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Leopoldo’s Garden from Barcelona, Spain


“Bringing the countryside to the city. Adapting the classic vegetable garden, a space dedicated to growing edible plants in an urban environment. With these basic ideas, expressed in his end of degree project thesis at the industrial design school ESDI, Marc Gispert Vidal developed a project called ‘City Vegetable Garden’.

“Leopoldos’ Garden is made from a tubular structure of anodised aluminium and growing trays of waterproof artificial raffia, flexible and very resistant, in black. Technological plastic knots and conical nuts enable the structure to be set up with an Allen key. It comes with wheels included and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. It has a drainage system incorporated which prevents the harm that excess watering can do to plants.”

More about the product here.

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Urbanization and class-produced natures: Vegetable gardens in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region (MRB), Spain


Photo: Terrassa under the clouds by Paco CT.

“The empirical analysis was carried out in the municipality of Terrassa, one of the largest cities in the MRB, and also one with a higher number of vegetable gardens. We interviewed 132 plot users and obtained data about the legal status of gardens, their size and appearance, and crops grown, as well as the reasons for pursuing this activity. Our results show that, in general, this is an activity undertaken by people over 60 years old, often retired members of the working class that migrated to Catalonia from other Spanish regions in the 1960s and 1970s, and that use these spaces for a variety of reasons (personal goals, support to their families, and also as a bond to their rural past).”

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