for larger file.

A Wartime Public Service

“What’s the cause cucumbers wilt?” “Should my tomatoes be mulched?” Cleveland’s Victory Gardeners pitch eager questions and Jim Chapman answers from nine years of experience in farm broadcasting.

Another example of WTAM’s timely community service. Another big reason why WTAM is fist in listening audience day and night and first in program popularity polls too.

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Victory Gardener Actress Faye Emerson – prize cabbages –1944


Faye Emerson proudly displays a prize cabbage from her Victory Garden.

Faye Margaret Emerson (July 8, 1917 – March 9, 1983) was an American film actress and television interviewer known as “The First Lady of Television.” Beginning in 1941, she acted in many Warner Brothers films. In 1944, she played one of her more memorable roles as Zachary Scott’s former wife in The Mask of Dimitrios. She was also notable for being the third wife of presidential son Elliott Roosevelt from 1944 to 1950.

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‘City Farmer News’ Celebrates 20 Years On-line

Country count on the original City Farmer web site.

This web site began in October 1994 as ‘Urban Agriculture Notes’

By Michael Levenston
Editor of City Farmer News
Nov 14, 2014

Watching life on the Internet, or as local Vancouver writer William Gibson named it, ‘Cyberspace’, has been our modern habit for approximately a quarter century.

In 1994 City Farmer Society began to connect with people across the globe via the ‘World Wide Web’ to share their stories about growing food in the city.

We originally started this news service on paper in 1978 by producing an eight page tabloid. But that couldn’t compare with the ease and global reach of the wired Net. Stories sent in at 1AM were re-circulated to a global audience by 1:15AM.

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CNN Inside Africa: Three short films about urban agriculture in the city of Cape Town and the townships

How to grow your own food

CNN Inside Africa
November 3, 2014
(Must see. Mike)

Soil for Life is a South African organization teaching people how to look after the planet. CNN’s Soni Methu reports.

Food garden transforms struggling school

CNN Inside Africa
November 3, 2014
(Must see. Mike)

CNN’s Soni Methu explores how a food garden has improved the lives of students at Cape Town’s Cavalleria Primary School.

Cape Town hearts city farms

CNN Inside Africa
November 3, 2014
(Must see. Mike)

CNN’s Soni Methu explores innovative spaces, including rooftops and parking lots, where people are growing their own food.

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Fish farm planned in central Iowa city to employ 150 people

The former Beam building to become aquacultural business in Webster City.

The farm will raise Barramundi which is meaty and popular in Australia.

Webster City, Iowa
Nov 4, 2014


The company’s president, Keith Driver, said the 270,000-square-foot building will have about 215 fish tanks that can each store about 10,000 gallons of water. About 20,000 pounds of fish can be raised annually in each tank, he said.

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1943 Seagram’s Five Crown Whiskey Victory Garden Advertisement with King George VI

1943 Seagram's Five Crown Whiskey print ad Victory Garden WWII with King George VI

With hoes and rakes
We’ve done what it takes
To keep our production unswerving

And now as we plan
To ‘can what we can’
It’s freedom itself we’re preserving!

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1945 Film: ‘As Ye Sow’ a Victory Garden film

In ‘As Ye Sow’, Mr. Bergmann has taken a trite subject and has given to it a freshness and a touch of fun; these frame enlargements illustrate sequences that the author describes.

Amateur film [unknown location]

By Walter Bergmann, ALC
In Movie Makers
Magazine of the Amateur Cinema League, Inc
July 1945


‘As Ye Sow’ was a Victory Garden picture made to end all Victory Garden pictures. There is every reason to believe that it has accomplished this purpose as far as I’m concerned.

Putting it briefly, the story centers around two main characters. Mr. A. Willing Worker and Mr. Adam Shirker, who are next door neighbours in a small suburban community, and it has for scenic background their Victory Gardens.

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Uganda: Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) boosts city farmers

A farmer from Mutungo II parish, Nakkazi Hafiwa (left) receive chicks from the Chairperson of Nakawa Division Benjamin Kalumba (right). Looking on are two area LC5 councilors Emiri Babirye and Adam Kibuka. Photo/Ronnie Kijjambu.

A total of 614 farmers in Makindye and Nakawa division have been supported with 50,000 Chicks and start up feeds to boost their household incomes.

By Juliet Waiswa
New Vision
Nov 3, 2014


Launching the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Programme first batch of birds in Kampala, Musisi told the Farmer Forum Groups that she will endeavor to request government to increase NAADS funding to urban farmers saying that the programmes have registered success.

This is the first group of farmers to benefit in this first quarter as farmers in Kampala.

Over 1,188 farmers in Kampala will benefitted from NAADS in this first quarter.

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Global assessment of urban and peri-urban agriculture: irrigated and rainfed croplands


Understanding the role of urban and peri-urban crop production in urban food security at scale remains a major knowledge gap in the field of urban agriculture.

By A L Thebo1, P Drechsel and E F Lambin
Environmental Research Letters
Published 3 November 2014


The role of urban agriculture in global food security is a topic of increasing discussion. Existing research on urban and peri-urban agriculture consists largely of case studies that frequently use disparate definitions of urban and peri-urban agriculture depending on the local context and study objectives. This lack of consistency makes quantification of the extent of this practice at the global scale difficult. This study instead integrates global data on croplands and urban extents using spatial overlay analysis to estimate the global area of urban and peri-urban irrigated and rainfed croplands.

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