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Mojito – a Drink You Can Make in the Garden

Sheryl shows us how we can put all that mint growing in our Demonstration Garden to good use. This traditional Cuban highball should probably be made after work, not at ten in the morning when we put it together.

July 16, 2008   Comments Off on Mojito – a Drink You Can Make in the Garden

Urbanization and class-produced natures: Vegetable gardens in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region (MRB), Spain


Photo: Terrassa under the clouds by Paco CT.

“The empirical analysis was carried out in the municipality of Terrassa, one of the largest cities in the MRB, and also one with a higher number of vegetable gardens. We interviewed 132 plot users and obtained data about the legal status of gardens, their size and appearance, and crops grown, as well as the reasons for pursuing this activity. Our results show that, in general, this is an activity undertaken by people over 60 years old, often retired members of the working class that migrated to Catalonia from other Spanish regions in the 1960s and 1970s, and that use these spaces for a variety of reasons (personal goals, support to their families, and also as a bond to their rural past).”

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March 27, 2008   1 Comment

The Spirit Of Healing


A Vancouver Urban Designer, Planner and Landscape Architect recounts her experience with gardens during her recovery from cancer.

“Having had cancer has allowed me certain freedoms I never had prior to my illness. One of those freedoms is the ability to talk openly and candidly about my experience. This piece entitled ‘The Spirit of Healing’ comes from a place deep inside. A place from which we all have the ability to seize and harness energy, but a place few of us tap into until we are confronted with a crisis in our lives. How each person harnesses his or her ability to heal is as different as each person is different.”

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January 31, 2008   Comments Off on The Spirit Of Healing

Your Seeds for Small Family Gardens in Desertified Area


Prof. Dr. Willem Van Cotthem, Honorary Professor University of Ghent (Belgium), has set up a wonderful program to help people in desertified regions.

“In every village of the developing countries where we have constructed family gardens and school gardens in the past, there is now less risk of famine. Indeed, we have shown the people and the children how to produce their own vegetables and fruit trees with a combination of traditional methods and modern technologies, e.g. soil conditioning to keep a garden soil moistened with a minimum of irrigation water. Such things are never forgotten, even if these people move to urban areas, where they will try to set up a tiny little garden.”

“That is the reason why I make this appeal upon you : please help us to collect seeds of vegetables and tropical fruits that can be grown in family gardens and school gardens in desertified regions.”

Read more here.

January 21, 2008   Comments Off on Your Seeds for Small Family Gardens in Desertified Area

Kindergarten in a Vegetable Garden, circa 1899, Washington, D.C.


Early photo of children gardening at school, USA, circa 1899.

See large version of photo here.

January 18, 2008   Comments Off on Kindergarten in a Vegetable Garden, circa 1899, Washington, D.C.

Taiwan Photo – Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture, originally uploaded by drippin_pitch.

City gardens in Fulong, Northern Taiwan.

See larger image here.

January 1, 2008   1 Comment